Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Paris Hilton - in stripes!

Why the big promo for Paris Hilton's debut album which wasn't that good anyway?Aku aku ngaku...first of all Stars Are Blind was OUR song masa aku ngan someone not too long ago. Tapi tuh je...Actually..I'm feeling a little melancholy still over what happened... dunno. Death just does that to me. I am not uncomfortable with the topic of death, but it still jolts me every time.
Still, ari ni was pretty relaxed so aku leh tenangkan diri aku. Tak cukup tido...pening pelbagai sebenarnya. But one thing made my day worth it.

So on to the topic of Little Miss Pink, designer diamante rich white girl with little matxhing designer pup in tow, Paris Hilton... and news of the moment, her going off to jail.

Oh come on, you guys mesti layan berita kan? Takkan tatau cita nih.
Anyhow... what was kind of funny for me was this little bit of news that I came across.

Apparently, the life-sized statute of Paris Hilton at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York has been dressed up in a black and white prison jumpsuit.

Keji ok...merasalah Paris kena carut je keja...dah lah masa MTV Movie Awards where she made her pre-jail appearance pun da become the butt of jokes, ni kena agik.

Tapi all in all, aku rasa cam patung lilin tuh nampak real gila siot! Tapi perlu ke. Isn't it strange how around the world, pop culture is idolised so sampai tahap ni. Even if we're talking about a spoilt, rich brat yang perangai tak senonoh.

Nak wat camna.

But my entry is not just about that, cause something else tickled me apart from the above news and pic. Kalao ada ler peminat Paris ke yang anti ke haper, there's this game based loosely around the news of her having to spend, what...23 day behind bars kan?... Korang try ler. Aku played three times, with the highest score I could manage in that time, at 10 017 at level 5.

Game dia simple, bimbo gila. You won't be overworking your brain to figure this one out that's for sure.

Kira ko la Paris, dan ko kena wat keja dalam penjara ler. Dalam nak perli kehidupan mewah dia, your job is to print out those fancy personalised license plates for cars which they have in the States.

Tu je objective dia... simple life tol lah. Of course Paris has her little pooch, but instead of Tinkerbell, this time we have Clinkerbell (matila kena carut agik). It's a silly game but quite fun, so if you want to play a game of something that's hogging news headlines, this is it!
Enjoy ek...let's see how you guys do with it!

Click PLAY to start, and click on the speaker icon kalao you find the music as irritatin g as I did (sounds like a bad episode of Lucille Ball)!

Selain that, actually nak add a little something but rasanya perlu tunggu official announcement ler. Tamau ler pepandai je letak kat blog (merasalah kang isu blog agik kan carrying unsubstatiated news).

Tapi apapon, nak ucapkan tahniah in advance kat Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kelima.

About what? Entah...tunggu ek.

Ok ler guys...lots of pics tomorrow. Check back. I think some of you will love it!