Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When respect for the art is more than being a wannabe

Ari ni didn't do much. Of cource slept in sebab tengah cuti. This is the time I recover from the endless appopintments and assignments.

Tapi dalam nak bangun lewat (hajat jer tuh), tetap ada yang kejutkan ngan SMS dan call. This time nak check on supposed Leez dapat watak Saliha dalam Aduh Saliha.

Ok...aku tau ramai tanya pasal bab ni. Secara jujur aku cakap....er.... benda ni tak official lagik... so takleh cakap ler.

Sejauh mana kebenaran Leez dapat watak ni...yes she auditioned. Pernah aku kuarkan story pasal bagaimana ramai pelakon wanita who are quite known, bakat bakat yang lahir dari Akademi Fantasia...dan ramai lagi yang went for the casting call.

But honestly there is no official word (no komen ler tul ke tak siapa dapat watak)>
Tapi yang kelakarnya, Elyana antara favourite for the role. Yerrr!!! Betul!!!

Al kisahnya, dengar yang meka cari pompuan yang nak bak title character tuh kena muka kampung, so memang meka nak Elyana (gelak sikit).

Still in the end, she turned it down for her other bigger movie roles (note more sarcastic laughter). Will wonders never cease...

Anyways...aku hanya leh cakap for now apa yang orang tau, which is Mawi, Felix dan Leez ada menghadiri kelas lakonan bersama for the past few weeks already. Lain kena tunggu lah more info semakin dekat shooting ok.

Kalau ada rezeki, aku akan posting gambar dari lokasi kang, kalao abang Nasir kata ok.
Apapun, tengahari esok patutnya jumpa Mawi sat ada hal...so expect more postings on that.

Sebut pasal filem ni, aku nak posting video sikit pasal Mukhsin ni. Ramai yang tak tengok lagik (sebab lom preview), so betul ke yang komen kata Mukhsin ni best sangat? Well...I already said it's impressive as many others yang da tengok. So have the Berlinale members of jury. Tapi ni a trailer from the movie. Judge for yourself.

Official trailer for Mukhsin.

Iklan Silky White with Sharifah Aryana. FUNNY!!!! AND SO BLOODY TRUE OF SOME KG.COM PEOPLE I KNOW!

Anyway, two big numbers (defined by the emotions that they evoke) is Nina Simone's Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me) dan lagu keroncong song called Hujan (it's in the trailer), written by ayah Yasmin sendiri ok yang dalam filem tu dinyanyikan oleh Adibah Noor.

Yang second clip tuh kalao ada yang tak penah tengok, iklan Silky White..and a supposed clip from Mukhsin. Amik ko!!! Tergelak aku... good stab at some idiots who just turn up their noses at others, and yet it ends up that they're nothing but sour grapes, saying what they have to, to make themselves feel better. How pathetic can you get at trying to seek validation.

Tapi nak wat per kan... it's like a simple metaphor of my own life now.... ah well.. they can have their own heads up their arses (as Yasmin once said in an interview) but sometimes you just have to learn to ignore the moving lips that are adept at doing nothing but that.

More on films, kalau ingat aku penah sebut pasal BMW Shorties. Just wanted to say, for those of you who entered (the closing date was last week), the gala premiere of the event is on March 16, so for those of you who qualified, see you there.

And good luck to winning RM50,000 and representing Malaysia at international film festivals backed by BMW. By the way, how am I tying this mention in? Easy... Yasmin's one of the judges.
Ok...more in tomorrow's entry...