Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy happy happy... or dreams...

It's a little bit ridiculous kekadang...thinking back about how some dreams start, and end up a reality.

A few years ago, I had this vision of what I wanted to do in the music industry, a far fetched vision of wanting to contribute to the local music industry, a continuity to apa aku belajar ketika kat kolej masa amik Sound and Audio Engineering.

I knew I wanted to be involved in all creative aspects of the entertainment field, and I knew I had the ideas.

So I got the basics I needed, and switched to writing! Stuck for years doing more mundane stuff cam news and politics, aku berpeluang untuk merealisasikan impian aku ngan tawaran join my current company.

Since then, my dreams have been growing bigger, and my expectations too. Biasalah, semakin besar impian, semakin besar cabaran.

Sehingga hari ni, I think, I've ventured to feel a little bit of everything in this business, enough to make me a decent well rounded person in terms of the know how of the business.

Biarlah... ada yang nak kata berangan ke perasan bagus. After all, bukan semua orang ada pengalaman kita. Dan biasalah, kalau mereka tahu pun, bukan mereka nak hormat... sebab bagi mereka, ia cuma cerita yang menjadi bahan angan angan mereka.

But today... aku memang puas ati. Sebab another one of my dreams looks to be realised. I have two major things in my minds for 2007.

One to do with Indonesia, and one to do with TV production. Aku takleh dedahkan lagi apa aku tengah buat. Tapi selepas beberapa masaalah yang melanda my earlier aspirations, I've learnt to be mre careful in doing charity, sebab kekadang, they f**k up your dreams.

And so, these twp targets, I've kept close to my heart, with only one or two people aware of what they are. And both are getting closer to realisation. More on that later.

Ari ni memang sibuk bersiap tuk segala yang perlu untuk persembahan Ning, Nikki dan Yanie tuk persembahan Drama kat final Gang Starz.

On Friday, ths was how it looked on the left. A little bit incomplete, and still yearning for the final touches by appointed designer Rizman Ruzaini.

Tapi biasalah ketika fitting, apa yang perlu diperbaiki masih sempat nak repair sebelom terlewat. All in all, proud about how the dresses which were quite unique designs translated from paper to eventual real creations worn by the trio.
Minor modifications, and it was all systems go!

Actually bagi sapa yang minat nak tau, the trio was dressed in my conceptualised theme of post modern Edwardian.
Again, sebab ramai orang gilakan era Victorian, aku ilhamkan the Edwardian period which is sometime after, circa 1900s to the 1920s and thereabouts.

Cuma, again, sebab melibatkan ketiga orang, I discussed with Rizman and Wan how to bring out the different personalities od ach person, with Ning being purely diva, Nikki being more girly and seductive and Yanie just playing androgynous and cutesy like her real self.

After some minor discussion on alterations to be made, spent the rest of the night with the kids to get the wrk done the night before.

Woke up exhausted and panicky. Rushed about to check in kat Quality Inn and dumped my stuff, and rushed to get the remainder of the stuff needed.

Dalam kol 7 petang aku sampai balik kat Shah Alam, and bersiap. Jumpa jumpa the rest of the group kat Stadium Malawati... erm... as usual, police ala security yang bertugas seribu satu kerenah. Oh well... I'm already late. Just take deep breaths... no point getting stressed.

Got the work done, had a fabulous show, sent in my news story, all while juggling playing nanny here and there. Grabbed a bite masa post party and spent the remainder of the time with The Lima, the eventual champions for the night and Mendua sebab the two Indonesian groups were not only the friendliest (especially Mendua yang paling besh pala meka), but also because their dressing room was next to ours.

Tired as all hell...

Who says this entertainment related jobs are glamorous. Met Agnes Monica awhile... but think I've totally gone off her.

So what I've heard from friends in Jakarta are true about her. Heh... aduh...

Tired out as hell, tapi sempat kompol ngan the group back at the hotel room to discuss (gossip actually) about the show, the night... and the one thing that transpired that was erm... well... I think the POSSIBLY the beginning of many things.

Yeap... met Erwin Gutawa, who apart from being one of the BIGGEST names in the industry regionally and also a ttsally humble, down to earth dude.

Selain bercerita pasal anak dia Gita yang aku minat gila sebab album sedap abih, also managed to get some things done. Heh... no details for now.

Should be interesting to note developments... can't say much at all until something solid transpires.

Send your prayers and your good wishes this way my friends... cause I'm going to need it. Who knows where our dreams lead to kan...

The results - Ning, Nikki and Yanie.

Erm... Sarah marah ek aku amik pic kat post party (aku tau ko takkan marah aku, beb!) menuding jari camtuh... and Erwin 'The Man' Gutawa!