Friday, May 04, 2007

Mr Carrefour

Semalam nak update pepanjang sikit. Yerlah, I've been so knackered out lately that my heart hasn't been into updating my blog. Kesian lak sayang aku yang paling setia melayan segala meroyan aku ni.

Started the day yesterday ngan assignment together ngan si Farihad.

Sebenarnya first assignment tuh dia punya. Temankan je. Untuk Berita Harian punya spread this weekend pasal Mawi punya koleksi kasut.

So met up Mawi and Co lepak kat opis Mawi Wrld Sdn Bhd kat Taman Desa. Abang Wan ada, si Nasser as well as Yus (tol kan...lupa lak nama dia) pon ada.

Ada ler office meka ni berubah sikit sebab some work has been done since last I dropped by some time ago.

Still, lom fully operational lagik office meka ni.

Aku slalu kalao masuk, terpegun tengok all the trophies yang dipamerkan. Honestly, apart from an AIM, this boy seems to have won almost everything out there.

Kira an AIM je ler needed to complete the collection.
Koleksi terbaru yang di bawa si Yus, ialah piala dari Hits 1 yang baru tuh.

Tapi among the whole collection, there is one shelf yang aku paling suka tengok, which is of course the first yang Mawi penah menang.

Which is the whole collection of Akademi Fantasia wins dari way back then.

Honestly, one thing about the show yang no matter how hanjeng it gets, is how the ttrophies are the best looking. Hope they don't change that ler musim ni, seeing as to how everything yang ok pun meka nak burukkan.

So start ler snappy some pics here and there.

Yang at the top tuh of course koleksi kasut dia yang including the Gucci and his Louis Vuittons among the standard Nike and Adidas variety. Tu baru part of it, malas nak pose kan semua kasut dia. Banyak sangat.

The top right pic yang miscellaneous trophies which include yang dari Anugerah Bintang Popular and Hits 1.
Yang favourites kat bawah ni.

Lepak dalam an hour or so, kami pun semua bergerak to Carrefour Wangsa Maju.

Bukan nak shopping (not planned at least).

Sebenarnya event nih. Si Mawi jadik duta Carrefour.

Kalau dulu in 2002 and 2003 keja Carrefour gaji RM700 hingga RM900 sebulan, skang four years later sign lak deal enam angka with the same hypermarket jadi duta.

Talk about your fairytales come true kan?

Malas nak amik many pics, sebab ramai sangat orang. But managed to take one of the signs they posted about the hypermarket umumkan the event. Amik ko! Mawi Live to all die hard fans.

Erm...siapa la meka amik tuk buat benda tuh. I guess you can't complain cause all the money went into Mawi's endorsement da kan? Matilah mencarut je keja.

Pas abih, which by then we were joined by Rudy, plan nak gerak balik office. Tapi biasala kalao da shopaholics unite, apa lagi?

Wajib at least pusing satu round ler, walaopon there was nothing that we wanted to get.

Don't you just hate the feeling of going back empty handed (true words of a shopaholic)

In the end, after something like an hour or two time off to browse around the whole of Carrefour, ni ler hasil apa yang kami pick up.

Walaupon nothing of interest katanya, sempat agik grocery shopping.

Matilah aku...aduh....gatal tol.

Don't get me wrong ek...that's not all mine. We managed to load the trolley up to the brim later, tapi ni inclusive of Farihad dan Rudy punya barang as well.

Thank goodness I didn't feel all that guilty sebab ada geng shpahlic skali... kalao tak harus ler overwhelmed by guilty by the end of it.

Dalam bebanyak area kami survey in Carrefour ni, we noticed that most of the displays were just plain boring. Yerlah. Again, don't think they realised the impact of displays in the bulk retail line.

Mesti pikir wajib orang gi sana main borong everything je kan? How about casual shoppers like us? You need to entice us to part with our money (memang cari penyakit kan?)

Honestly though, memang most of the displays ni cam keja malas stack sana sini and throw together whatever's closest at their disposal so that there is some semblance of a display there.

Ok, fine. It's a damn hypermarket. They don't need to place so much emphasis on that... but hey...nothing wrong with jazzing up the place a little kan.

The only display that had even the most remte hint of creativity...tu pun quite busuk gak ler, was somewhere in the hardware or pets section.

Tengok jer ler pic kat bawah ni.

Tu dia!!!! Sial tul display ni. Aku jalan lalu tuh tak perasan. I was actually loking at the top row of cages and as my view moved downwards to the ones on the floor, one glance tu kat benda dalam the cage, melompat aku terkejut.

