Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...down down down...

On leave... sorry guys. No mood to write. Depression hit me bad this time around and just spending some time on my own. Hopefully be back soon...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Spent the day relaxing for most parts today before popping out nak settle some stuff. Before, and after, which I dedicated to this movie I just got called, Hedwig and The Angry Inch.

Now, I'd seen The Rocky Horror Show which may somehow be along the same lines of drag rock (yes, you heard me, men in women's clothes, singing rock).. but while both have cult status, I prefer Hedwig and The Angry Inch because some of the songs aren't just funny like Wig In A Box, but they're also quite philosophical.

First let me clarify, Hedwig and The Angry Inch started as an off-Broadway musical in 1998, before it became a film in 2001 which won several awards.

Read the summary kat the link I provided kalao nak tau lebih about what it is. Apapon, there's this one song which got me studying the lyrics.

Origin Of Love was a fantastic song which intrigued me.

It was this story about how human beings were once divided into the three sexes. They were round, two-headed, four-armed, and four-legged beings who was a man and man stuck back to back together, a woman and a woman and a man and a woman. Angry gods split these early humans in two, leaving the separated people to forever long for their other half.

Found that the lyrics for the song in question, Origin Of Love, was based on the speech made by Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium which spoke of the three sexes: the all male, the all female, and the "androgynous," who was half man, half woman. The creatures tried to scale the heights of heaven and planned to set upon the gods, which angered Zeus, who instead of striking them down with thunderbolts and depriving himself of their devotions and offerings, decided to cripple them by chopping them in half.

After chopping the people in half, Zeus turned their faces around and pulled the skin tight and stitched it up to form the belly button. Ever since that time, people run around saying they are looking for their other half.

Cool or what???!!!

Erm...deep...I know I've found my other half. Too bad we can't be together... weird Sunday... but very enlightening..

Found the clip where they play Origin Of Love on youtube. Hope you guys listen to the lyrics and dig deeper into it. It's a little whacky...but there's substance beyond the visuals... like a lot of things in life.

I myself am trying to get someone to understand me.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ikon Malaysia - Final

They call Putrajaya our federal administrative capital. Boy are we doomed!!!

Aku ari ni ke PICC for the final of Ikon on my own sebab gatal bijik nak drive. Akibatnya tunggu ler sejam baru manage to find my way to the venue walaopon da gi sana beberapa kali sebelom tuh. Yerlah sebelom ni naik beramai ramai bukan aku drive...

Bila da pandu diri sendiri ke sana tuh yang seram. Takde sign board langsung!!!

Until I reach the main area kawasan Jabatan Perdana Menteri along the main federal road, baru spotted sign board.

Tu pun papan tanda konsep Chipsmore, kejap ada, kejap takde.

In the end managed to find it, no thanks to the beautiful spirit of government servants. Stop a coupke of times tanya...lombab!!!

Argh... everyone seems blur here. Ok lar tuh... sama cam gi government department. Cam tak biasa lak kan...

Anyhoo... found my way, masuk area backstage lak again berdepan one more hurdle, pak guard yang sibuk nak cakap takde tempat parking pelbagai. Terus kena laser sebab show da start.
Aku punya tanya, dia nak bagik info trafik ke? Terdiam jap, dia direct aku ke area loading bay.

Heh...thanks Jolyn and Nik dan abang abang security Astro yang da reserve ngan ngan kat pintu masuk backstage. Love you guys...

Nampak Mawi dan Jac... wished good luck and rush to find my seat.

Ok lar...show da start...nak review...

Flop Poppy
Medley Dewi & Ye Ke
Honestly I didn't know what to make of them. We had a tacky trojan in glitter, a Bollywood hero wannabe, Zorro, a matador, and some other mishaps from the cheapest costume rental store out there.
Not only it didn't gel with anything, it marked the beginning of everything about to go wrong for the night. For Flop Poppy at least.
The choice of the medley was boring and didn't rivet the audience.Bosan lak layan meka ni, unlike their performance masa semifinal yang rocked the house and brought it down!
Bosan nak mampos. Aduh.... apa da jadi ngan Flop Poppy nih.
Verdict : Based on this performance... why are they here?

Jaclyn Victor
Medley Jangan Tinggal Daku & One Thousand Million Smiles
I think she overdid Jangan Tinggal Daku tapi terpaku gak ler ngan power sora dia. Her version of it was so so, but her One Thousand Million Smiles, buat aku meremang bulu roma yang berdiri ala ala salute Negaraku.
Not only did Jac look radiant tonight, with her simply and yet elegantly stunning outfit, her hair simply done back, she felt every word she sang. Is there any doubt she should be the Ikon for Malaysia?
Verdict : Is there really any doubt???

Medley Akustik & PerMYsuri
Padan moka bebudak sound bila Radhi campak mic tuh. I hope it was a very expensive Sengeiser or Shure and it broke...and cost the sound company a bomb. Sebab sakit hati tol baru nak start takde sora lak. Kesian lak kat Radhi.
Apapon aku salute kat meka tul... they had this little acoustic set which just worked so well with a little appearance of visual and as well as audio fusion going on.
It was spellbinding...and I think OAG established early on, they're the icons when it comes to bands sebab aku nak tengok band cam meka nih, rock ker haper, tetap maintain this respect and tribute to our local heritage.
Apart from the technical glitch, the rest of OAG's performance was enjoyable... nay!!! Praiseworthy even!!!
Verdict : Our heritage is cool!

Dayang Nurfaizah
She had her hits and misses. Aku suka baju dia pakai sangat! Yeah yeah! Me likey! Sexy and yet stunning...classy! Lain daripada apa aku selalu nampak yang dikenakan.
Anyway puas gak sebab orang kecoh jangan dedah atas...dia cover la. Takde sapa cakap bab bawah tuh kan...heh!!!
Sekali imbas ngan rambut dia dan make up, cam Ayumi Hamasaki versi tan lak. Very the living doll.
Tapi tengok dua kali, aku horror rambut dia... cam baru sprint seratus meter punya tahap kekusutan.
Vocally she did better than in the semis. Ok lar tuh... kira she managed to give Jac a run for her money, even though she didn't have the same level of power.
Still, kudos to Dayang for finally managing to balance her soul and the commercial appeal of her performance dan tak over goreng seperti sebelom ni.
Her voice memang aku rasa bagus gila malam ni... she pushed it to the limits... and I hope she maintains this, Ikon or not... sebab kalao camni...memang ni la Dayang yang I know who exploded onto the scene years ago.
She proved she was no underdog despite Jac and Mawi being favourites.
Verdict : Can we have TWO representatives?

