Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gucci me baby!

Sila alih perhatian ke kanan ni. Ada gambar dua mangkuk jamban paling kesialan yang aku pernah jumpa. This picture was taken while I was having dinner at iZZi kat Bukit Bintang, sambil taking advantage their 'bottomless beverage' offer (drink all you can) and the free wifi.

Now, I love iZZi sebab dia punya tempat ni, makanan dan minuman ok, and harga pun berpatutan. Of course the wifi is a bonus ler. But another thing yang paling attractive pasal tempat ni is they have a smoking section in this closed off area of the restaurant yang siap air conditioned. Susah woo mau jumpa kat KL restaurant layan smokers cam aku ni.

So anyways, met Ted there to have a bite sebab this is one of the few rare Saturdays yang free, memandangkan Akademi Fantasia on hold gituh, with the concert tomorrow.

Tengah makan melantak dan surfing ni, tetiba ada ler couple ni masuk. Tatau ler jantan ni bini dia burok bebeno ker, atau tuh mak dia....but this obviously Arabs strutted in and took a table next to mine.

Yang si pompuan ni lak, tarik shawl ke sweater e haper dia yang burok tu dan bising kat waiter kata sejuk. So waiter kena ikot cakap dia turn off the air conditioning. Matila ko! Dahler ko tak smoking ko dok section kita kita yang ditindas nih.

Pastu take away our little creature comfort lak. Cam haram kesialnya!!!!

Lepas 15 minutes, I swear the glass walls started fogging up sebab bilik ni da cam steam room. Siap ada yang terus bayar and leave with a disgusted look kat makcik ni. I guess they were too polite to tell her off, and decided to just walk off.

And of course I am too. NOT!!!

Ngan moka yang ala ala lobster yang overcooked, hot and bothered, aku ngeluh ngan bebudak sini. Meka pon kenal aku ala ala sebab da rajin aku hias sini dulu. Dia pun turn on the aircon again ler.

Tak sampai lima minit, the aircon temperature was turned down hasil makcial sial nih.

WHAT THE ***!!!!!!!

Pastu takper lagik. Si makcik ni, siap jeling kat aku, as if daring me to get the aircon turned up again.

So I lit up a cigarette and puffed away.... in the direction of her table.

In other words, that was my way of saying GI MAMPOS KO!!! You already look like you're going to go any minute, so let me help you. That's six seconds gone thanks to secondary smoke by me...inhale you b***h!!!'s another six seconds for you!!!!

We are surely an oppresed lot ler smokers ni...but this was standing my ground for my beliefs and my right to kill myself with nicotine in this little glass box that they prepared for us to do what we wanted to ourselves without harming anyone. Now even that is being taken away....

Betina tua ni siap pandang aku cam aku wat salah lak nak isap rokok. Nak je aku jerit...NI TEMPAT SMOKING LA BANGANG....tapi sure dia tak paham lak. Mendidih siot darah aku!!!

Aku jeling dak waiter, dia pun ala ala tension da ngan couple ni sebab other customers, who were slightly more polite than me were also giving really UGLY looks (lain ler makcik ni da memang born with it kan). Dia signal kat aku tuk bersabar and started clearing their table the moment meka abih and offered to get the bill....ala ala nak halau cara terhormat ler. And then the happy ending was dia berambos....and we had the room back again to ourselves...and we smoked happily ever after until closing time. The End.


Anyways, hari ni memang happy day. Dahler relaxed, my first real off day in a month or two with nothing whatsoever to do, something weird again happened. Another payment was made into my bank account. Like just a day ago, tengahari tadi aku ke ATM machine and found out, I had over RM1,000 extra.

Ok...honestly I don't know where the money came from, but I think company kot yang bank in sebab overtime aku ke haper ler yang meka tak pay out..

Terus feeling lagik smangat nak window shopping.

Thanks to my unGodly hours depan laptop main download America's Next Top Model (cycle 8), Who Wants To Be The Next Superhero, In Living Colour dan assorted old movies (no porn), plus the heat over the last couple of days, mata aku bengkak sikit belah kiri. Ala ala nak ketumbit but not quite gituh.

