Monday, May 07, 2007

I hate Mondays!

It's Monday. Which meant it was going to be a bloody horrid day. Mondays usually are.
Apapon, not as usual, aku bangun awal, nak gi run some errands. Tension manjang.

Da abih run my errands and all, a little frustrated with the time it took, as well as the impossibility of the whole situation, aku pun hehas ke Astro.

Not risking the stupid beautification exercise yang cause traffic jam tuh (see what happened last week), aku pun ikut jalan belakang, which thankfully, I arrived at Astro in a fraction of the time I took in the past two weeks... tapi still 'awal' seperti biasa.

Sebenarnya malas nak amik pic sangat time time nih, if you've noticed, musim ni memang kureng sangat ler aku nak layan requests for photos from the press conferences on the ritualistic PC every Monday, tapi semalam aku layan gak ler disebabkan chatters kat msjbox yang nak sangat pic Dafi. Tapi aku letak satu jer ler...letih ler nak bebanyak.

I didn't even take more than that anyways, so don't ask for more. Heh...pada sapa yang mintak ni, here it is. Also this is for member kat London yang dok jenguk sini. Heh...

So it's a pretty sucky picture. Wait till my new phone arrives. Until then, stop bitching pasal the quality or lack of, f my pics ek.

Had some stiff to settle kat Astro and left just a little latern than usual. Masa nak gerak lak, spotted some familiar faces. Si Rina dari Sony BMG ada kat Astro.

Mula mula tak perasan dia bak sapa, then realised she'd brought Jac along with her. Erm..Daniel was there... but let's not go there.

So anyways apparently Jac kata ada photography ker wat some promo stuff for Ikon which is coming up. Not too excited about it because some crap names listed there.

So much for the country's best in the music industry taking part.
Back to the office in the searing heat, and once back in the safety of the air conditioned relief of the office, sambung balik keja.

Actually, the outine wouldn't have ben so bad, and I wouldn't have been so agitated kalao aku tak mesej dia.

Wat sakit hati jer. Mmm...but at least an hour or so later, things got sorted out. Why do I feel like I'm just getting way too old for these games? Malas tol la...they really mess up my day when something goes massively wrong. Aahhh!!! Whatever...

Heard Aqidah was going for the Sumolah thingamagij gala night, so decided to pop down to GSC MidValley.

After some fuck-ups there, nearly lost my cool, and tld off some folks for the treatment they were giving us. Bukan je Aqidah kena...member dari Harian Metro pon kena.

Tu lah...kekadang...kalao nak wat gala Hollywood premiere, jangan la wat ala feeling kalao hanya mampu merancang kenduri kahwin kan?

Turned down invites for the show as I was sour by the end of the whole episode. Mana taknya.

Kesian si Aqidah tuh...dah ler baru berapa bulan...da kena episode camni. And yang melibatkan orang yang handle event tuh yang eebenarnya kawan.

Kesian dok tunggu tiga jam nak interview tak kesampaian.

So sebagai senir kena la ajar dia speak out. Until she learns to, since I'm there, I have to be responsible for her gak ler.

But times like this makes you appreciate people a lot more.

First up, props to kak Fati and hubby and Aryanna for asking me a few times to join them, despite me insisting that no one would mistake me fir Sharifah Amani (merasalah kak Fati kata it's the haircut that probably makes me look heavier - keji!)

Still, it was cool...and kak are a dear and my other mama! Huggies for you!

Now that's one good of how well kids turn out when their parents are strict and yet allow their children to mature on their own. Psstt!!! know you want a tongue stud like mine (matilah kak Fati bagik aku makan selipar jepun pasni menghasut katanya).

My other shout out goes to Afdlin himself. Sebenarnya, pas the incident, mintak member Harian Metro as well as Aqidah to just go back. Sebab nak jumpa member since Juan ada sekali, so we'd have to hang around anyway (padan muka nak principles sangat sampai kena tunggu the movie nak abih)

Anyhoo...we went to grab a bite a the foodcourt, where they were playing bingit punya cheap-ass techno yang cam fast forwarded Alvin & The Chipmunks punya tribute.

Once we were done, we thought we'd out and have a smoke, and lo and behold, we bumped into Afdlin. Apparently he's seen his own movie (obviously) so many times, he felt the need to step out. Nervous gak ler ni...tunggu reaksi orang.

Apapun, Afdlin asked how's things (you thought I ditched the movie for a smoke, didn't you...fess up now!)

Told him from start to end what happened...and then some more.

All I can say is, it shed light on some things I was unaware off. Biasalah Afdlin...camni ler. Some people may be plastic as all hell and bodek kuat ker apa...tapi janji, ko sendiri nampak sapa professional dan sapa memang berangan je nak dok industri nih, which is mre than just glam moments.

Props to you for restoring my faith that you haven't lost it. And please oh please... get the little help issues sorted out.

Dan pada pihak yang tak reti keja tuh, membusukkan nama orang lain, you suck. You may think helluva a lot of yourself, but you just suck. And here's tip, beauty, does not refer to kepalsuan tempekan bedak empat inci (matilah naik harga tepung, kalau tampo terus jerebu).

Anyway...good luck Afdlin on Sumolah ok. And yeap...bloggers united! At least for those yang matter anyway and not just THINK they do (you know now kan Afdlin?)

Called it a night. Dramas wear me out. Oh...and obviously didn't bother to watch Diarrhea tonight.