Def Gab C
Medley Retrospektif (Marilah Maria, Ibu Kota Cinta & CInta Sakti)
I honestly don't know how they got in. Ikon haper ni. Asheed needs to get rid of that pencil mustache and also go for proper vocal lessons. Oh gawd!!! Some people think vocals kesengauan yang ala a badly dubbed Doraemon character ni actually rocking ke.
I remember their songs well of course sebab very the knsep fave rempit rock kapak leleh dok tepi longkang with a kapok. Erm...Ikon? I hardly think so.
To sum it up I hope the Indonesians and Filipinos are not watching any of this. I really hope not...wat malu je
Motif yo yo yo yo yo...poyolah. Heh...adus...time for a cigarette break.
Verdict : Kenapa aku terasa cam kat show funfair lak...

Salam Mesra & La Aube
Erm.. dunia magic Mawi? Heh... good idea tapi execution cam busuk sikit lar. Sebab semua da agak how magic itu was done kan? Sapa tatau rahsia show tuh, erm gi mandi Sungai Klang dan tapa kat tebingnya seama tiga hari. Dapat la the answer...
Heh... tapi aku tak suka tol pilihan lagu dia sebab tak sesuai ngan sora dia. It was way too low and he didn't seem confortable to dip that low to reach it.
Still, I suppose it was kind of amusing, the songs itself... and dari segi fun factor ada la kot. Cuma aku lebih risaukan suara dia yang strain sikit nak dip that low.
Tapi kekadang comic sangat like part dia menari ala bersilat ker whatever that movement was almost embarassing. Aduh...
Erm..ok la. At least he made the effort.
Verdict : Walaopon tanak masuk dan dipaksa...ok lar tuh. Semangat gak kan...

Jaclyn Victor
Medley Gemilang, Cepat Cepat & Impian
Oh my god... she just looks amazing tonight. Everything is just perfect! Her dress is gorgeous!! Sebab nak cover sebab takot ada yang kecoh pasal bab dedah ketiak (nampak ketiak leh stim ke???), she wore a skin coloured top which I thought was smart.
On her dress, I think her choice of colours in gold, champagne, off white, really brings out the best of her features and skin tone, so pepandai ler pasni ek keep it up ek. Even the embelishments on her dress, were minimal..simple and just stunning.
Aiyo...perlu ke nak cakap lagik?
Impian was amazing display of her projection... Cepat Cepat (I hate that song) showed she could groove... and finally when it came to Gemilang, she killed all the competition... and I mean everyone.
Semua orang leh pack barang barang dulu ek. Congrats Jac. Kalau tak menang tatau la...
Verdict : Why are we doing this still?

Flop Poppy
Medley Jangan Begitu & Sembunyi
Perhaps after pujian tuk persembahan meka masa separuh akhir, confidence level meka hanya ada kalao ada costumes and gimmicks like the KL Marching Band .
But it just didn't work this time. Not at all.
Andy tried to come across as a jazzy and suave character, but it was hard to take him seriously despite his vocals sebab nak gelak everyone else yang pakai baju tailcoats cam dari koleksi Datuk M. Daud Kilau. Salah era dan salah konsep lah ni...
I wish they had kept it simple this time. It just didn't work as well with all the clutter, and they should have gone simple this time.
Andy himself was interesting in Jangan Begitu. In Sembunyi things got slightly better and even the musicians had a proper role, but despite the appeal of the horns section aku still feel it was a little too late.
Verdict : Ala lagu Moluccas aku nyanyikan...lupakaaaaannn...lupakan laaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...

Dayang Nurfaizah
Medley Lagenda & Jeritan Batinku
Erm...baju dia frumpy la. Cam konsep makcik sikit. Takde shape langsung. yang ni nampak cam lilit cadar ke bedsheet jer and tied with a cheap gold sequinned sash for a belt.
Don't like how she looks here though rambut dia lebih cantik banding ngan konsep Lion King sebelom ni.
Vocally, her soulful but more cheery version of Lagnda made for nice easy listening. But looks like she already forgot this is a competition.
She however picked up masa Jerita Batinku but it was like being left a whole lap nak catch up balik. Jac da tinggalkan semua orang da, so Dayang diberi handicap sepuluh tiang pon susah nak catch up da (matila konsep metaphor rempit gituh).
In other words, Jac's second performance set the bar so high it was almost imposible to catch up for anyone else.
When she went back into Lagenda, it was better because the build up was there and designed for an all out vocal assault.
Still...a little too late. But Dayang was still amazing no less.
Verdict : Kalao takde Jac, Dayang da makan semua da...

Medley Generasiku & MerDAYka
Honestly, they've made wearing songkoks cool. It's not supposed to sound rude... sebab kang ada yang kata apa ni lak cakap camtuh. But aku suka cara meka blend in this appeal yang tak terlalu ikut gaya orang.
This time it was tracktops with the songkok.
Performance wise? Flop Poppy dan Def Gab C balik dulu ek. Jangan amik hati... you guys were good (Flop Poppy...not Def Gab C), just that OAG were way, way, way better.
Verdict : OAG, please...!!!

Medley Padamu Kekasih, Kian & Gadis Ayu
Mawi dressed better this time about, but aiyo perlu ke feeling konsert siap mintak crowd nyanyi skali. Takper la. Dak botak pon da cakap dia akan perform only because of the fans, so I guess he did it to make the fans happy, which was good.
The fact that he took the enjoyment of the fans as a priority is a point for him, though not in a competition like this.
Still, good performance. Cuma kenapa dedua show dia asik kangkang je. Heh... and someone please don't use those burok dressed dancers anymore leh tak. Very the konsert Akademi Fantasia tau.
Verdict : Congrats Mawi for being a good sport and aku harap peminat Mawi tak marah dia tak dapat Ikon kang. He did his best... cuma it's not his time.