So aku went to town to the pharmacy. Pas beli ubat, singgah layan tengok sunglasses. Now my history pasal sunglasses ni, aku penah skali je beli sunglasses branded...zaman study dulu banyak and wat part time dan practical sana sini.

Kongsi ngan my best friends to buy this JPG punya sunglasses yang memang meletop! Gilir gilir ok time tu nak pakai....rotating seorang berapa hari dapat pakai...until one day one of my friends stupidly sat on it!!!

Oh yes, and there was this pair of Calvin Kleins which were a gift from someone fron Jakarta which, I stupidly sat on. Bodoh...

Sejak tu, sunglasses ni tak penting bagi aku agik, tambah because aku ni pun bukan gila barang branded. All these years pun aku ada duit extra prefer spend kat orang lain (matilah sampai kekadang jadik badan kebajikan lak nak bagi maan kat anak orang yang pemalas).

Anyhoo...walked in the optometrist saja nak browse...and then saw a few I liked...and then decided to go another shop...and another...and another...and another....until I walked out with this.

Yes, people, I am now proudly in possession of my first pair of Gucci. Hah!!! I've been officially Gucci-ed. Leh?

Er...this is original ok...siap ada resit dan warranty so not five finger discount (shoplift ler) or dapat pree gift!!!! And this is not yang zaman tok kadok punya, this is part of the 2007 Spring Summer Gucci eyewear line
Actually ada empat aku suka, this one, A Christian Dior and two Guess shades, but I settled for this in the end. Dior tuh da almost quarter of my salary, so the Gucci won in the end sebab bawah RM1000.

Retail price RM850 to be exact. Tapi dapat ler discount. Yang pentingnya,retail price pun da lebih murah dari apa aku check online...apa lagi pas aku dapat discount sikit. Heh...

Sesapa minat nak dapat info lebih, surf over ler to Gucci punya website.Matilah nak bagi proof of purchase not PS Boutique punya (Petaling Street ler).

I love my shades!!!! Siap pastu surfing website official meka nak tengok ada apa lagik yang cantik feeling nak beli (tapi feeling je sebab nak saving in getting new wardrobe and saving a little to splurge on a trip to see somene in Langkawi).

So yes, this posting is an indulgent syok sendiri trip about me and my Gucci (cita makcik Arab tu - otherwise known as Kahaks to us ala ala appetizer jer.) More specifications from the Gucci website. Matilah kan sampai tu pun tempek kat sini. Gucci...tomorrow Dior! The possibilities are endless....Tapi I'll never ler become a slave to fashion, tapi kalao something nice I'll get it if within my affordability range ler. Kalao dulu gila perfume skang takleh wat sementara sebab perfume masih berlambak tak abih.

I still have one Tommy Hilfiger, three different Versaces, one MNG and one Moschino nak abih. Cukup berapa tahun punya fragrance tuh

And yes, here I am hiding my minor deformity with my Gucci. yes yes...say what you want...ko ado? Heh! Aduh....esok selepas ke konsert ingat nak shopping agi memandangkan my budget for shpping masih membenarkan.

Entry update pasal apa konsert esok. Aku nak sambung lari keliling meja with my Gucci on as everyone stares at me as I'm going, "I like it....I like it...I like it" while whooping it up.

Yes, yes, smirk if you must, but the power of retail theraphy should never be underestimated...
Meanwhile, let me fold them back in their case, and make sure I don't sit on this pair, cause it'll be more painful than just on my butt if I sit on this pair or anyone else does before I hit the age of 60.

Pada sesapa yang gi konsert esok, tegur tegur ler ek tomorrow cause I know some of you are actually going to the show. Tak kisah ler sokong sapa pun... Asswipe ke, The Blob ke, Daffy Duck's a competition and we shouldn't take it personal. I'd love to meet you guys yang baca kat here's hoping we meet up.

In case you don't recognise me, I'll be the ones in the Gucci.

PS - Esok April Fool's Day so jangan terkena ek. And persoalan konsert besok, ada ke double elimination or more yang aku tunggu tunggu....or will it only be next concert onwards.