Saturday, May 05, 2007

Heroes, Dolls and Models

Hari ni malas nak layan Diarrhea.

Instead, nak layan balik Heroes dan skali review. Watched Episode 20 titled Five Years Gone a few days ago and wanted to review it, but didn't know how.

Awmigawd!!! Honestly, how do you review ths episode! Everything in it is a potential spoiler.

Tim Kring has kept his word that season one of Heroes will be made up of three episodes, so episode 21, 22 and 23 will be a three in one special finale episode broken up.

And in episode 20, it's a spoiler of sorts over how many Heroes are actually going to die. A total of FOUR!!! Including some characters I absolutely adore. Shit!

And no, Sylar is NOT one of them.

In fact, if you have watched episode 18 (sucks to be you ler kalao masih tunggu Astro tayangkan), you would of course have witnessed that minor showdown of Sylar versus Peter kan? Ni ada agik...

Erm...the episode if titled Five Years Gone sebab Hiro has gne into the future, and basically, you've time travelled to the ending of the season. So banyak sangat spoilers over how things will turn out. Or so we're led to believe.

Aduh! Seriously mind boggling siot episode kali ni. And they think TV is supposed to be relaxing?

It's been that long since a TV show piqued my interest, and has kept it up twenty episode later, if not increased it to the levels of fanaticism. Rugi tol sapa tak tengok.

Forget Lost ke 24 ke...Prison Break ke. Heroes is the only show yu HAVE to watch.

Pada sapa yang kaki Heroes, and you guys, like me, are suckers for punishment dan nak tau spoiler tuk the final three episodes, Entertainment Weekly magazine ada wat special coverage with hints and spoilers siot.

Yang pentingnya, siap ada outline for musim kedua which will be called Generations.
And for that, they've come out with a series of five covers for EW (gila ke haper!...but good luck getting them all here)

But the covers are so awesome aku tamau kecikkan the pics, so enjoy them.

Funky assed covers! Best gila tengok!!! Kalao korang layan Heroes dan nak tau sangat spoilers or wanna get more hints on what's going to happen, head over to the Entertainment Weekly site for their cover story.

Be warned though, memang banyak sangat ler info pasal upcoming episodes as well as a little on the upcoming season. So don't say you weren't warned. Kalao nak tau gak, CLICK HERE to read.

Argh...need some brainless entertainment. Time to watch the end of The Pussycat Dolls Presents : The Search For The Next Doll. Sapa yang gatal bagik spoiler Asia menang sebelom aku sempat download the final episode arituh? Keji!!! Skang da tak surprise agik...

And also my dose of America's Next Top Model cycle 8 yang aku abaikan for last week since Heroes made a return.

Oh back on Heroes, also CLICK HERE for the official site for more info or watch streaming video.