Def Gab C
Erm... camna nak komen ni. Aku sebenarnya suka lagu ni. Tapi sora dia.. aduh. Bingit! Nak cakap apa lagik.
Their wardrobe is so Eighties without being a parody, which makes it scary. To be fair though, Def Gab C musically are quite an impressive band. Just someone replace the lead vocalist lar.
Aku tak larat....erm... nak isap rokok agik.
Verdict : Can we get on to the results please?

Kalau ikutkan aku, aku personally prefer Jac as the solo representative and OAG as the group rep for Malaysia kalao nak betul betul bangga ngan jiran jiran kita.
It would be horrendous if someone incapable (fill in the names youre thinking of) wakili Malaysia.
So officially yes, my prediction, and also who I would prefer wakili Malaysia is Jaclyn Victor and OAG.
Lantak lar Philippines, aku pikir pasal Indonesia jer yang hanya hantar generasi pelapis meka tuk cabar the best in our industry yang diwakili kebanyakkannya otai.
Erm...mau kalao we can't least put on a show as good as theirs, if not more.
Sambil tunggu result yang mintak mintak takde kejutan, it was nice that Astro and Ikon called David to keep the Alleycats flame burning with two of their favourites, in Sampaikan Salam, Hingga Akhir Nanti
Everyone knew the words ok... aku ndagap laptop ni pun nak focus, nak nyanyi sekali (sempat light light je)
Erm... suka cara David nyanyi.. sampaikan lah salam aku pada nyehhhhhhh!!!!!
heh... lain jer.
Sedih bab Hingga Akhir nanti...erm biasalah kalao tengah emo konsep cinta tarik tali nih kan.
Dan keputusannya?
Ikon Solo Malaysia : Jaclyn Victor
Ikon Kumpulan Malaysia - OAG
Terkejut tak? Not at all. Yeah! THe best won. And congratulations to all yang put up a good show and made us believe that there is still Malaysian talent we can be proud of!

Kalah? No way! Dayang was a winner too... dalam hati peminat because of her awesome performance.

Seorang lagi juara di hati peminat, who did very well malam final, Mawi. Sekali pose ngan Dayang... cam dok pelamin jer lak. Heh!

Juara Ikon Solo Malaysia, Jac, along with Juara Senyum Paling Lama, Sarimah.

Wakil Ikon Malaysia, Jac (solo) dan Radhi representing OAG (kumpulan)

Party time for OAG!!!

Jac joins in the fun!

Alahai...manjanya semua....

Now that pencarian dah over for wakil Malaysia, kita tengok sapa wakil negara lain and how our wakil fare at the Asean level. Apapon, all the best to Jac and OAG and hope you guys make us prouder that you already have.

Win one for us kiddies. Break a leg! Mai ramai ramai sesakkan PICC (kalao tak sesat carik jalan kang) dan sokong meka.

Malaysia Boleh!

PS : Pic Dayang tuh khas buat ko BTTB sebab walaopon aku masih geram ngan what happened, I do owe you something still. So hope you at least like the pic.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Comel tak Mila. Kian hari bertambah cantik je. Siang tadik ada sesi ngan dia kat spa gituh in Damansara in a place named Choyer Salon yang sponsor dia treatment enam bulan. Patut ler makin cantik dia. Elok lar tuh. Not many artistes reti bab grooming, walaopon smakin nama naik, so perhaps Mila is heading the right direction nak improve rupa, because walaopon that's superficial, it does matter in an industry where looks are part of the package.

Malas nak amik pic bebanyak and cam semalam... something's still on my mind. Malas nak tulis pepanjang lak sebab hati yang dilanda seribu satu pertanyaan tak mengizinkan aku spend more than here recording my thoughts.

I need to sort them out about several questions lingering in my mind which is appearing to remain unanswered... fikiran kusut...

OK lar... until the next entry...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kaya dan berangan...

Semalam layan sneak preview filem Kayangan. Don't ask me how it was. Kalao nak tau, senang je... pasang RTM1 dan ko layan ler memana drama. Standard lebih kurang jer.

Honestly, in this day and age, ada gak orang wat filem syok sendiri. Pelik la how some people sanggup waste money nak buat filem mangkuk hayun ketinggalan zaman, ala 20 tahun lampau yang lepas gituh.

Waste of time. Don't want to MORE waste time on blogging about it, so... ni a little trivia. Guess kaki selebriti mana ni. Petunjuk dia... erm... ok... wat kali pertama dia pakai kasut yang tak membahayakan sesiapa.

Jawapan dibawah...

Da dapat teka sapa? Senang je... kalao bab kasut and the only person who can make shoes a dangerous weapon, sapa lagik kalao bukan... jeng jeng jeng... lead actress Kayangan yang memang cun melecun and very the talented...(memang dia sorang je ok dalam Kayangan ni)... Fazura!!!

Thank God she made it official. Those who read my interview would have known that thank goodness she now officially has NOTHING to do with Hady Mirza, yang Singaporean Idol tuh. Never liked him anyways... but then again... kalao ada peminat nak melatah aku cakap camtuh...well to each his own.. kan?

Moving on. Anyway sebut bab Kayangan yang azab ni... only one thing good ada pasal bab movie ni apart from kehadiran Fazura, which is the soundtrack yang quite decent. Of course peminat Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura and Sarah Raisuddin semua puas ler sebab ada nama nama besar in it kan.

Anyway, pada peminat kuarga Akademi Fantasia, you'll be happy to know, Zahid and Farah pon ada sekali dalam soundtrack tuh.

Siang tadik aku wat photoshoot ngan meka dan Ajai. Tapi yang best photo op masa kita nak gerak kuar dari studio, serempak ngan Ezlynn. Erm... dia ada bak kawan dia. Nak tau sapa? Tuh, yang pose ngan Zahid tuh...

Amik ko! Tu dia si Ezlynn punya pet albino python. Si Farah lari geli nak dekat. Si Ezlynn lak rilek gila ngan ular kesayangan dia tuh.

Today was quite hectic with three back to back interviews, and with another full day like the past three days, letih sikit.

But still mustered enough strength nak layan Muallaf for the second time with Syarol.
Thanks so much kak Min for having us again, and giving the opportunity for us to enjoy an excellent movie, yang sadly enough takkan kuar panggung kat sini.

Don't feel too good today. Some things on my mind.

Malas nak blog pepanjang....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why of why...

If you can believe it, because it takes a little stretch of the imagination (no really!!!)... Muallaf might not be shown in th cinemas.

