Saturday, July 07, 2007

Transformers is awesome!!!!

After the horror that was Harry Potter, aku didn't have any high hopes for Transformers. Lagikpon sebab aku memang da follow development of the movie from the start masa meka wat pre production, aku tak impress langsung how meka ubah banyak designs.

Yerlah... Megatron looked nothing like the original, Optimus Prime was just so gay with his new design, and bloody hell, Bumblebee was not even a Volkswagon sebab they couldn't get the rights to use the Beetle.

But after watching it... I have to say it was just fabulously awesome! Definitely THE movie of the summer.

The plot was a little shaky, and I didn't like the idea of how the cube was the focus and what it did, or how Megatron had come to Earth eons before, only to be trapped in ice, etc. Even how they took on the form of the vehicles was dodgy (tengok skali, scan dan leh transform into it...totally whacked - so sacrilegeous that Michael Bay should be shot!!!)

Tapi the visuals made up for everything that I could have bitched about the movie. The CGI was just awesome! And I think selain Pirates of the Carribean, Transformers is one of the few movies that put special effects to good use without overdoing it.

Twenty two feet tall robots fighting it out on the streets, and not overdose of effects? I know it sound silly, but they made it look good.

The idiot who played Sam is as irritating as ever from his Nickelodeon days, tapi aku didn't even get put off by him.

In fact there were quite a few impressive scenes. More than a few really. All the sequences with the Transformers was awesome.

But a cute scene that deserves a mention is bab meka perli VW ngan tunjuk masa car dealer tuh nak jual the Beetle over the Camaro which was Bumblebee and dia leh ketuk VW tuh. I bet Volkswagon is pissed as hell.

A throwback to the cartoon was when Megatron marah Starscreen bab failing him, so every episode of the weekly cartoons.

Erm... but cool as al hell. Wish they'd had Soundwave... that would have been really cool.
Overall, this movie has a crap plot, but again the action sequences are AWESOME!!! So amzing in fact, I'll be going for another time to catch it again sebab memang meletop.

Perhaps aku lebih review dari segi nostalgia, because that's why I love the Transformers.. because I watched it religiously growing up.

Still.. I think even if I hadn't known about the cartoon, I would still appreciate the movie. More in fact... sebab aku seem to have hang-ups sebab know it too well da..

Oh well.. watch the movie and determine if for yourself.

If there is only one movie you could watch over the next few months.. this would be IT!!!

A blockbuster like how they used to make it. Even though it costs less than half the price tag of Pirates, tapi ko takkan perasan that their budget is only US$150 million (tuk meka sikit ler tuh).
Ok...nak sign off to play with my Optimus Prime voice changer helmet... (cam sial gi Toys 'R Us pastuh sold out lak toys dia....laku sangat!!!)