Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ikon Malaysia - Final

They call Putrajaya our federal administrative capital. Boy are we doomed!!!

Aku ari ni ke PICC for the final of Ikon on my own sebab gatal bijik nak drive. Akibatnya tunggu ler sejam baru manage to find my way to the venue walaopon da gi sana beberapa kali sebelom tuh. Yerlah sebelom ni naik beramai ramai bukan aku drive...

Bila da pandu diri sendiri ke sana tuh yang seram. Takde sign board langsung!!!

Until I reach the main area kawasan Jabatan Perdana Menteri along the main federal road, baru spotted sign board.

Tu pun papan tanda konsep Chipsmore, kejap ada, kejap takde.

In the end managed to find it, no thanks to the beautiful spirit of government servants. Stop a coupke of times tanya...lombab!!!

Argh... everyone seems blur here. Ok lar tuh... sama cam gi government department. Cam tak biasa lak kan...

Anyhoo... found my way, masuk area backstage lak again berdepan one more hurdle, pak guard yang sibuk nak cakap takde tempat parking pelbagai. Terus kena laser sebab show da start.
Aku punya tanya, dia nak bagik info trafik ke? Terdiam jap, dia direct aku ke area loading bay.

Heh...thanks Jolyn and Nik dan abang abang security Astro yang da reserve ngan ngan kat pintu masuk backstage. Love you guys...

Nampak Mawi dan Jac... wished good luck and rush to find my seat.

Ok da start...nak review...

Flop Poppy
Medley Dewi & Ye Ke
Honestly I didn't know what to make of them. We had a tacky trojan in glitter, a Bollywood hero wannabe, Zorro, a matador, and some other mishaps from the cheapest costume rental store out there.
Not only it didn't gel with anything, it marked the beginning of everything about to go wrong for the night. For Flop Poppy at least.
The choice of the medley was boring and didn't rivet the audience.Bosan lak layan meka ni, unlike their performance masa semifinal yang rocked the house and brought it down!
Bosan nak mampos. Aduh.... apa da jadi ngan Flop Poppy nih.
Verdict : Based on this performance... why are they here?

Jaclyn Victor
Medley Jangan Tinggal Daku & One Thousand Million Smiles
I think she overdid Jangan Tinggal Daku tapi terpaku gak ler ngan power sora dia. Her version of it was so so, but her One Thousand Million Smiles, buat aku meremang bulu roma yang berdiri ala ala salute Negaraku.
Not only did Jac look radiant tonight, with her simply and yet elegantly stunning outfit, her hair simply done back, she felt every word she sang. Is there any doubt she should be the Ikon for Malaysia?
Verdict : Is there really any doubt???

Medley Akustik & PerMYsuri
Padan moka bebudak sound bila Radhi campak mic tuh. I hope it was a very expensive Sengeiser or Shure and it broke...and cost the sound company a bomb. Sebab sakit hati tol baru nak start takde sora lak. Kesian lak kat Radhi.
Apapon aku salute kat meka tul... they had this little acoustic set which just worked so well with a little appearance of visual and as well as audio fusion going on.
It was spellbinding...and I think OAG established early on, they're the icons when it comes to bands sebab aku nak tengok band cam meka nih, rock ker haper, tetap maintain this respect and tribute to our local heritage.
Apart from the technical glitch, the rest of OAG's performance was enjoyable... nay!!! Praiseworthy even!!!
Verdict : Our heritage is cool!

Dayang Nurfaizah
She had her hits and misses. Aku suka baju dia pakai sangat! Yeah yeah! Me likey! Sexy and yet stunning...classy! Lain daripada apa aku selalu nampak yang dikenakan.
Anyway puas gak sebab orang kecoh jangan dedah atas...dia cover la. Takde sapa cakap bab bawah tuh kan...heh!!!
Sekali imbas ngan rambut dia dan make up, cam Ayumi Hamasaki versi tan lak. Very the living doll.
Tapi tengok dua kali, aku horror rambut dia... cam baru sprint seratus meter punya tahap kekusutan.
Vocally she did better than in the semis. Ok lar tuh... kira she managed to give Jac a run for her money, even though she didn't have the same level of power.
Still, kudos to Dayang for finally managing to balance her soul and the commercial appeal of her performance dan tak over goreng seperti sebelom ni.
Her voice memang aku rasa bagus gila malam ni... she pushed it to the limits... and I hope she maintains this, Ikon or not... sebab kalao camni...memang ni la Dayang yang I know who exploded onto the scene years ago.
She proved she was no underdog despite Jac and Mawi being favourites.
Verdict : Can we have TWO representatives?

