Friday, July 06, 2007

More than meets the eye! I suppose EVERYONE'S watched Transformers by now, except me. The most anticipated movie of the year, which I've been following in my blog (kalao korang ingat dari tahun lepas, I had lot of videos and pics posted as the movie was under production)... and I'm the bloody last to see it.

Aku rasa makcik cleaner pun da tengok sebab I swear I heard them mumble something about robots in disguise. Keji tau...

Aduh...nevermind... janji dapat tengok a few days later. Sebab Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix aku dapat tengok dulu before anyone else, so I guess this evens it out lor. Am not going to let up updating about Transformers sebab aku memang suka gila.

And at the end of it, it didn't disappoint. Aku pegi tengok sorang siang tadik. After a busy and horrible week, today was my real and only time out sebab da abih keja, lega for the week.

How did I find it... nanti aku review la... nak tidur dulu.

Tomorrow lak ada event....tunggu ler... banyak pics tuh...