Why? Because from what I've seen, chances are, it just won't.

Tak adalah adengan yang sensitif, atau lucah, atau menghina ataupun mencemar budaya tempatan. Tak ada provokasi, tak ada persoalan, tak ada adengan yang menyakitkan hati (kecuali yang berfikiran sempit).

Cuma... Muallaf invites us into a realistic world where it is possible to have an open mind, to discuss different views on religion, the various things we all go through, but somehow never talk about, the very things that make us feel what we do about the whole instritution religion has become, no matter what faith you embrace.

Semalam, akhirnya, selepas the third invitation, aku finally gi tengok the offline version of Muallaf. Thank you kak Yasmin. the most beautiful woman I know. Beautiful... some might smirk when I say that as they have many words for this woman but that. But she is beautiful, sebab dia tak pernah dengki, benci atau menghina orang lain. No matter what this gutsy lady has been through, she amazes me this time.Like her films, she doesn't bother preaching, but she does invite you to be more open to the idea of forgiveness.

Anyway, semalam gi ngan Sarol, who met up at my office. We headed for the screening venue which was at kak Min's office kat area Jalan Raja Chulan.We were told to be there about 8.15pm, which we reached on time. Took us another ten minutes to get into parking, and go up, delay in which because I forgot what floor the place was on.

Naik je, nampak ramai da berkumpul. There were bloggers, friends from the media and some friends of Yasmin herself, which brough it to about less than 20 people. 'Abang Jason pun ada... heh... Nani....Brian couldn't make it though.

We grabbed a bite, sebab tak sempat dinner, before the movie started.

Make it.. before the experience started.

And what an experience. Aku tanak cita panjang sebab nothing I could say could do justice to the film. It is really Yasmin's best film.

Hope you guys get to see it too... so keep those fingers crossed and pray that some old dud at the Censorship Board lets it through with minimal brutality.

Speechless, dunno what to write lagik pasal Muallaf. It's just beautiful... like you Yasmin for being honest, from the heart and just all too simple in it's message of love and God and religion.
"We're all searching for God... in our oen different way."

By the way, this is probably the LEAST commercial of Yasmin's films. I'm hoping people won't call it an art movie, or say it's too hard to understand or enjoy because it makes you think... because that's as good as calling yourself stupid. Everyone can think... that's what separates you from beasts. So perhaps it's a more insightful movie... but doesn't mean it's not accessible and understandable.

PS - BTTB hope you enjoyed it too. Have a feeling you did, kan?

Note : Correction on the last entry. It should read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... not Hollows. Heh..so excited wrong word in my mind lak. My bad! Thanks Din for pointing that out. And erm... casualy list, add one more name there in the shapeshifter, and the injury was inflicted upon the other twin, not the one who died (oops... did I give away too much?)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - THE BEST!

It took me just over eight hours to slowly (British champion speed reader Annie Jones did it in just 47 minutes and one second!!!) and carefully read each word, but I did it!!!

And all I can say is J.K. Rowling outdid herself with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!

Awmigawd...betul sangat orang yang da baca buku tuh hint kat aku..that it was damned emotional and it was a bloody bloodbath

By the time I got to first few dozen pages, people were dying like nobody's business da. Quite different from the other Potter books.

Every mystery and unanswered question posed by the previous books, was answered. Aku memang rasa, this is THE BEST book in the series, but I suppose Rowling was saving the best for last... that's why the last couple of books served to peningkan kita semua lebih je.

I can't say too much about the plot, or I'll be giving it away, but if youre not a Potter fan and just want to know, or ko memang tak sabar nak get the book and want to know who dies, ni ada spoiler.

I am sharing this for fans who may not be able to get a copy of the book on time, or just don't want to face the hassle for the moment sebab semua orang headed to the bookstores to pick up a copy. Tapi... aku tetap takkan give awsy the plot or the twists in the story.

Please note, I have hidden the text of the spoiler, and all you have to do is highlight the apparently empty space below to see who died.
Still not giving the plot away though so don't expect a full review, cause that's not possible unless I give quite a bit away.

Basically the list below is a compilation of characters that die in the book (more significant deaths and relevant figures), though, some of the casualties are not familiar names.

Also, what happens to everyone 19 years later...remember this is a SPOILER! Do no proceed unless you have the burning desire to know and can't control it.

I respect author J.K. Rowling's wishes that everyone has a right, especially Potter fans to know as they read... takyah lar aku nak bagitau korang lak kan... apapon spoiler ni doesn't include the plot.

The casualty list
Charity Burbage - Professor of Muggle Studies (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry)
Mad Eye Moody
Rufus Scrimgeour (Minister of Magic)
Ted Tonks (father of Nymphadora Tonks)
Dirk Cresswel
Gornuk (Goblin)
Bathilda Bagshot
Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail)
Fred Weasley (lost an ear first)
Remus Lupin
Colin Creevey
Bellatrix Lestrange
Severus Snape
Harry Potter *you need to read to understand

What happens...
Harry marries Ginny and they have three children, James, Lily and Albus Severus (in memory of Dumbledore and Snape)
Ron marries Hermione and have two children, Rose and Hugo
Draco marriea and has a son names Scorpius
Teddy Remus Lupin goes to Hogwarts
Neville Longbottom becomes professor at Hogwarts for Herbology

So, if you skipped this, then you're either a Potter fan who hasn't read but want to be kept in suspense or, you don't really know how to highlight the text.
Anyway, I advise you guys still to read the book because ada twists and turns yang mengejutkan (though the one about Snape I guessed early on).
Still, it's a great read, and worth it. Ok... since I put my life on hold to read the book, time to resume work now...accio laptop!

PS - So is it any good? OF COURSE!!!! Rereading it later tonight... and I have since removed the spoiler block so now in full view. Tough luck for those who accidentally read it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All Potty!!!

Just got back... and am settling in with my little surprise that I want to share with you guys.

My sis got a copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows when it began selling, and dia da baca abih.

So when I got back tonight, as expected and promised by my lovely sis, it was there on my bed, just waiting for me to devour it page by page.

Aku nak baca cepat so that I can review it for those of you yang lom get the book (ker lom download ebook versi cetak rompak)... but at the same time, aku nak take my time nak hayati the whole story, since this is the last book.

