Saturday, June 30, 2007

The worst day of my life

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."

Remember that line? From Lilo & Stitch?

Yeah well... I can say for most part, when it comes to the real world... it's just fictional.

Mesti korang perasan title of this entry kan?

Yeap... today was the worst day of my life.

It started early in the morning when I lost some things I loved for no other reason than they came from my own blood, sweat and tears, though some would downplay that to drama. But I suppose, the more you have, the less you appreciate the little others have and how much it means to them.

The bad day continued. All through the day into the night. I tried to make the best of it sebab nak enjoy Christina's concert, walaopon takde interview or press conference scheduled... tak pe la. It's Christina Aguilera live. And I'm there.

And I actually got to see her backstage. Some distance away and with an entourage of the meanest looking bodyguyards. Still... being near someone who I've always wanted to meet is something to be thankful for. Heh.. still bragging rights especially when I had my semi all access pass.

Dari depan pentas dekat sampai the highest point in the stadium, I found myself wandering throughout the show. I mean it was great cause she did all the faves like Fighter, Ain't No Other

Man, you name it she did it.

She closed with Beautiful, which I found myself tearing up to sebab it was such a bad day, I really needed that positivity to affirm my self worth.

And later, I took a stand, because I felt there were those I considered family, who judged me and took me for granted.

I took a stand. Alone. So much for Ohana. All the blame, none of the love which has been apparently just superficial all this while.

I can earn back and buy the things I've lost, but not the trust I freely gave. If nothing else... at least I have my pride and self respect still intact. And perhaps that's the most valuable thing I have.

Some people lord it over others... which then becomes the negative aspect of pride. I just use it to protect myself.

Won't get angry... no point. Then I'd just be like them. Just hurt. Disappointed. Frustrated. Sad.
Malas nak review panjang panjang pasal konsert. It was just plain awesome... too bad I obviously couldn't enjoy it for most parts.

It was just fantastic... plain and simple. A lot of people showed up too.. almost a full house with just a few seats empty. Bumped into my old mate Fendi who came down for the concert as I made my way from the very front depan $S348 seats (thank God for the pass) sampai all the way to the cheapass seats, not keeping still at all throughout the concert sebab aku tension dan malas duduk.

Local and regional faces spotted :
Nana, Genervie, Siti Nordiana, Dina, Ning, Nikki, Yanie, Anuar Zain, Erwin Gutawa, Gita Gutawa (dia lambai lambai panggil aku...heh!!!)... some Singaporean personalities yang aku langsung tak kenal and lots more in the crowd yang aku tak perasan kot.

Toko Besar? Erm... cam kat Jakarta da Parkson Grand Johor Baru ni.

Christina tour merchandise on sale.

My satin sticker passport around the stadium.

A Christina tour T shirt ($S35) and the coffee table photo book ($S25) of the tour.

The various passes available for the different crew, media and ushers among others.

Up front before the show.

Smack centre.

One of the real stars of the show -the equipment! Fantastic sound!

And the people handling the equpment! Amazing too for the sound they delivered.

Anuar masa baru sampai ngan manager dia Rohila. Dina is in the drame too with her manager.

The show. Awesome lighting.

Bird's eye view of the crowd. Packed!!!

So that's it...malas nak update. Will post more pics soon. Mobile phone tak dapat zoom sangat so nanti I get some more from friends in Singapore aku posting.

PS - The cast of Heroes are coming down to Singapore. Adrian Pasdar and Masi Oka are coming apparently. Yeay!!... that silver lining on a very dark cloud. People in KL jangan lupa Gwen's concert next month. Also coming, Justin Timberlake, Josh Groban... who says we get left out (though we usually are).