Thursday, May 24, 2007

And never shall we die...

The king and his men stole the queen from her bed
And bound her in her bones
The seas be ours and by the powers
Where we will, we'll roam...

Yo ho, all together...
Hoist the colors high...
Heave ho, thieves and beggars...
Never shall we die... what can I say. I'm officially a HUGE fan of the Pirates of the Carribean : At World's End. Aku da tengok both the previous movies before this tapi tak pernah melekat dalam pala aku camni.

I mean, everything about this movie is just so right. I've been singing that bleeding eerie pirates song since. Am I mad? Well, put it this way. I've watched it twice at the cinema since it premiered worldwide yesterday. Of course I mentioned I got a chance for the snea preview courtesy of Channel [V] yesterday, but got to watch it again yesterday courtesy of the lovely guys at Nuffnang, who held what is possibly the biggest blogger gathering in Malaysia earlier tonight.

Got to meet several bloggers or catch them in the flesh, yang memang the biggest in Malaysia.

It was kind of fun, though I suppose even though I suppose the biggest entertainment bloggers ke haper pon, cam segan wat kali pertama awed by the presence of such great names.

Aku kira memang ah an honour to be seated with such people yang respected for their alternative media works. Hope that there is a possibility to further mingle with these people so can cungkil sikit what they think and how they think so thatcan better myself and my style of blogging.

The event brought together over 200 bloggers (and their respective wives, dates, and significant others of varying status) which were as diverse as the blogs themselves, and it was heartening to see that many people believing in the medium of expression which has been so underrated by many.

Yang mewakili blog hiburan of course selain aku, MrManager, Budiey, sultanmuzaffar dan Juan Danza.

Apapon, thanks to Tim yang siap bagik VIP seats yang I think were the best in the house with what someone said was the best eye level seats possible.

Merasalah VIP katanya... walaopon sempit seat (bukan aku je yang complain ok - matilah da free lagik mau merungut kan)

The ambience was great, even though I had already watched the movie I was dead excited to see it again. Everyone was just chattering away, apart from us (well, SOME of us decided to do it during the movie didn't we?), and it was obvious this sort of events should be more emulated in the future by pihak yang berkenaan tuk tujuan promosi.

Kan rugi kalao tak wat camni... it realy does go a long way in making people excited about a film, which I might add, no amount of money, or corporate aid can get.

Oh well... people never seem to grasp the concept of moving on with the times, I suppose.
There was a salty air about.... (for lack of a better word apart from stench) actually make the whole venue more in line with the theme.

After much investigation (beriya jer) still couldn't really discover the source of the offensive smell.

Though I suppose the safest conclusion was the fact that Hall 9 where we were in was located too close to ye olde port-a-privy - that's toilet, thus allowing this seeping smell of erm...something not nice or other. Thanks heavens for perfume.

Yes, cheap scents and the aroma of human waste... how more piratey can you get?

It was a laugh however sebab biasa kan screening camnih takleh la bak laptop ke camera ke mobile phone yang ada recording device, but hey...does that all apply when you have a preview for bloggers?

So people were happily snapping away here and there, while I cursed leaving my sunglasses in the car as I kept getting blinded by flashing cameras in the dark hall.

The intro was my favourite scene with the mass hanging, and how all those convicted began singing the pirates sang by that little innocent boy.

Apart from that, my list is haywire, with splendid one-liners and comic relief inserted between the ass-kicking action and awesome effects work.

Aduh...memang set ah aku nak ke panggung tengok one more time (what's so weird ah? I saw The Producers thrice ok!)

Apapon for those yang lom tengok, this is THE movie of the year to watch (apart from Transformers!). Memang besh gila, and for a butt numbing almost three hours duration, worth every bloody Sen)

Watching it a second time allowed me to notice more details which added a kick to the storyline like how the lead in on who Calypso really was and her significance from the start, which I should have realised early on in Dead Man's Chest.

But the only 'flaw' if you must in the movie, aku masih tak paham how Tia Dalma aka Calypso, featured in the movie in the end. I mean they went all they way to rescue Jack from Davy Jones' Locker and then to congregate the Brethren to release her, but when they did, she just went *poof* into thin air (ok...I know...I know...the crabs)

What I mean is, she never had a significant bearing on the end, which even though was a visual spectacle, it didn't really provide a punch, as it was almost predictable that William was...oh well.. kang cakap...spoiler lak bagi yang takleh figure it out.
Still, like I said, it was big fun alright.

So maybe this weekend, kalao sempat I'll watch it again, then catch Shrek 3 cause that kind of looks like fun too.

Oh, by the way, off topic sikit, for Transformers freaks, kat KLCC TGV da pamerkan da the standee thingamajig promoting the movie, which means we will be watching it before basi.

I half expected it not to make our shores in time sebab ingatkan people kat sini tamau bak ke haper.

Eh sat...back reverse ke Pirates of the Carribean : At World's End, aku malas nak review panjang panjang, sebab kalao da movie tuh pon tiga jam, bayangkan betapa panjang aku mampu merapu kalao nak teruskan.

To put it simply, if you watched the two previous movies, you'll love this one cause it is the best f the three. Who says sequels are never better than the original.

Of course characters like Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), William Turner (Orlando Bloom) are back along with Elizabeth Swann (Kiera Knightley).

In fact the whole lovable cast is back, even the monkey and the parrot!

If you didn't watch the first two, fret not, as you'll probably understand the movie still, though you'll probably be irritating everyone else asking your friend who watched it what's this and that lah.

Erm...probably not as irritating as the idiot though sitting behind me who kept kicking and nudging my seat! Yes about it if you want...cause you were such a pain in the rear (literally!) some stills from the movie. Chow Yuen Fatt meanwhile is in it as Captain Sao Feng, the pirate lord of Singapore. Leh

If you want to catch a little of the movie before you actually go watch it. Here's the trailer and four little featurettes to catch a little bit of the movie for you to decide if you want to catch it (but do, do, do!!!)

By the way, just to hype up the Transformers movie and get everyone excited like me, sapa yang ingat the cartoon anyway, here are the a few of the trailers available online promoting the movie's release on the 4th of July (dunno la sini tunjuk tarikh berapa).
Whatever it is...I wanna watch it!