Aku da follow the first six so religiously sampai takleh enjoy the movie versions, that this, is the culmination.. the finale... of my Potter mania!

Honesly, as I'm flipping the pages (607 flipping pages!!!! DAMN THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!!!), I'm honestly excited as all hell.

Ok.. fine... I can't brag about reading too many good books, cause I don't have the time. The only releases I bother with are from my favourite writers like Amy Tan (she makes me cry!), Bill Bryson (my inspiration for bitchiness) and Sophie Kinsella (with her bimbo shopaholic series which I absolutely adore!!! It's about me!!!).

And of course J.K. Rowling's Potter series. So this will be one of the few books I've read in 2007!
Took a quick shower, prepared light meal (because it's so late da, takleh makan banyak kang tambah buncit), chilled Coke (and yes, the real kind of soda, not anything else you'd allow yourself to think with the bottle of Absolut there) and a pack of my Marlboros, and here I am.. off on the last journey for Harry Potter and Co.

But my excitement comes from the staggering reviews I've had from people who have read the book. Everyone agrees it's virtually a bloodbath, and bloody emo (to quote my sis especially), so it should be packed with enough action and drama to keep me up all night.

Aku habis baca malam ni jer, esok awal pagi I'll post a review AND spoilers (tapi aku akan blank out so sapa yang nak baca je akan baca) for those yang betul betul yak sabar nak tau what goes on in the book. Of course, the obvious question is, will Harry live? Erm... sebab aku da dapat spoiler dari pihak yang tak bertanggungjawab... the surprise there is gone... but I'll leave it to tomorrow to review the rest.

Now... on to my ciggys, my Coke... and my Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows.

PS - For those of you who want to download the ebook yang unauthorised tuh, be warned that there are apparently fake versions out there, so mana tau kang korang susah susah download baca tuh, is not the real thing. You have been warned!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Road Trip!

Yes, semalam dah la relax keja. Then tiba, adalah kawan aku yang suddenly nak Cuti Cuti Malaysia sempena kempena Tahun Melawat Malaysia ajak holiday domestic. Atas sebab sebab nak enjoy, there will be no blogging.

Friday night, kami pun bertolak about midnight or so. Destinasi? Mula mula takde... then decided upon Cherating. Got a cute chalet, deliberated whether we should move on to Langkawi, then decided to lawat Kuantan jerk.

Fun...!!! Enjoying the sun... and the sea...

Be blogging tomorrow... balik je ada surprise menunggu aku. And I want to share it with you guys yang sama interest ngan aku. Something to do with Harry Potter. And I don't mean the movie!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Congratulations Ning and Chris!

Tahniah kepada Ning Baizura Sheikh Hamzah dan Omar Sharif Christopher LaytonDalton atas ikatan talian pertunangan semalam. Hope you guys get married fast ok. Elok lar tuh... benda baik.

Nanti je posting entry... ngantuk...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tickle Me Elmo!

Ok...it's official. Lagu tema aku skang... "I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys 'R Us kid...
Kenapa? Sebab my coolest presents dari Toys 'R Us! Nampaknya quite a few of my friends paham sangat aku nih rupanya, mana antara minat aku is.. du-uh.. toys!

Tuh yang paling safe ler kalao nak pilih where you can't go wrong.

The cutest was this one from Jida, kawan baik kakak aku yang got me a Tickle Me Elmo. Kalao tatau, Elmo tuh character dari Sesama Street. Yang versi nih lak..kalao ko tickle, dia tergolek golek gelak... aiyo. Cam anak sedara aku... tapi skali aku tengok masa dia gelak guling guling, nampak psycho possessed doll pun ada.

Anyway... thanks Jida for the CUTEST birthday present!!!

The coolest though, has to be this 12 inch tall Spawn figure yang aku dapat dari bebudak opis aku!!! Cantik siot... aku siap letak kat opis aku atas subwoofer aku. Me likey! It's just so me!

Yang penting, cara meka nak kenakan aku tuh.

Beriya konon nak wat meeting tergempar dan sebagainya sampai dua tiga department masuk meeting. Dahlah serious pasal bab tuh nih... aku biasa lar kalao bab meeting, dok bersimpul, sambil layan rokok jer (meeting room kami smoking zone ok - akibat stress time meeting tiap kali kena wat declaration camtuh).

Anyhoo, tengah serious bagai tuh tetiba, aku perasan ada dua tiga budak desk aku takde.

Hurm... tapi aku mati mati tak suspect apa apa because da dua hari pas birthday aku.

But meka tak sempat buat on my birthday sebab aku busy seharian. Pastuh semalam lak kira aku off, walaopon aku jenguk ler opis jap.

So they decided to spring it on me today. sebab tau aku ari nih sibuk gaban banyak keja. Seb baik good mood, layan gak. Kalau biasa kalao dengar meeting mesti ada je perangai aku sebab I hate wasting time in the meeting room. Besides, meetings are so damn formal and totally turn me off.

So anyways, thanks guys!!! Adly, Idas, Kid, Irwan and the rest of the guys. Huggies!

And the final present yang aku suka banget is the one from my sis. Aku tau (sebab ada yang pecah lobang - no komen sapa) on what she wanted to get for me. Aku tamau, sebab aku tamau dia bazir duit, plus bebenda dia nak beli tuh, walaopon niat dia memang baik, aku rasa tak perlu and a waste of money is she were to get it for me.

So told her member what would be best, and smalam, about lunch, I headed to Hartamas to meet her. Had lunch there, before we proceeded to... the tattoo parlour.

Merasalah ada yang pasni carut aku agik tambah berhias aku ni, piercing lapan tattoo da dua nak tambah agik... biarlah.

I had brought my pre-designed tattoo, with my sketch yang di touch up kan oleh Irwan, graphic designer tempat keja aku.

Pas touch up sana sini ngan Eddie, the BEST tattooist in Malaysia (Borneo Ink ROCKS!!!), we settled on the final design which was more simplified.

Eddie ni, memang superb keja dia. Artis luar pon kalao wat concert sini, mesti datang lawat dia. Ni pun Linkin Park coming down pun... da call Eddie nak booking session ok!

So dia bukan calang calang... ala ala stok Sungei Wang punya. So we got down to business, and two and a half hours or so later (faster than my last session), I had a new tattoo courtesy of my sister with my own design.

