Saturday, June 16, 2007

Optimus Prime!

Been meaning to get this since I saw it at Toys 'R Us a few days ago. Was deliberating patut ke tak beli nih. Aku minat sangat toys pikir punya pikir... and guess what...

I GOT IT!!!A shopaholic and a toy freak never says no!!! Semalam aku ke MidValley and after much thought (yerlah tuh!!!) I decided to get the Optimus Prime voice changer. Matilah leh sarung pakai sebagai helmet kalao takde time nak naik motor!

Kalao kena tahan polis buat je sora Optimus mesti dia pengsan.

Heh... RM169.90 and a few hours of amusement, I'm waiting for them to come out with more! Megatron maybe... kalao tak, at least an outfit to match the head so leh pakai full set masa premiere Transformers! Keji tak?

Apapon, the first set of pictures aku amik dari Hasbro punya site which has a catalogue of the movie merchandise toys while the second set is the one I bought.

A little colour difference though I think it's a case of lighting. And of course kotak aku nya tuh ala rabak sikit sebab impatient nak bukak kan...


Tapi yang penting.. sapa cadang nak beli. TOUGH LUCK!

Semalam aku beli just before he store closed, dak salesgirl tuh cakap ngan aku they're going to take ALL the Transformers toys off the shelf as of today!

Kisahnya, for some reason, the toys can't go on sale UNTIL the movie is shown. so to avoid any legal action, they are taking the toys off.

So kira aku la last person nak beli sehingga they show the movie.

Ok la...saja nak post tuh...more later... Just nak end with this picture from Vern (nak lebih go to his blog) yang from an event I couldn't attend this fashonista event last night sebab sibuk (sibuk keja ok...bukan sibuk beli toy lak... aku pas keja rush gi beli voice changer tuh)

The star of the event yang grabbed everyone's attention.

This is to the most beautiful, though a little sad looking (no prizes for guessing why) person of the night there as agreed by all the stars and EVERYONE present.


Sharifah Amani Syed Zainal Rashid.