Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hey shorty....

Semalam budget nak keluar...tapi plan jalan lewat sangat...tak larat...tidur awal.

Ingat nak call adik angkat aku yang dari Melaka nak tengok dia ngan member dia semua da balik ke...tapi yerlah..da KO so couldn't do much. Member dok tunggu SMS dan call pon aku tak dapat jawab.

So membuta throughout the whole night...and terjaga lak awal pagik. What a waste of a Saturday night. Tapi takpe...Sunday banyak menda nak wat.

Bukan kena gi mana pon...just nak abihkan kerja tertangguh sikit to email. And then continue watching several short movies I've been downloading.

Hah...nak tau. Korang nak movie free tak? Besh besh semua ok...and the best thing is korang takkan infringe copyright laws memana kalao download tengok pon.

All you have to do is head on over to HERE.

Actually aku penah sebut pasal benda's actually the BMW Shorties.

Jap...jap! Aku tau aku sebut je short films mesti ramai alih perhatian. Sabar...bak bertenang before you click that window.

To recap a little, the event is good for new and up and coming filmmakers sebab it offers up to RM50,000 in production assistance to enable the winner to make a professional short film, which will be entered at major international film festivals.

Kira memang makan hati ler kalao menang.

And I've been spending the past day or two watching (ko gi BMW Shorties leh tengok streaming atau download) the top ten finalists which have been announced. And some of the short films are REALLY awesome!!!

There are several interesting facts about some of the entrants....contoh cam Kongsi Dalam Gelap adalah filem hasil Melissa Saila (da lama tak dengar nama dia kan?)

And of course, we all now know that Kiri ialah hasil blogger bernama Tok Rimau (kempen...jangan tak kempen)

I've watched most of the movies....with one or to to go....and somehow...I think my favourites are still Westbound (seram tapi lawak).

Korang gi BMW Shorties dan download atau tengok kat sana je. Yerlah...kalao gi panggung..mahal lak tiket, nak beli ciplak...dosa lak mencuri rezeki orang.

Ni bagi pree tengok je. Lagikpun esok lusa ada antara pembuat pilem ni popular la...terkenal saw it first kan?

Aku still watching a few more...kang aku abih tengok, aku letak yang mana aku paling suka.

Please remember, meka ada buka undian bagi orang ramai pilih yang mana menjadi kegemaran penonton. Undi dan menang tiket ke malam gala Jummat ni. Besh woo!!!

Ni basic rundown of the films and what I thought of them....just my opinion of course.

K-Hole : With a title suggestive of an infliction on the orifice with a rather large sexual assault weapon, it comes with a simple premise, and yet thought provoking. Well almost...I laughed. But in a manner of pondering gak ler.

Decent storyline, though nothing substansial presented quite well visually. Love the camerawork and also the lighting, but most especially the simplicity in delivery. The only problem is the editing, from the opening bit, all the way to the end, which makes it kind of draggy. Dark humour, tapi best gak.

J'ai Pas Sommeil (I Can't Sleep) : Weak script, no storyline, too much focus on trying to be too film noir (thanks to my sis who pointed out the term that eluded me). Very Japanime pop culture. All style no substance. Kind of boring...and if that dude was trying to pin it on his loneliness....I don't wonder about his condition sebab dia membosankan ler...and he could probably bore the pants off anyone....actually thought he was in a semi-maniacal state of delusion or something after a break-up.

Either that or in reference to the title...a bad case of insomnia.

Good attempt...but a little tired...

And a tad pretencious..should have been named 'Wa Beh Khun' in Hokkien instead to make it more direct.

PS - Mirai E's Kiroro is so wrong for that scene.

Jemi Anak Pok... - Starts out well, blessed with good location. Penggambaran kat lokasi yang memang evokes images of your heavenly picturesque kampungs. Editing is choppy, and storytelling was quite a failure. Tried too hard, and came across as a Drama Minggu Ini trying to pass off as an art flick. Saved by decent camera work.and lakonan yang lakonkan the part of the helpless father. Still...a notch above Cerekarama.

Mildly touching...but too predictable and overdrawn.

Kongsi Dalam Gelap - Ni ler yang aku katakan hasil kerja Melissa Saila. Thought it would be worth a watch.

Everything from lighting to camera work hancur for me. Even the acting is bordering on amateurish. Tapi yang menyelamatkan the whole thing is the decent script which is better than most of the others. Simple, but they should have put more work into illustrating the story.

Kelapa - Kind of cute. But talk about bad acting. The guy who made this however has a future for being appointed as the next government campaigh ad consultant because it looks like one of those. That or an extended TV Pendidikan production gone wrong (it's got the same cheap, synthesized, backing music for it)

Westbound - My favourite by far. This one has a simple story to tell, which will definitely creep you out, despite you trying to keep a straight face from laughing over the fag-esque 'bomoh''s over acting moments.

In terms of package, hope this guy makes something out of himself, because memang best gila cita ni. Kecuali kalao korang jadi cam aku kabur lak nak tengok ending dia. Worth downloading and watching again.

Apart from the suspense, and 'horror' of the urban legend, this flick also offers two of the best lines of all the finalists, including "The glue on Isreali postage stamps is certified kosher" and lagi satu, something to do with the storyline.

Pop appeal with a touch of decent attention.

Singgam! (We Are Lions My Brother!) - Silly, but quite funny.
Ignore everything you know about filmmaking....because this guy sure did. was one of the better shorts to watch. Trust me.

Kiri (Left) - Alamak...tak berani aku nak kritik hasil kerja blogger top ni. Actually camni ler.
Again gagal shortie ni sebab horrible acting and equally horrible editing.
It's like watching an MTV, slaughtered for the sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder, but done with the background of again...Cerekarama.

Still, the script is quite decent...but dunno la. Hard to look beyond the amateurish approach even though there are quite some workable ideas.

Much has to be developed from the aspect of approaching the topic to the actual delivery.

Can You Hear Me - After you watch this, let me know if you think the wifey's the one who kicked the bucket, or the hubby and kid.

I really have no idea what this is about. I suppose if you have to be arty, confuse people enough for them to ramble on intellectually about the depth of it and they will eventually come to some sort of conclusion.

I rate it a perfect bore. Hadf to stop myself from fast forwarding this one.

Still...put a good pop track over it, and it makes for a god Canto/J/K pop video.

A Lonely Man - Video ni ada problem. Download dua ali tetap takleh tengok. Keji!
Nanti aku try and watch this again or redownload it.

Apapun...hope you guys give it a go and watch some of the works featured. Don't believe what I have to say...and watch for yourself. You may have a different favourite.

Mine? Still Westbound sebab aku rasa mamat yang wat ni je la yang mampu make a decent crossover film. Plus...he is quite a good storyteller for me...and that's what counts.