Friday, May 25, 2007


Hari ni sebenarnya hari malas sedunia for me. For some reason, work has built up (no more than usual, tapi aku rasa berat sangat nak wat anything online.

So planned to start staying away from my blog. Maybe I just deserve a little rest and R&R away from blogging.

Lagikpon, aku rasa dalam nak masuk tiga tahun da aku blogging, da lama aku tak 'cuti'.

Blogging used to offer me relief, but sometimes I just felt that it became a responsibility yang kekadang tak larat pon nak keep on and on doing, especially time kesibukan yang amat nih.

Still, part of my strength I get is from many of you ot there in the virtual world, who have become my friends online, and in the flesh, and if my little notes everyday can help cheer you up, as how many have cheered me up through the darkest hours, then maybe it's that little bit I can do to thank you guys for being there. And that comes from the bottom of my heart ok.

So experiement ari ni bermula. What you're reading now, and the pictures attached have all been drafted, to be published only a week from now. Kira bermula entry ni, until Jumaat depan, semua backdated jer ler. So jangan tekejut kalao a week from this date, masuk je berlambak entry. Heh...saja je...

Besides, post Akademi Fantasia, aku nak gak tengok berapa ramai loyal readers who are still with me. I know most of you still are, so thank you...again.

Keep reading and I'll keep writing. Hugs to all of you - and see you in real time dalam seminggu.

Meanwhile, I leave you with my original series of the 'perosak selera' variety. This is the third in the series I think, dan aku rasa, memang nasib aku ler, tiap kali aku nak makan kat memana, terserempak bangsa seluar terlondeh ngan suar dalam burok ataupon cam kes kat bawah nih....memang it's a curse.

Oh least you guys get to laugh at my pain.

Note : To owner of that butt crack, please - buy some underwear or at least better fitting pants so that the world does not need to see your icky 'cleavage'.

Also, sorry to everyone yang cuba call aku dari semalam on. Left my phones kat rumah kakak and tak de masa pick up. Looks like I'm going to see if I can live withut mobile communication too.