Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vaginal secretions are quite pungent

Firstly, and most importantly, kepada semua yang doa untuk kesihatan abang Bad, I'd like to thank you guys. Yes, he is still in SJMC, tapi visited him petang semalam and thankfully, he was awake, and mampu nak cakap.

Spent some time alone with him, and talked. Mmm...entahlah. All I can say is, money doesn't buy you everything....and yet, so many people bitch so easily about it. At times, likes this, love and relationships count, and that's when people you care about matter most...and yet so few people appreciate things they deem so unimportant. Lantak lah ko...your time will come when you realise how cold and lonely you are.

To abang Bad, you still have thelove of many, and we're all going to be there for you, praying for you to get better. At the moment, kalao ada yang nak perkembangan terbaru, abang Bad kini dalam Coronary Care Unit (CCU).

After asking what happened and all (dia kena about midnight - ingat dia kena time pagi aku dapat mesej tu)

Spent some time sembang, and then sempat gelak abang Bad punya Get Well card yang Leen bagik. It said something like 'The Doctor Says You'll Be Normal In No Time...' and then belah dalam, '....That'll Be A First'. Matilah sarcastic and funny. So rock gurl.

Sempat wak lawak bodoh sat and related to abang Bad some details of what happened the night before about something funny that happened and laughed some more. Then the circus led by the ringmaster came. Matilah statement keji.

Anyways sebab orang ni da break the taboo of photographing in the room, aku pun start...
Fascinating actually sebab abang Bad was hooked up on this huge amount of machinery. Cam sci fi movie sangat. Not to mention he was hooked up all over on these tubes and all. Very the Star Trek (yang 70s version lah)

The one he had on his left hand, was kind of funky, dan abang Bad siap bangga ok, ala ala very the laser pointed, light sabre, , laser pointer kind of combo. Amik ko...dalam tu lak, bila si Vernon da lead si Rudy, Abie dan Audi Mok masuk, sempat lak ada yang point out how lucky he was to be able to wear the hospital gown yang erm...roomy and comfortable.

Merasalah abang Bad kejap kejap tug at his shoulder area and tummy area kata nak adjust kain dia sebab terlampau seksi. Aiyo!!!

Anyways, it was good to see him ok, and also of course since we had nice grapes from the hamper the circus brought.

So anyway...abang Bad, you get well ok. Hugs to the big teddy bear....

After we went a-viisiting, the circus, and I (minus Audi) went to the gala premiere of Dreamgirls at TVG KLCC.

The movie was bigger and better on the big screen, and memang worth it gila ler. Ada ler dua tiga babak yang leh nitiskan airmata, as expected (which doesn't happen when you watch it on your computer) including (note so you can get the tissues ready) - when Effie belts out And I Am Telling You, and when the reunion takes place in the end (oops...forgot the spoiler warning).

But then again, I think most people just want to see what the pictures from the there. Ramai gak yang hadir.

Mawi tak stay for the movie sebab ada futsal event haper stay for the cocktail je....along ada Ning, Nikki dan Yanie (yang perform ala Motown ok), Dayang, Jac, Camelia, Zainal Alam Kadir (uwaaa...former boss aku celeb skang ek), Iwan FO3, Ramli M.S., Ogy Ahmad Daud, Faradhiya, Aznil Nawawi....aiyo...ramai....aku tinggal nama sapa lagik ek...aku tak banyak amik pics sebab masa tu excited nak tengok the film...but this is what I took.

Check out the crowd. About 300 or so invited guests or more.
Kak Cham, editor bahagian hiburan Berita Harian dan Ramli M.S. pose one for me, and Mawi nak ciao ngan peminat mengejar in the other pic.
Kak Ogy pose vogue tau khas tuk aku, dan Ning lak feel Deena!
Jac dan Dayang...the lovely ladies for the night.
Camelia dan Nikki yang feeling Jennifer Hudson minus the weight problem.

Ok ler tuh jer ler aku sempat update...malas nak tulis panjang panjang...a lot of work to be done there. Have a good weekened guys...and toodles!!!

Oh by the way, if you're wondering about the title of this posting, aku tatau apa nak letak headline for this entry, so tengah layan Astro in the background, there was this line from the script of this movie I wasn't paying attention to that caught my attention.

Note : For more pics of the Dreamgirls gala premiere, CLICK HERE.