Thursday, July 12, 2007


Kalau nak faham what the characters disebelah ni mean, check out kak Min's blog. Oh alright... let me just say, it means something along the lines of, in the name of kind/merciful God. Yer... yer ada kata aku plagiarise lak kan pasni. Heh... well.. kak Min.. pinjam jap ek.

奉大仁大慈的真主之名 also translates apparently, quite directly to Bismilah-i-rahman-i-rahim.
Why did this particular choice pique my interest. Sebab it's a shame how intelligent, superior some claim tapi resort to juvenile name calling and proves themselves racists and bigots.
Yes... I am Chinese... time aku bagik makan, ko ucap tima kasih. Time nak hina ko panggil aku babi.. Cina babi.... senang kan?

Or the fact I'm Christian. Apa ko nak panggil aku? Kafir? Pemakan babi? What else... do your worst.

Do it and prove me right. Me? I couldn't be bothered. Smear campaigns? I don't need to . You can't blind people to who you are or what you are. Lambat laun, bangkai berbau.

Justification? If it makes you happy...

Like those characters uttering something so simple yet so binding...of mankind regardless of race or religion, or any other borders, I choose to embrace all. Stupid people even... cause somehow someway... even cockroaches balance the ecosystem... I'm sure we can find a use for you somehow... nevermind the inferiority complex.

Oh well.

Won't get pulled into it. No more drama, right? I can do damage, but biarkanlah. Some people need to validate their existence that way... biarkanlah.

Lagikpun, anjing menyalak luar rumah aku tengah malam pun aku biarkan... takde lak aku nak gi try and silence them.

Anjing kurap yang takde rumah, tak cukup makan... nak wat camna. Because at the end of the day, sometimes, it's a risk where it bites the hand that feeds them. Oh anyhoo... been there done that.

So name calling aside, stick and stones... biarkanlah.

I know what my career, my future and everything else about me is like. I'll be celebrating my 31st birthday in less than five days.

Older...wiser... more stable... emotionally in control...

Well, eleven years plus has taught me a lot about this industry... that there are a lot of pretenders and posers who think it's about the spotlights and claim themselve better... so they think they want to weasel their way in. At least some I've met before had proof of credentials.

So let them attempt it. Who cares...

ATTEMPT is the key word... cause empty threats are nothing. They forget in their vain stupidity that they shouldn't f**K with those who know their weaknesses. And boy... I can't wait to get going. But restraint... I have to practise restraint.

Biar ingat sebab kertu da pandai meka tuh.... biarkanlah.

Sebab kalao they take a reality check...they pretty much know their self worth. I don't do inferiority complexes.

Too boring. And more often than not it comes from ugly people with boring lives that comes with an inflated ego due to some inner emotional crap they haul everywhere.


Let sleeping dogs lie (lie operative in every sense and meaning of the word here).
Anyway... busy busy busy ari ni. Bukan busy dok ngadap PC nak pikirkan what to do with my life... buat keja dowh!

Nak abihkan sikit agik then nak tidur. Another busy day of making money... earning a living, which is some of us real folks do in the real world.

Moving on... heh... malas taip panjang panjang sebenarnya entry hari ni...tadik jumpa Mawi ada interview sat. Sebab esok (Jumaat, kul 9 malam) dia ada erm jawab beberapa tuduhan pasal isu konon 'lalok' kat Sydney.

Lepak kat MidValley where he was having a show, makan dinner take a break from my hectic schedule. Pas interview, Mawi ajak ikut sekali ke keta amik barang.

Lor... t shirt dia beli kat Sydney arituh. Merasalah dua bulan perap dalam beg jer...ewww!!!
But thanks anyway bro botak. Ni pun da cukup ler for my birthday...takyah agik apa apa. Cantik ok t shirt Hard Rock Sydney nih... me likey!

Thanks Mawi.... orang kata it's the thought that counts. And thanks for being a friend! Makes me appreciate the ones I have more, and the ones who aren't a lot more for not being it.

Heh... cam kesial ari ni melalut. Oh well... gotta sleep. Esok packed day again! Nanti aku cita. Eventful day tomorrow.