Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to Basics

Darn. You know age is catching up with you when your miminum requirement for sleep masih tak cukup.

Started the day early. As early as 8pm the night before actually when I stayed back at the office nak complete a ton of work, so I wouldn't have keja yang lom siap hanging over me for the rest of the week.

When I procrastinate, I get stressed, and I don't need any of that for now, thank you. It's still a busy period, walalopon Akademi Fantasia da melabuhkan tirai.
Completed everything by noon yesterday, ingat nak balik rumah Bangsar, mandi dan tidur. Got a call from Anita. Alamak...lupa lak pelancaran Diva was scheduled at 7pm.

Gi belah Berita Harian sat jenguk kengkawan, and found out Farihad and Zul were on the way to Astro sebab ada interview.

So aku popped back the Bangsar home, mandi, dan terus ke Astro. Jumpa Jolyn and Michelle to settle the Astro subscription form to get the Astromax decoder and then popped over for a smoke.

Made my way up to the studio after that to wait it out. Linda tengah bertugas on air sementara si Nila pon ada sebab baru complete work. Pak Tam, Man Maestro, add that with abang Badrul who played tour guide (get that tooth fixed!) and sultanmuzaffar, throw in Su photographer kami who appeared with Zul shortly, as well as myself, and the Era studio never looked smaller.

Apapon tengkiu ler bebanyak pada tuan rumah sebab you guys are such hospitable hosts. Tak penah bosan singgah kat konti.

The focus of everyone (termasuk Pak Tam yang segan segan amik pics, tapi amik gak in the end), was sapa lagik kalao bukan Mila. Kicik and very petite, seronok lak dia nih relax jer. Throughout the interview, Mila was calm, and very composed. Pada siapa yang ada dengar siaran Era bersama Linda mesti impressed ngan Mila nih jawab.

Headed down for a drink, joined by Reza who popped in the studio shortly before we all gerak ke bawah, and melantak.

Abih je tuh, gerak ke Planet Hollywood tuk pelancaran Diva. Start 7.30pm.

Sampai 7pm.

Sebab letih tidur, sedar je, 9pm. Boleh?

That's what I was talking about.

Anyway, si Adam yang dok orang kecoh ilang pon ada. Takde pon ilang. Dia balik kampung bercuti. Tuh jer. Heh...kesian lak tengok dia explain berulang kali sebab everyone kept asking him the same thing. Merasalah bangkai ayam katanya. Adam ok...sihat je. Pada sapa yang peminat tuh, takyah risau pon. Dia da back here and ready to get back to work.

After the event ended (thanks you Nits as usual, huggies), moi, Rudy dan Vern popped ver for the screen reading of Muallaf, filem baru Yasmin. Seronok tengok the cast berlatih. Tapi malas amik pic sebab tamau ganggu persiapan meka. But memang seronok lah.

Kalao korang nak tau anything more about Muallaf, drop by and read the updates and get the full info about the mvie as it progressed in Yasmin's blog. Thanks a mill kak Min for making it fun for us.

Walaopon letih dan tak selesa badan (battery aku rasa cam nak konk da), it was an enlightening experience of sorts getting to see Yasmin work. Sebelom sentap, tima kasih gak pada driver kami yang membawa ke lokasi sebab ngantuk, aku pon memang takkan larat bak keta.

Headed to Jalan Doraisamy tuk supper, and found myself headbaging sebab mata da berat. Aiyo... haven't felt this way in a long time. Body fighting back sebab tak cukup rehat nih. Seb baik balik ke KO flat terus. Got the rest I needed.

Woke up refreshed dan bersemangat. Got into the office a little late, tapi sebab stok keja dua tiga ari da abih...no hal.

Oh by the way, late yesterday dapat berita yang besh besh besh!!!

Any fans of Christina Aguilera out there?

Take note that Christina Aguilera be performing in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30, 2007 as part of her Back to Basics 2007 World Tour which started in Manchester, Britain, on Nove 23, 2006.

Those who watch the show will get to see the beautiful choreography THE Jamie King (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Prince) and the beautiful costume designs of Roberto Cavalli, who will be the tour's exclusive costume designer.

The Back to Basics 2007 Tour is said to feature a unique stage design that will allow Christina's fans unprecedented access to the stage with unbelievable sight lines. With it featuring three distinct stage scenes, illuminated by more than 600 moving lights, and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system, it's going to be one helluva show!!!!!

Those interested nak gi,tickets cost S$348, S$228, S$188, S$148 and S$98wil have gone on sale as of yesterday.

For more information on ticket sales, please visit the SISTIC site. Please note that the ticket prices are non-inclusive of SISTIC booking fee.

And why am I mentioning all this?

Obviously sebab semalam itself aku dapat confirmation I'll be going for it. YES!!!!

Skang keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get the opprtunity to interview her. And hopefully in a 1 on 1 at that because she is one of my fave acts of all time.

Ok ler...kang update entry agik. Nak abih keja sikit...