Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm getting sleepy...sleepy...

Pagi tadi, historic occasion sangat. Walaupon letih teramat, I busted my rear and forcibly hauled my lazy behind nak bangun awal.

First thing's first gi settle traffic summonses kakak aku punya keta, because my mom's car is in her name, so kena clear dari blacklist sebelom leh renew road tax yang dok nak expire ni.

So kena la jumpa abang angkat kat balai trafik Klang. Member abang jer ada, tapi thankfully ler leh tolong finish up everything s that kurang satu benda kat pala.

Gegas ke ofis immediately, dalam keadaan separuh sedar gituh sebab memang ngantuk sangat. Tambah agik ngan panas matahari terik (walaopon tak rasa sebab aircon dan the protection of Gucci)...I just felt drowsier.

Sampai kat opis ngan selamat. Tujuan awal sebab bebudak kata nak pindah about 11am. Cam kesial...aku dok sampai lunch baru meka nak pindah.

Aku da tak sabar sebab nak get the moving over and done with, aku punfirst in line ler nak hantar kotak kotak barang aku ke bangunan sebelah where we will now reside.

Not the first in, tapi first to unpack.

Mak aih...I have a lot of junk ler. Aiyo...ada yang aku accumulate sejak start keja reporting nih in 1996. Merasalah!!! One juge box full, and two smaller ones (tengok pic da stack tepi dan under meja aku pilih). And this lepas get rid A LOT of stuff ok!

Tension lak...sebab new rules strict gila. While we get lockers, no drawers kat bawah meja, and we can't store anything in that area. dilemma now, camna nak muat semua benda benda tuh atas meja????

This after I settled the dilemma on where aku nak duduk.That being another dilemma...

Dah unpack, ajak Aqidah ke Ikea for lunch. Dah memang lapar banget... at the same time, need to look for some space saving solutions (I am such a victim of creative marketing!)

Reached Ikea terus ke bilik air nak cuci muka. Arghhh...rasa nak collapse je any minute.Decided to get the shopping over and done with

Browsing around and looking for what we needed tok up some time, sebab in reality we didn't really know what we needed as long as it was space saving.

Tapi bila jumpa tu ni...kena lak pikir leh ke tak leh regulations building lak... pastuh pikir colour scheme la (which of course you can see is blindingly colourful and will remain so until they change the panelling in a month or two) among many other considerations.

Stupidly didn't get a trolley, and lugged stuff I picked along the way while huffing and puffing away. Oh well... at least tak ngantuk lagik... just sweating profusely.

Who needs a gym when shopping burns so much calories kan!

Keji...ada je alasan tamau ke gym... erm.. well... maybe I'll start next week (office da ada gym pun masih malas...ada je excuses...)

Found more stuff I didn't need (bloody shopaholic instincts - oh look, that's quite cheap isn't it!!!) than what was actually needed, tapi nasib baik sebab tangan da penoh nak angkat ke hulu hilir, regretfully put down items which were deemed unnecessary (including garden deco items...go figure)

The whole process took some two and a half hours... a speed record for shopping for me. Apapon, we were lugging bebanyak carrier bags, sekali ngan several cork pin-up boards. Aku da rasa nak pengsan, in need of my sugar rush and food in any form, so made a beeline for the cafeteria. Hotdog dan karipap pun jadik ler...

Beggars can't be choosers kan? Nak gerak memana nak makan da memang tak larat nak take another step da.

So melantak ler...

Sampai balik office, took about two hours to totally clear up everything, but by the time I was done...voila!!! Cantik ok tempat aku. Heh...makan ati bebudak lain yang baru nak feeling unpacking, taking their own sweet time.

Matilah pas abih tuh baru larat nak focus nak abihkan articles due. Well.. I really can't work under conditions of an ugly work area, so there.

Cuma sentap sikit sebab new regulations dictate takleh gantung anything, or put up posters on the wall and stuff... so my autographed Slipknot poster is leaning against my desk until I find a loophole to get it up... while my disco ball now resides under my desk until the appropriate excuses can be made to why we need such a thing above our work area.

Party poopers!

Kang aku abih decorate bebetul kang aku letak pics of my work area. Nih nak ada some touching up to do and a few more items needed to jazz up the place.

After completed my due work, my tiredmness da maximum da. Tapi ada sssignment satu agik.
Ala ala majlis kesyukuran for the completion of the filming of Kala Malam Bulan Mengembang.