The choice? An angel. My guardian angel to be exact! Ada ler significance nya. Kalao nak cita sepenuhnya apa maksudnya bagik aku personally, panjang kang cita tok nenek semua kuar.
So suffice to say I really like. Love my sister to bits, so it's nice that I have something that's part of me forever from her. I know this sounds weird but it strengthens our bond.

I connected it to my previous tattoo yang kat atas tuh, and I think it looks nice. And if you guessed it, yeap, pasnih ada agik nak sambung sebab ada ruang kosong agik. Heh... setakat nak cantikkan that work of art on my body tuh jer.

Kalao korang tak nampak sangat angel tuh, nanti aku amik close up shot sikit of it later.

Anyways... tu ler tiga present aku paling suka this year. Cute, cool and special. Before this kan da ada yang weird kan... so ok ler tuh. Ada je yang dalam kategori tersendiri.

Moving on, pas last Friday sebab AC Di Sini, aku miss pra-tayang Muallaf untuk kengkawan by kak Min. Patutnya ari ni, but again I had to cancel sebab terbooking masa dua lagik benda. Sorry luv... see you Monday anyway ok. So sorry I had to take a raincheck.

One more is a residents association meeting with the police kat kawasan perumahan aku. Bukan apa... da jiran jiran mintak ala ala minta tuk hadirkan diri kan nak tolong suarakan masaalah kawasan perumahan kami yang kebelakangan banyak kes ragut, pecah rumah, pecah keta, rompak, samun dan banyak lagik. Polis lak cam #$%^&* tak penah tingkatkan rondaan, tak penah look into the cases seriously dan much more expected of the cekap and very the amanah service.

And finally, ada lak majlis pertunangan Ning malam ni kat Shah Alam at the same time which is at 8pm. Alamak... kena squeeze in lar nih.

Kalau sempat... tapi rasanya mesti lambat kalao sampai. Apapon, congratulations Ning for finally taking that plunge. I'm sure all of us semoga cepat get married and have many, many kids.
Apapon, kalao aku sempat aku update pics kang ok. Till then.. ciaolos!!!

Notakaki : Tima kasih pada kawan aku yang call aku siang tadik. Nope.. no problems between us. Biarlah orang desperate for attention cakap memacam. Aku takde pe pe pon. Biasalah...tin kosong, sound effect jer lebih.

Footnote : Nak tengok malam ni ada yang akan tepati janji ke tak.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank you

Wow. Semalam was kind of weird for me. Erm... I don't know. Maybe because it's my birthday and nothing ever goes well on my birthday. This time pn tak lari konsep.

There were a few downs kali ni. Like some people I consider family not even making to make an effort over my birthday (I know... it's childish... but I thought they'd care more, not that it's that big an issue.

Then, there was someone in my mind yang disappear da berapa hari ni, which I was disappointed sebab tak dapat spend my birthday with. Again... so much for the big planning kan. Never quite works out as hoped.

If that's not enough... erm... oh never mind...

After all, tahun ni, apart from the real pain of having those close to me not really giving a toss (ok..fine, I'll stop being childish, but I thought they'd bother just a little more), other things more than made up for it, I suppose.

First, there was that someone who kept me smiling throughout the last couple of days, which made me feel real good, no matter what.

Then, trust one of my best friends, Ted, to faithfully remember my birthday walaoapapon... but erm... in true him fashion, dia gi bagik aku nih...

Somehow Ted forgot that I have already given up drinking. I admit, used to binge, tapi aku da lama tak sentuh bebenda camni. Skang paling jahat pon rokok jerk. Tu pun selagi mampu.

He may have remembered I liked vodka, tapi obviously dia lupa aku dulu kaki Smirnoff and not Absolut, which I think just sucks big time (sorry Ted... love your gift anyway!)

Yang kelakarnya kawan aku ni... ada ler eccentricity dia tuh. Kepelikan dia.. erm... korang kawan ngan dia baru tau.

He's got some weird habits... and one of them, I recalled masa bukak package dia bagik malam tadi.

Dahler bungkus plastik duty free King Power (nampak sangat dari Bangkok), it came complete with resit lagik ok! Aduh...keji... aku gelak pecah perot. Dan tuh memang trademark dia kalao bagik hadiah.

Burok tol perangai... kalao balut hadiah skalipun, mesti ada resit atau price tag tunjuk how much he spent. Heh... memula ingat nak offended masa dulu dia bagik hadiah. Lama lama, biasa lak habit dia nih.

Erm... kalau Zack lagik pelik. Bagik hadiah, nampak sangat last minute gift, pastuh balut lak kelam kabut. Sekali tuh dia penah bagik hadiah, berbalut suratkhabar jer (ala...aku beli wrapping paper pon ko koyakkan kang...) which had cellophanetape clumsily holding it all together.

That's Zack for you. Tapi still, always appreciate them through a decade I've known them, they've been there for me through the thick and thin. Sibuk sibuk pun... meka ingat aku. Cam si

Ted... dia yang call aku nak jumpa semata mata nak passkan hadiah walaopon kesibukan dia punya pasal tak jumpa dia for three weeks or so dah.

So thank you anyway Ted, for your present. People say it's the thought that counts... and at least through the years, you made an effort to be my friend. No matter how weird you are.
Now, anyone want a bottle of vodka? (matilah aku kena carut... ok ok... aku simpan wat perhiasan)

Also thanks Juan kerana ajak minum sama, with the rest of the gang, joined by Vern much later.

Ingat gak nak ajak aku...

And of course, banyak sangat orang nak thank.

Ari aku started late. Aku tak gi event Mawi. Well I did, tapi after it was over, sebab cuma nak interview dak botak. And yesterday evening, aku terharu, sebab kawan lelama ngan botak, dia dan family Maestro dan Mawi World (Man, Baha, Wan, Liza, Nasser etc - love all of you), tengah aku interview, tetiba bak cake surprisekan aku.

Erm.... terbodoh jap aku termalu.

Aku tak sangka... and yet meka surprise kan aku. Se-down nya aku yang kawan kawan aku yang anggap cam kuarga sibuk ngan urusan memasing, ada lagik extended family aku yang ingat aku. Abang Wan - keji tau nak rub it in Mawi celebrate sekali!!! Heh!!!