Def Gab C
Medley Retrospektif (Marilah Maria, Ibu Kota Cinta & CInta Sakti)
I honestly don't know how they got in. Ikon haper ni. Asheed needs to get rid of that pencil mustache and also go for proper vocal lessons. Oh gawd!!! Some people think vocals kesengauan yang ala a badly dubbed Doraemon character ni actually rocking ke.
I remember their songs well of course sebab very the knsep fave rempit rock kapak leleh dok tepi longkang with a kapok. Erm...Ikon? I hardly think so.
To sum it up I hope the Indonesians and Filipinos are not watching any of this. I really hope not...wat malu je
Motif yo yo yo yo yo...poyolah. Heh...adus...time for a cigarette break.
Verdict : Kenapa aku terasa cam kat show funfair lak...

Salam Mesra & La Aube
Erm.. dunia magic Mawi? Heh... good idea tapi execution cam busuk sikit lar. Sebab semua da agak how magic itu was done kan? Sapa tatau rahsia show tuh, erm gi mandi Sungai Klang dan tapa kat tebingnya seama tiga hari. Dapat la the answer...
Heh... tapi aku tak suka tol pilihan lagu dia sebab tak sesuai ngan sora dia. It was way too low and he didn't seem confortable to dip that low to reach it.
Still, I suppose it was kind of amusing, the songs itself... and dari segi fun factor ada la kot. Cuma aku lebih risaukan suara dia yang strain sikit nak dip that low.
Tapi kekadang comic sangat like part dia menari ala bersilat ker whatever that movement was almost embarassing. Aduh...
Erm..ok la. At least he made the effort.
Verdict : Walaopon tanak masuk dan dipaksa...ok lar tuh. Semangat gak kan...

Jaclyn Victor
Medley Gemilang, Cepat Cepat & Impian
Oh my god... she just looks amazing tonight. Everything is just perfect! Her dress is gorgeous!! Sebab nak cover sebab takot ada yang kecoh pasal bab dedah ketiak (nampak ketiak leh stim ke???), she wore a skin coloured top which I thought was smart.
On her dress, I think her choice of colours in gold, champagne, off white, really brings out the best of her features and skin tone, so pepandai ler pasni ek keep it up ek. Even the embelishments on her dress, were minimal..simple and just stunning.
Aiyo...perlu ke nak cakap lagik?
Impian was amazing display of her projection... Cepat Cepat (I hate that song) showed she could groove... and finally when it came to Gemilang, she killed all the competition... and I mean everyone.
Semua orang leh pack barang barang dulu ek. Congrats Jac. Kalau tak menang tatau la...
Verdict : Why are we doing this still?

Flop Poppy
Medley Jangan Begitu & Sembunyi
Perhaps after pujian tuk persembahan meka masa separuh akhir, confidence level meka hanya ada kalao ada costumes and gimmicks like the KL Marching Band .
But it just didn't work this time. Not at all.
Andy tried to come across as a jazzy and suave character, but it was hard to take him seriously despite his vocals sebab nak gelak everyone else yang pakai baju tailcoats cam dari koleksi Datuk M. Daud Kilau. Salah era dan salah konsep lah ni...
I wish they had kept it simple this time. It just didn't work as well with all the clutter, and they should have gone simple this time.
Andy himself was interesting in Jangan Begitu. In Sembunyi things got slightly better and even the musicians had a proper role, but despite the appeal of the horns section aku still feel it was a little too late.
Verdict : Ala lagu Moluccas aku nyanyikan...lupakaaaaannn...lupakan laaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...

Dayang Nurfaizah
Medley Lagenda & Jeritan Batinku
Erm...baju dia frumpy la. Cam konsep makcik sikit. Takde shape langsung. yang ni nampak cam lilit cadar ke bedsheet jer and tied with a cheap gold sequinned sash for a belt.
Don't like how she looks here though rambut dia lebih cantik banding ngan konsep Lion King sebelom ni.
Vocally, her soulful but more cheery version of Lagnda made for nice easy listening. But looks like she already forgot this is a competition.
She however picked up masa Jerita Batinku but it was like being left a whole lap nak catch up balik. Jac da tinggalkan semua orang da, so Dayang diberi handicap sepuluh tiang pon susah nak catch up da (matila konsep metaphor rempit gituh).
In other words, Jac's second performance set the bar so high it was almost imposible to catch up for anyone else.
When she went back into Lagenda, it was better because the build up was there and designed for an all out vocal assault.
Still...a little too late. But Dayang was still amazing no less.
Verdict : Kalao takde Jac, Dayang da makan semua da...

