Friday, June 29, 2007

From Jakarta to Singapore

Nothing much to share today after the exciting few days in Jakarta. Maybe it's like that hangover after a high. When you have too much fun, somehow it takes its massive toll on you and you just get kind of woozy and like walk about in a dazed manner or so.

Semalam pas balik... saja pusing pusing dalam kereta.
Gi minum sorang...saja nak bersendirian. Wore half a smile as I went about my business on my own.

Popped by a club just to watch people at it, as I threw back a... erm.. Coke. Spent about half an hour looking at the shallow fun, and then decided to split sebab tak larat.

Dalam keletihan... needed to be on my own for a little while. I don't know. Wasn't really thinking.. just.. felt that loneliness isn't all that bad sometimes.

Came back.


Not very well despite being tired out as hell. Woke up very late.. and much more tired than how

I was when I went to bed.

Body's getting old and rebelling I suppose.

Prepared to go to work.

Hectic day.

Yerlah... awal pagi esok nak ke Singapore for Christina Aguilera punya concert lak. Ni seribu satu persiapan lak kena prepare sebelom nak berlepas. Hate paperwork and shit...

Picked up Vernon's birthday present for Ning.

Finished, had a drink with abang Badrul in Bangsar nearby, joined by Aypol dan Zahid (da kurus abih adik aku nih... diet menjadi ni!) kebetulannya, and then later Muzaffar and then Vern.

Borak borak... tukar news and info sikit sikit. and then parted ways.

Sent the stuff, and then proceeded to spend a little more time with me, myself and I.
I don't know. I know it sounds silly... but something's just not right. i don't know what, and I can't put my finger on it. Mungkin ke dia?

Maybe... but whatever it is. It's bugging the shit out of me.

Had a few drinks then headed home... something's just not right.