To dak botak and gang - love you guys, korang memang WORLD lah! Erm...tapi kek tuh aku nak wat apa (semua feeling tanak makan - aku lak diet - merasalah!) Kena bak balik seketul da..
Pastuh, gerak sekali ngan Liza ke PC Ikon tuk umumkan wildcard entry kat Planet Hollywood. Jac, Dayang and finalists lain in OAG and Flop Poppy ada.

Yang dapat Def Gab C dan Mawi, tapi sebab Mawi ada recording ngan Ajai, dia tak hadirkan diri sebab pas kami habih lepak tadik dia rush ke studio (cewah... kira bangga birthday aku leh sempat celebrate skali)

Erm... aku tengah send news pakai opis Planet Hollywood (thanks Sherina and Elina - the most beautiful women in Planet and my sistas!) si Aniz dari Astro dan kak Shahila da kecoh kecoh ajak aku kuar.

Seb baik instinct aku supaya tamau kuar... apparently program dimana bebudak Filipina punya Ikon tengah perform, ada kes naya nunggu aku...(thanks Sarimah kerana pecah lobang pastuh).

But after event abih, Sarimah announce lak ada yang celebrate birthday. Aku nak lari tak sempat da. So another round of public embarrasment. Well, not really.. it was touching to have Sarimah, Jac, Dayang and Radhi who I consider people I closely work with, together ngan the likes of kak Aina and kak Shahila (tetap maintain penyandang title ratu ratu production Akademi Fantasia walaopon last season tak terlibat) as well as Aniz and more there. Even Shawal pun ada sekali sebab jenguk event Ikon.

Anyway, Sarimah naya aku ek!!! Kak Mah Gali keji!!!! Heh!!! Tunggu ko aku letak pic baju ko tadik.

Dayang pose vogue masa event berjalan. Maintain ayu ler tuh!

Partners in crime - kak Shahila comel and kak Aina yang ayu(matilah aku pasnih!!!)

Kak Mah Gali part time keja Planet Hollywood ke? Pakai uniform cam sama je (matilah aku!!!)

Another cake???!! Jap.. ikut lilin, besar satu kecik tiga... aku baru...13!!!

Perlu ke???? But thanks Jac, Dayang, Radhi, Sarimah and all the guys from Philippines (Chris Cayzer, Sitti Navarro and Kjwan) kerana celebrate skali walaopon tak kenal aku. Matilaaaaa....

Shawal dan Jac

Kalao merujuk pic kat atas sama tak baju Sarimah ngan staff Planet Hollywood? Amik ko! Kata Kak Mah baju Naff Naff ok... merasalah return pasnih. Mintak mintak simpan resit. Heh...thanks you guys. Had fun...!!!! And just before the stroke of midnight too.

Oklah... malas posting entry pepanjang. Kang later aku post agik satu entry. Alamak... sapa tunggu clip Mawi terbaru kang je aku wat ek sebab sibuk seharian kena dok surprise takde masa lak wat.

By the way... about Mawi. Don't ask me why I ask this question... but persoalannya, Mawi akan bertanding ke untuk final Ikon nanti? Oops...

Erm... korang usha la sendiri kalao nak tau cita sebenar. Mawi kalao leh tamau, dan nak Jac dan Dayang teruskan je final sebab meka da pilihan juri dan SMS combined. But keputusan lum dibuat.

I actually agree with Mawi, dan rasa dia pon tak perlu nak ada dalam final for reasons obvious kalao korang paham konsep Ikon, dan sapa yang untung (merasalah pasni kena carut ngan deadly duo!)

Apapon, Mawi... hope you make up your mind, dan mintak mintak ler peminat terima keputusan Mawi whether or not dia nak tarik diri dari Ikon.
Kalao dia perform... or dia tak pon... it's his choice.

Eh... merapu lak. Nak prepare. Hari ni aku off tapi aku program sikit. Kang aku update. Ciao!

PS - Tunggu seseorang update myspace seperti dijanjikan... erm...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I Dreamt You
I dreamt of you
And you came
I just dreamt of you
But no
I dreamt you
And there you were
No longer in my dreams

I am 31 today. Thank YOU for the best gift. You know who you are. Shhh...

Ermmm. Birthday or not tetap kena keja. Keji tak. Nak amik off tak cukup orang. Tapi ok lar. Rilek gak my day today sebab da rajinkan diri abihkan banyak keja.

Petang ni ada event Mawi, and then later tonight acara Ikon nak pengumuman. Kang aku update ok. Stay tuned!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Ok, lepas my shopping sale binge last weekened, I realised that there are a lot of crazy shopaholics out there too. So hari ni sebab aku ada time sikit celah celah nak abihkan keja, here's some sales info. These are the real deals going on in town, tapi aku tak janji kan they're all the best prizes.

Kalao stakat sale kat malls ke haper takyah lah kan. So I would prefer to focus on warehouse sales and such yang memang price slash. There's nothing much going on at the moment, but this is what I got.

Satu ni pada meka yang ada anak, apa agik. Guilt free shopping! Demi anak kan (matilah aku... - can't be all fragrances, cosmetics and branded stuff kan??!!)

The other is something most of you may know about, which is the IKEA sale. Yes... yes... we all love IKEA.

Don't bitch about it.. cause either you have it in your home, or you can't even afford it.

26 to 29 July 2007
Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale
Rm1 to RM18 only
Amazing Babies
Time : 10am to 5pm
Location (Tel 603 8068 8888)
1 jalan Industri PBP 13
Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong

19 July to 19 August 2007
Ikea Sale
Get ready to shop till you drop. And if you still want to shop on the eleventh hour, don’t worry. We’re extending our shopping hours to 11pm.
Sit tight and enjoy being our friend.
The advantages of being an IKEA Friends member are many.
One of them is being able to enjoy exclusive Friends offers on the first day of the IKEA Sale, on 19 July 2007.
Just for our Friends, an instant gift awaits you when you charge your purchases to your IKEA Friens card at Ikea or IKANO
Power Centre.
Time : 10am to 11pm
Location (Tel 603 7726 7777)
No 2 Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Malaysia

If you guys ada apa apa sale info, please share the necessary info ok. Apapon, please rememBer one thing. Found out, some losers who were at the Estee Lauder sale, are selling the stuff on the Internet for a higher price. Keji sangat hidup.

Sales and bona fide shopaholics should not be separated and to those who want to make a quick buck... get a life.