Ingat binatang apa yang beso tuh yang aku tak notice. Rupanya it was a bloody doft toy which they stuffed in the cage.

Heh...seb baik tak melatah dalam terkejut tuh.
Oh well...called it a day and headed back to the office. Ada banyak gak keja ler nak siapkan lagi.

Sampai je bebudak bagitau, Wednesday ni pindah bahagian baru.

You see our office skang in the two buildings, banyak renovation. So mana yang renovated je, akan di occupied immediately.

So our side punya new lot da renovate ampir siap, so we're moving next door to a bigger, better, brighter place.

Or so I thought.

Excited gak nak tengok the new area, so popped down the second floor from the fourth to see the new area we'll be moving to.

Words fail me...

As you can see, for some reason, fluorescent pink, blue and yellows dominate the desk (and lighting panels too...not so noticeable in the pics)

Very the colours of Rangoli. Apparently someone decided that the basic colours of the printing plate (those mentioned and black) would be the theme of the office.

Er...supposed abstract representation of the fact we're working in a paper ler.

How profound.

Anyways, the place is nicer, we got a decent pantry area, and most importantly, a smoking room!

Morale has been kind of low since a year ot two ago when they banned smoking in the corridors. Sebelom ni, office kami yang paling envied because you can literally smoke anywhere.

Ok ler...nevermind. I can always go shopping for some stuff to erm...put my personal touch to the place. Wonder where my collection of disco balls are....

Nanti aku letak pic pas we move.

Finished my stuff, and watched Diarrhea.

Today has got to be one of the most boring Diarrhea ever. Takder ler per per teruk ke apa apa...just none of it was worth mentioning.

Pening gak meka sibuk nak korek sangat pasal cita personal Heliza ni.
Raimee di pasang ler jadik kaki korek among bebudak. Dari Mila cita pasal background dia, ke si Candy...sampai turn Heliza dia got nothing to say.

So minus Heliza, meka bertiga cita pasal dia speku ler pasal ada boyfriend ke apa ke.

They may just need to understand some people just don't feel it's necessary to open up, or sometimes people just believe that they are entitled to their own personal space.

Hmm..ada tujuan je nak expose dia ni depan camera lebih beriya. Kali ni selah Astro memilih juara dan yang dikehendaki sendiri and basically guides the viewers through the process by manipulating the votes by choosing what to air.

So much for freedom of choice.

Mmm...dak laki semua pon kaki ngumpat ek.

Vocally, up to semalam, Ebi for some reason is struggling, and so is Shawal. Ebi appears to be having more problems though,while si Shawal kira ok lagik.

Si Dafi? Erm...

Minggu ni kira minggu Aswad. Dahler dapat ler AFUNDi bebanyak akibat dieksploitasikan Astro, lagu bonus sap sap suwey ler lagu Boria Anak Tanjung.

Joget Lambak is such a stupid song for lagu bonus.

Or is it? A lagu bonus I mean...

Asalnya kata Jangan Cepat Marah, Wajah Rahsia Hari and the theme to Phantom of the Opera lagu bonus. I'm getting confused here. Ok ok..I may have missed something here.

Oh who cares. Matilah tetap lagu favourites aku akan butchered if they perform it.

Heliza ada apa tuh? Ketuat? (Is that how you spell it?) Nak gi klinik. How...erm...interesting.

Skali check sora ek Heliza. Because you can't make it this week kalao you sing like that.

Candy did ok tapi masaalahnya dia feel bosan kali ni. Hopefully she'll buck up.

Mila is straining herself, and Aswad is boring.

Alamak...kelas enter frame ratu dapur lak. How surprising that kelas Bahasa Inggeris jadi cooking class. Elok la tuh. Mesti dia lama da angan nak ganti Chef Wan ke Chef Zam.

What the #$% is pizza mee sedap! It really looks gross!

Arghh...bored to death. Got on the phone dan call Alam sebab perasan iklan promo tuk event Kaki Wayang Astro yang meka dk nak tayangkan where Alam and Anuar took lucky winners to Hollywood.

Al kisahnya masa Alam dan Anuar kat sana, dapat jumpa idola zaman meka. Rick Astley.

Oh nevermind...

Nak makan jap...jap lagik Diarrhea nak on.

PS - Malas nak debat pasal AFMASUK pas tengok Debat Akademi Fantasia malam tadi. Que sera sera. Kalau berani, buatlah kalao nak merasakan kemarahan peminat.