Saturday, May 26, 2007

Citrawarna - and the lack of portable potties

Ari ni sambungan ari malas and n mobile communication. Read my previous entry tuk paham that this is a backdated entry. Also second day without mobile communication sebab da amik phone tapi terlupa bak charger.

Matilah...bak seketol je, so technically my contact with the world is not totally cut off, tuh pun bak family emergency number jer so hanya kuarga leh call.

Decided to go for the pre-launch shows of Citrawarna mana si Nikki perform.

Lagikpon it's been some time since I last drove to Putrajaya, so aku pon decided to join a scenic drive after meeting Vern up kat Plaza Alam Sentral where both Nikki dan Yanie ada show. Azmi pon ada sekali, so pas abih je, I led the way ke Putrajaya.

The show was at Precint 3, so it wasn't too hard to get to the venue which was near the Palace of Justice. Sempat ler amik pic kat suspended bridge yang ala ala jambatan Pulau Pinang tuh.

Amacam.... ada artistic tak gambar aku amik. Merasalah artistic katanya... padahal amik pic masa tengah bak keta, hawau!!!

Actually thought it was a nice day to take pics, tapi sebab terkenangkan aku nak elak dari update blog for a week, sebenarnya force myself to not take so many pics.

Yerlah, amik bebanyak, jenuh kang nak backdate entries semua banyak lak pics nak upload dan link. Pening siot!!!!

Still, thought it was a wonderful day, and the skywards angle I had to take, sebab tengah driving, made for a freaking good picture, so there!

Sampai je, we circled around looking for where to park. Actually since there were three stages, we didn't know exactly where to go... so circles around like vultures around a carcass (keji tak metaphor aku?)

Some smart ass prick forgot to throw in road signs, becaus they probably thought people could telepathically find their way kot... so it was a stinking waste of time before we finally settled on where we thought the stage actually was.

The next problem we had was parking, so again one more problem. Nak carik spot mana parking da reserved.

Keji segala keji, seperti biasa, efficiency organisers patut dipuji (not!!!) when we ran into another problem. Mamat security nih tak bagik parking lak pulark. Knon takde sticker. Padahal tak tima pon sticker apa. Then he started picking at bones kata parking tuh tuk media. Du-uh... aku bertugas pon takde sticker la mangkuk hayun. Vern said, tak guna argue ngan some people. Courtesy of two nicer security guys however, we were led to another parking lot a few hundred metres away where we got to park.

By the way, bawah ni ler pic yang mangkuk jamban yang kerek nak mampos. Is it any wonder why you're so erm...suited for the job? And some people wonder why they don't get ahead in life...

Yes, watching cars go past and giving a load of crap to people who have a valid reason of being there is such a laborous job. Lard many of those around of the berangan dan dumbass variety.

Anyhoo, Nikki was slotted for the pre-show,headlining at hotspot two, together ngan Rizal, Farha, Afiq dan Diya. Dengar khabar, hotspot one si Dafi, Noni, Shawal dan Fatin. Sebab jarak pentas dalam more than 500 meter, tak kuasa nak meredah onak dan duri gituh nak berjalan ke the other stage nak jenguk.

Still, found out had to walk, as Yanie needed to go potty and we found out there were n accesible toilets for a very, very long way.

In the end found some portable potties, about few hundred metres away, not too far from where we had parked our cars. Ni pic Yanie posing with the only accesible portable potties within a radius of at least 2km.

Yes, we can see how relieved Yanie was in discovering there were loos about that could be used.

Never mind the stench that was building up.

Back at the site, the show began shortly with Rizal.

Mmmm...memang meletop la. Beribu biru orang moncol... sayangnya semua orang bunian!!!
Yerlah...kalao hotspot one we found out later packed sebab at the start of the road, and the main stage takyah cita...hotspot two ni kat ujung dunia so no one about!

The maximum number of people there tak cecah 100 pon. Sodih!!!

And by estimate, they would have spent a total of RM50,000 for the whole set-up of hotspot two.

So why bother? Dua pentas, one main and one side show dah ler. Ni nak bebanyak nak abihkan duit... I mean, put our tax Ringgit to such good use. Sheesh!

The show carried on, break for Azan jap, so dalam nunggu, start le layan bosan.

Amik pics ler apa lagik... again tried resisting the urge nak amik pics bebanyak, but I thought this was one too nice to pass up on.
Don't Nikki and Yanie look absolutely cute in this pic?

Please ignore the fact that Azmi is attempting to sabotage the picture ngan his peace sign, trying nak bagik si Yanie horns.

We finally finished the show, said goodbye to everyone and gerak.
We left before they actually launched Citrawarna... thank goodness sebab tak larat tengok memacam costume ala colour blind assembled by the various kebudayaan bodies from different states scheduled to perform.

Honestly...can you imagine hues of red, yellow, blue and green of the fluorescent variety all mushed together to come up with a supposed traditional look? If you don't have that active an imagination, turn on RTM and you get what I'm trying to describe.

Had supper at McDonalds kat Petronas yang dekat luar kawasan Astro on the way balik. Tak larat...mata pon da berat.

The only saving grace is terbayangkan takyah nak update blog je so finally get some well deserved sleep.

However, kalao da dok ngan adanya orang ni, apa lagik... keja gossip ler.
After we were done, headed home.

Denied the urge to blog, and decided to call it a night.

Butt tired!!!! Nak get some rest... all in all, an amusing, though not all that eventful of a Saturday night.

Really need to find something to take up my time now that Akademi Fantasia is over.

After a bit, loads more gossping, called it an early night for the weekened ahead.