Dead tired, s tumpang si Juan jer...malas drive. Takut end up in a longkang somewhere.Event kat stesen keretapi, kat the Heritage Hotel. I've never been in here. And honestly... shit!!! I don't know why, but it reminds me of the Bates Motel dalam filem Psycho!!!!
Eerie as all hell!!! Korang tengok jer ler lif dia.

First you slide the door, to reveal two doors which slide apart as well. The whole blody thing is wooden and I swear creaks when it moves. Sebab ada tingkap kat lif tuh, nampak je between every floor.

Reminds me of horror movies where you see things you shouldn't as the lift moves upwards or downwards.
Dahler time dia stop, abrupt halt punya yang jenis jerking. Wajib ler jeritan ala ala kena tikam 40 kali menemani arrival kita at the desired floor.

Keji!!! But kind of surprising... despite the age of the building and the facilities, everything is still impressive in its own way...walaupon like I said scary Mary!

But that didn't prepare me for the toilets.

That's anothr story altogether. I swear I was imagining things flying in from the open windows and popping out of the toilet bowl. And er... takde paip ok. Forget toilet paper as well...

So the real horror kalao korang nak buang air besar secara emergency ler with all that to consider.

And last but not least, was the lack of air conditioning in the dining room. By the end of the night, the whole place was like a sauna, and everyone was ripping off whatever clothes they could strip off without appearing indecent sebab peluh bagai nak rak da.
Despite all this... dengar high occupancy gak tempat ni, mostly comprising of foreigners who want to, get this, get a feel of the authentic of the period. Erm...

Ok then...but I say whatever you're paying for, you just got suckered.

Mungkin meka suka kot panas negara kita...

Walking in the dining room was another wonder. Immediately terbayang Harry Potter lak.

Despite being a moderate sized dining room, it was the only thing in the hotel, which somehow threw me back into that period.Once you ignore the various scents of sweat, it was pretty cool.

With flags of almost all the countries in the world (I didn't count to make sure), hanging up in the high ceiling area, it was rather grandiose in an old fashioned sort of way.
Sempit sikit sampai time nak makan kept bumping into tables, chairs and other people.

Heh...terkejut ada antara orang yang terlibat produksi pembaca blog aku. Malu sih kena tegur..."oooohhh...ko carut aku ari tuh ek"... but in a good humoured sense. Merasalah abang Mamat Khalid antara melaser! (aku puji ma Zombi Kampung Pisang!!!! Walaupun aku carot masa abang jadik pengkritik...heh!)

But that's why I love people in the industry. Most of them are open to criticism, and take it more as a challenge. Abang Mamat mintak ler nasihat skali pasal bab mengkritik bebudak contestant and my take on things...tapi takleh cakap further than that. Apapon... walaupon aku agree ke tak bang, I still stick by what I said to you that silly ke irrelavant apa ko cakap tu from my point of view, you do have your own points laced with your brand of humour. Maybe you get the message across that way better. So it's your style...and your way..apapon keep it up.

Kepada abang ustaz yang slalu baca doa...kalao da jenguk blog, tinggal ler mesej ek. Merasalah!!! Thanks for dropping by. tatau ler ada silent blog reader cam ko. So now abang tau ler sapa klubbkidd. Heh...

Erm...ramai gak yang hadir acara nih. Antara yang membintangi seperti senarai artis kat bawah (Beego MC for the event)... cuma tinggal Umie Aida jer tak sempat snappy pic dia sebab aku kuar masuk time ramah mesra pas makan (sesi ngumpat) sebab panas rasa nak pengsan (partly due to the heat dan juga sebab ngantuk).

Hope korang suka all these pics.

Si Ava lak teruk kualiti pic dia I didn't bother to post sebab lighting gelap and we all know how keji my camera on my Nokia is kan bila dark places nih.

This are those yang aku managed to snap. Ada Haziq (nyanyi dan berlakon ok dalam pilem ni!), Awal, Que (ngantuk sangat sampai tangan Anita jadik mangsa tempat sandar), Beego (suka tay wat muka burok time nak amik pic walaopon tambah smart - psst!!! dengar nak kawin tak lama agik kan...selamat pengantin baru in advance gituh) dan abang Rosyam (pakai ikut tema nampaknya ek bang?)

Hung about and mingles pas event abih...sebenarnya nak balik tapi terpaksa tunggu driver settle sesi ngumpat ngan Lina sebelom berjaya dipaksa balik.
Arghhh!!! Ngantuk gila. Sampai ni terus KO...later...