Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ouch! (Or the pains of a shopaholic)

You know how they say yang wanita ni insan yang lemah (sexist though for some physically true perhaps) or how women can't defend themselves? I found out today that, that is totally NOT TRUE!!!

They just need motivation.

And what's the best motivation, especially for majority of female shopahoics? Massive discounts and the word SALE!

Aku tak tidur semalaman after AC Di Sini sebab ada jemputan ke closed sale Estee Lauder Group of Companies.

Sale bermula 8 pagi, but being the experienced shopaholic, aku da cakap kakak aku awal awal kita kena ada kat sana 5.30am.


You'll be surprised. Tengok je jenama yang sale tuh! Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Michael Kors dan Origins.

Still my sis tak caya, so spent the night watching the fourth season of The L Word (best gila series ni - the female version of Queer As Folk) sampai 5.30 pagik) bla Halim call. Rupanya dia maki aku sebab dia caya aku sampai ada kat venue kol 5.30am da!

Sentap dia dapat tau aku masih kat rumah Bangsar. Five minutes later dia call, with a tone of disbelief. "Wei!!! Da 50 orang lebih depan aku wei!!! Datang cepat!!!)

Erm... aku pun paksa kakak aku siap, bought breakfast for Halim yang hold our place in the line, and sampai at about 7am. The sight was FRIGHTENING!!!

Baru dok nak makan.. with about 50 over people in front of us, and about a thousand behind us, meka announce nak start da sale. Alamak... the energy was overwhelming. You could feel everyone warming up their purses and wallets and credit cards!

Aku wolf down my food secepat mungkin and took a swig of Coke for energy and that much needed sugar rush, before geared up.

I knew this was going to get violent!!!

The tension built, and it wasn't like going into a sale.. cam nak berperang lak! Aduh!!! But dalam panik kena pijak by a four foot auntie who looked around with a mean look, as if daring anyone to beat her to the fragrance counters, I felt good!

Aku pun gear up... and when the doors open, we surged in. They let in about 100 people only, so I was among the first batch. Truly amazing was the sight that greeted me...

Rows and row and rows of displays! I'm in shopaholic heaven!

Mana nak start pun tatau... juling jadiknya camni. Aku ke fragrance area dulu. Cek harga, tak berkenan sangat because the mark down wasn't that great. Maybe about RM30 to RM40 jer. Not much compared to the last sale where I spent RM1600 plus on almost 20 bottles of perfume.

So aku rush to skin care... alamak... da abih! Banyak barang da nak finish da. I saw some women with FOUR huge plastic bags yang da penuh. Aiyo!! Meka ni main grab je ke. Memang pro shopaholics tul!!!

There was this adrenaline rush. Pernah tak tengok this old game show called Supermarket Sweep? It was something like that. Just grab and run to another item to grab and throw into your shopping bag sebelom moving on.

Rushed to the M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown area and started grabbing. Yerp... I love their stuff, and so does my mom and sis.

And in about half hour were done.

Letih...emotionally and physically. Seriously... aku penah main rugby in the main scrum pun tak camni. I was savaged by these women who were hungry for a good discount!

The damage? RM310! Kakak aku punya dekat RM500 da. Halim punya bawah RM200 kot.
Kuar je dari dewan... this was the scene outside the grand ballroom.

Sesak!!! Penuh ngan orang masih nunggu peluang nak masuk. Each and every person waiting to be let in outside, were eyeing our bags with hatred seolah cam "damn!!! that's my discounted stuff there!" Ha ha... sucks to be you. Lan kali kuar la awal sikit.

We headed on downstairs nak go towards the lift to the basement nak amik keta aku.. terkejut beruk!!!! Ni pandangan tingkat ground floor (the sale was in the grand ballroom on the first floor)

Mak aih!!! Beribu orang lagik. Once we got our car out, we saw all entrance and exits to the hotel jammed up!!! Half of KL's shopaholics had turned up for the sale. Merasalah ko!

Aiyo... scary!!! Thank goodness we got done quick.

So this is our acquisition.

Yang left tuh part of barang barang my sis beli. Aku punya on the right. Between us we had a ton of M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Clinique, DKNY and Michael Kors items. Erm.. kenapa ada Crocs skali? What can I say... nama pon shopaholic... pair number two!

Letih tapi satisfied... today started early... but it was amazing! Ok. Tak larat da. Nak tidur. Malam lak nak PARTY!!!

PS - Three days to go before I'm 31.