Anyways, tadik abihkan banyak keja, so this entry was half finished. Went for a drink with Halim, Dawn and that new trainee (pendiam dan tak banyak cakap, so can't even recall her name). Joined then by abang Bad (yang torture aku sampai midnight where he had to shut up sebab bagik discount tak carut for my birthday), Schonny, and also Sarol, my new friend (jumpa gak kita kan akhirnya - matilah kena carut baru luangkan masa - pstt!!! leh link kan blog ko ke... lupa mintak izin)

Juan was supposed to join supper tapi dia tak jadik. The first to SMS me to wish me a happy birthday was kak Min (no fair, of course la first kalao 15 minutes before midnight!) followed by many others.

To everyone... pening nak SMS sorang sorang sebab ramai sangat, lom agik yang mesej aku on my myspace, selain kawan kawan yang mesej kat msjbox dan sebagainya like Yahoo! Messenger.

So from the bottom of my heart... thank you! Terima kasih kerana ingat dan meraikan kehadiran seorang insan yang lahir ke muka bumi ni 31 tahun yang lalu.

All of you are always in my prayers.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One... two.. three.. whore...

Ari ni bangun lambat. Decided to sleep in and pamper myself. Then spent the rest of the day in bed like the slug I felt like. Bangun hanya nak mandi, makan and baca paper, then sambung golek depan laptop dalam katil.
Sekali sekala... so what did I do the whole day? Watch Japanese game shows on the Net lor. Korang kena layan. I tell you.. the Japanese are just WEIRD! And me likey!

Those two were the freaking pain fear factor sort. Honestly gila abih! How the hell meka do this week in and week out??!!! Tapi yang yang below ni yang creative and MUST watch! You might have seen the ping pong one, cause I had that in my phone for years now, but the other kelakar abih gak. Check it out!

And that's it for my update ari nih.. nothing much. Just being lazy as all hell.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ouch! (Or the pains of a shopaholic)

You know how they say yang wanita ni insan yang lemah (sexist though for some physically true perhaps) or how women can't defend themselves? I found out today that, that is totally NOT TRUE!!!

They just need motivation.

And what's the best motivation, especially for majority of female shopahoics? Massive discounts and the word SALE!

Aku tak tidur semalaman after AC Di Sini sebab ada jemputan ke closed sale Estee Lauder Group of Companies.

Sale bermula 8 pagi, but being the experienced shopaholic, aku da cakap kakak aku awal awal kita kena ada kat sana 5.30am.


You'll be surprised. Tengok je jenama yang sale tuh! Estee Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Michael Kors dan Origins.

Still my sis tak caya, so spent the night watching the fourth season of The L Word (best gila series ni - the female version of Queer As Folk) sampai 5.30 pagik) bla Halim call. Rupanya dia maki aku sebab dia caya aku sampai ada kat venue kol 5.30am da!

Sentap dia dapat tau aku masih kat rumah Bangsar. Five minutes later dia call, with a tone of disbelief. "Wei!!! Da 50 orang lebih depan aku wei!!! Datang cepat!!!)

Erm... aku pun paksa kakak aku siap, bought breakfast for Halim yang hold our place in the line, and sampai at about 7am. The sight was FRIGHTENING!!!

Baru dok nak makan.. with about 50 over people in front of us, and about a thousand behind us, meka announce nak start da sale. Alamak... the energy was overwhelming. You could feel everyone warming up their purses and wallets and credit cards!

Aku wolf down my food secepat mungkin and took a swig of Coke for energy and that much needed sugar rush, before geared up.

I knew this was going to get violent!!!

The tension built, and it wasn't like going into a sale.. cam nak berperang lak! Aduh!!! But dalam panik kena pijak by a four foot auntie who looked around with a mean look, as if daring anyone to beat her to the fragrance counters, I felt good!

Aku pun gear up... and when the doors open, we surged in. They let in about 100 people only, so I was among the first batch. Truly amazing was the sight that greeted me...

Rows and row and rows of displays! I'm in shopaholic heaven!

Mana nak start pun tatau... juling jadiknya camni. Aku ke fragrance area dulu. Cek harga, tak berkenan sangat because the mark down wasn't that great. Maybe about RM30 to RM40 jer. Not much compared to the last sale where I spent RM1600 plus on almost 20 bottles of perfume.

So aku rush to skin care... alamak... da abih! Banyak barang da nak finish da. I saw some women with FOUR huge plastic bags yang da penuh. Aiyo!! Meka ni main grab je ke. Memang pro shopaholics tul!!!

There was this adrenaline rush. Pernah tak tengok this old game show called Supermarket Sweep? It was something like that. Just grab and run to another item to grab and throw into your shopping bag sebelom moving on.

Rushed to the M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown area and started grabbing. Yerp... I love their stuff, and so does my mom and sis.

And in about half hour were done.

Letih...emotionally and physically. Seriously... aku penah main rugby in the main scrum pun tak camni. I was savaged by these women who were hungry for a good discount!

The damage? RM310! Kakak aku punya dekat RM500 da. Halim punya bawah RM200 kot.
Kuar je dari dewan... this was the scene outside the grand ballroom.

Sesak!!! Penuh ngan orang masih nunggu peluang nak masuk. Each and every person waiting to be let in outside, were eyeing our bags with hatred seolah cam "damn!!! that's my discounted stuff there!" Ha ha... sucks to be you. Lan kali kuar la awal sikit.

We headed on downstairs nak go towards the lift to the basement nak amik keta aku.. terkejut beruk!!!! Ni pandangan tingkat ground floor (the sale was in the grand ballroom on the first floor)

Mak aih!!! Beribu orang lagik. Once we got our car out, we saw all entrance and exits to the hotel jammed up!!! Half of KL's shopaholics had turned up for the sale. Merasalah ko!

Aiyo... scary!!! Thank goodness we got done quick.

So this is our acquisition.

Yang left tuh part of barang barang my sis beli. Aku punya on the right. Between us we had a ton of M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Clinique, DKNY and Michael Kors items. Erm.. kenapa ada Crocs skali? What can I say... nama pon shopaholic... pair number two!

Letih tapi satisfied... today started early... but it was amazing! Ok. Tak larat da. Nak tidur. Malam lak nak PARTY!!!

PS - Three days to go before I'm 31.