Medley Generasiku & MerDAYka
Honestly, they've made wearing songkoks cool. It's not supposed to sound rude... sebab kang ada yang kata apa ni lak cakap camtuh. But aku suka cara meka blend in this appeal yang tak terlalu ikut gaya orang.
This time it was tracktops with the songkok.
Performance wise? Flop Poppy dan Def Gab C balik dulu ek. Jangan amik hati... you guys were good (Flop Poppy...not Def Gab C), just that OAG were way, way, way better.
Verdict : OAG, please...!!!

Medley Padamu Kekasih, Kian & Gadis Ayu
Mawi dressed better this time about, but aiyo perlu ke feeling konsert siap mintak crowd nyanyi skali. Takper la. Dak botak pon da cakap dia akan perform only because of the fans, so I guess he did it to make the fans happy, which was good.
The fact that he took the enjoyment of the fans as a priority is a point for him, though not in a competition like this.
Still, good performance. Cuma kenapa dedua show dia asik kangkang je. Heh... and someone please don't use those burok dressed dancers anymore leh tak. Very the konsert Akademi Fantasia tau.
Verdict : Congrats Mawi for being a good sport and aku harap peminat Mawi tak marah dia tak dapat Ikon kang. He did his best... cuma it's not his time.

Def Gab C
Erm... camna nak komen ni. Aku sebenarnya suka lagu ni. Tapi sora dia.. aduh. Bingit! Nak cakap apa lagik.
Their wardrobe is so Eighties without being a parody, which makes it scary. To be fair though, Def Gab C musically are quite an impressive band. Just someone replace the lead vocalist lar.
Aku tak larat....erm... nak isap rokok agik.
Verdict : Can we get on to the results please?

Kalau ikutkan aku, aku personally prefer Jac as the solo representative and OAG as the group rep for Malaysia kalao nak betul betul bangga ngan jiran jiran kita.
It would be horrendous if someone incapable (fill in the names youre thinking of) wakili Malaysia.
So officially yes, my prediction, and also who I would prefer wakili Malaysia is Jaclyn Victor and OAG.
Lantak lar Philippines, aku pikir pasal Indonesia jer yang hanya hantar generasi pelapis meka tuk cabar the best in our industry yang diwakili kebanyakkannya otai.
Erm...mau kalao we can't least put on a show as good as theirs, if not more.
Sambil tunggu result yang mintak mintak takde kejutan, it was nice that Astro and Ikon called David to keep the Alleycats flame burning with two of their favourites, in Sampaikan Salam, Hingga Akhir Nanti
Everyone knew the words ok... aku ndagap laptop ni pun nak focus, nak nyanyi sekali (sempat light light je)
Erm... suka cara David nyanyi.. sampaikan lah salam aku pada nyehhhhhhh!!!!!
heh... lain jer.
Sedih bab Hingga Akhir nanti...erm biasalah kalao tengah emo konsep cinta tarik tali nih kan.
Dan keputusannya?
Ikon Solo Malaysia : Jaclyn Victor
Ikon Kumpulan Malaysia - OAG
Terkejut tak? Not at all. Yeah! THe best won. And congratulations to all yang put up a good show and made us believe that there is still Malaysian talent we can be proud of!

Kalah? No way! Dayang was a winner too... dalam hati peminat because of her awesome performance.

Seorang lagi juara di hati peminat, who did very well malam final, Mawi. Sekali pose ngan Dayang... cam dok pelamin jer lak. Heh!

Juara Ikon Solo Malaysia, Jac, along with Juara Senyum Paling Lama, Sarimah.

Wakil Ikon Malaysia, Jac (solo) dan Radhi representing OAG (kumpulan)

Party time for OAG!!!

Jac joins in the fun!

Alahai...manjanya semua....

Now that pencarian dah over for wakil Malaysia, kita tengok sapa wakil negara lain and how our wakil fare at the Asean level. Apapon, all the best to Jac and OAG and hope you guys make us prouder that you already have.

Win one for us kiddies. Break a leg! Mai ramai ramai sesakkan PICC (kalao tak sesat carik jalan kang) dan sokong meka.

Malaysia Boleh!

PS : Pic Dayang tuh khas buat ko BTTB sebab walaopon aku masih geram ngan what happened, I do owe you something still. So hope you at least like the pic.