Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Fantastic Freak Show!

So update ni pasal today yang memang takde aktiviti sangat. Sebab terlampau rajin (jarang sekali ye), aku da settle keja seminggu.

So malam ni ingat nak pamper myself nak layan tengok wayang. Kebetulan lak, ada show mignight nak layan Fantastic Four - Rise Of The Silver Surfer.

Got the tickets sebab tak ramai orang (surprisingly) and decided nak go around MidValley Megamall just to look around.

Place to go? Toys 'R Us!!!

Now, sebenarnya singgah sebab nak tengok the Transformers merchandise yang ada. If you read the previous posting, da usha masa kat Singapore, tapi sebab disappointed the newer items are all plastic crap and mahal, tak belilah.

Mmm...nampaknya Toys 'R Us da ada promo Transformers gak walaopon toys dia tak banyak. Kalao calculatekan, berpulug Ringgit lebih compared to masa kat Singapore.

Take for example Optimus Prime yang baru. Kalau kat Singapore about $S59.90 atau lebih kurang RM130 something. Lum agik 10% discount!

Sini? RM189.90. Cekik!!!

Was fascinated by this Optimus Prime head yang voice changer.... now that's interesting... tapi RM169.90... kena pikir bebetul sebelum nak beli.

Back shelves kat belakang kedai, found some old school generation one stuff, including Soundwave, my favourite Transformer and Decepticon of all time. The die cast version yang cuma RM69.90!!! Aiyo! Now this is worth it! Always wanted Soundwave.

Tapi letak balik ingat esok je nak browse again..yakinkan diri bebetul nak beli. Takut impulsive buy (as always...nyesal lak)

Masa looking around (I love toy stores especially since I can now spend a little more on them), saw this magic kit. Gelak sat.

It was a kiddie magic set yang biasa sangat. Nothing great. Tapi yang aku nak gelak was this little this that was written on the box. I know the pic is a little blurred but you can almost make it out.

Can you see what it is? Look a little closer. Can't see it. Here's a slightly closer (but still fuzzier look)

Merasalah Rabbit Not Included katanya. Well du-uh.... you think?!!! Heh... lawak...lawak. Pas layan mainan and all, ada ler yang asik merungut nak makan, so we headed to the food court yang da nak tutup.

Aku tak makan sebab all the Chinese and Japanese as well as the Western food outlets da nak tutup. So tukang lahap ni pon melayan ler nasi padang.

Me? I settle for some McDonalds later (walaopon I keep swearing I won't touch that unhealthy stuff ever again!)

Masa tunggu Vern menyumbat sat, aku couldn't help but noticed this weird sight. Adaler dua makcik yang bertudung gituh tengah sembang a few tables away in front of me.

I say weird sebab meka tak pakai cam tudung biasa. Colourful dan siap ada glitter lagik. Yang pentingnya, they had it pulled forward so tak nampak muka meka sangat.

And bila nampak... erm... dedua muka jantan. And muka memasing risau.

Cover line haper ni? Bukan je meka kami yang perasan, meka lagik satu pun perasan dok bisik pasal meka. Before we were done, they decided to leave in a hurry, and looked kind of weird shuffling away, almost nervously. Erm... apa kes ni???

They were freaking me out cause they looked like just plain psychotic. Entahlah apa tujuan meka ni. Tapi cam planning something jer. Horror aku dibuatnya.

They kept looking about as if expecting someone to pounce on them or something.

And the one in the rainbow like coloured tudung was the most horrific, cause she made it a point to stress her nervousness by pulling the tudung to cover more of her face, while every two seconds, she would give it a tug to peek out of it and look around.

Now, memang lah it's rude to stare... but when someone keeps doing that, plus they already look weird to begin with, you just can't help but keep your eyes permanently fixed on them for fear and paranoia of strange characters like this doing something totally weird! (agak sendiri la what the possibilities are)

After we were done with those two, decided ke McD nak bungkus sikit dan chit chat sambil munch and smoke kat exit.

One thing MidValley definitely needs is a smoking room. Malas jalan kesana sini tuk nak hisap rokok.

Thank goodness though and count your blessings kita lom sampai tahap Singapore, yang mamak pun kena ada smoking section. Aiyo... keji ok!

Sedang kami rancak berbual, ada lak akak sorang ni feeling genie in a bottle pop up suddenly.depan kami. Lor redmummy rupanya baru abih bowling katanya.Terlampau aktif la dia ni.

So hung out a while more, and continued with more bitching...just to pass time of course.. you understand.

They really should make gossiping and bitching an Olympic event. I swear mesti ramai yang participate because training for it is so natural and hardly requires much motivation.

Apapon makcik merah ni baru balik dari Beijing (and all you brought back for us are hugs???) while you bought how many sets of perfume???

Keji tau kengkawan camni.

Merasalah...time nak amik pic dia nak letak blog, overdose lak posing ngan bowling bag dia
Motif ada tournament nak mai tapi training sakan kat bowling alley fengtau not proper alley?
Sambil sembang sembang, layan ler tengok orang lalu lalang.

Sempat orang ni dan orang ni dan orang ni kena marah sebab berasap kat tangga dan kena halau. Heh! Sib baik I was downing my fries then.

Now, the weirdest characters come out at this time of the night (no wonder la my mom slalu kata jangan kuar malam... tapi since I AM one of the weirdos, justifies why I'm so nocturnal la)
Apart from the two strange tudung punya characters earlier on in the food court, We spotted a few more.

So with people passing us to and fro, merasalah the number of fashion faux pas that somehow you just can't help but notice.

This major no no I had to put up was this guy striking a pose in front of me was in a sweater, hibiscus print bermudas and a pair of Crocs.

Ok, I have nothing against print bermudas with loud prints, but they should be worn anywhere EXCEPT if you're within 1km radius in the vicinity of a beach, or if you're stuck in a time warp in the Eighties where they actually looked cool back then.

And the colour combination was simply painful.

Tapi mamat ni pose sakan siot.Maybe he actually thought he looked funky and all. Erm...f***ed up maybe la...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Confidence level memang tinggi tahap gaban la, I'll give him that.
Might as well put on a pair of blue tights on and call yourself Johnny Storm kan? I know I'd like to torch those shorts!

More time spent bitching and once we were done, decided to move to one of the only kedai yang bukak which was this little mini amusement shop gituh (kedai game ler).

Kat sana, sempat snap pic abang sorang ni seronok melayan game Para Para Sakura yang hazab.

You know the game yang tangan kaki melayang konon menari tuh. Cam tak betui lak aku tengok budak budak ni asyik ngan game ni.

It's weird they say straight guys can't dance, but apparently, they can.

I theorize it's a thing that straight men do to embarass and annoy their girlfriends just for the fun of it.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it...

Erm...wasted an hour or so there in total and played some games to kill time.

More cigarettes later, and finally closer to the screening time.

Honestly with all these late screenings, don't you think at least some of the shops should remain open? Bosan siot kalao nak tunggu late screening.

There's practically nothing to do there apart from that stupid games shop and the bowling alley yang ampeh ala fengtau.

Now... if they had some retail outlets open kan elok...

Masuk ke dalam area lobby panggung, I saw several movies I REALLY want to see. I mean, Fantastic Four sebenarnya give it a go je for the lack of a better movie.

I didn't even see the first, even though I used to like the original comic strip, and also the animated series.

Still, don't think it's one of the best cartoon superhero genre stories to translate into a movie.
There are so many more that actually have more substance, but instead, typical of Hollywood productions, meka cari yang paling visual, so they can splurge on effects and all just for the sake of eye candy.

Oh well...

The first movie promo I spotted, I actually saw kat TGV KLCC some time ago, which was the Transformer punya standee.

Now, this I want to see. Transformers, one of the definitive landmarks of the Eighties if you will.

Apart from Transformers, there's another animated series crossover which I thought would never make it here. But lo and behold, miracles do happen and yes...meeeeeeettttt The Simpsooooooooooooooooonnnnns!!!

Ok...nak masuk movie dulu... cowabunga, eat my shorts, don't have a cow and all that. Keeping my fingers crossed that Fantastic Four will be a good movie.

Review coming up for those of you catching it kat panggung soon.

Be back...