Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Hiro!

Siang tadik aku kembali ke Low Yat to get my modem reconfigured.

Again redah lautan manusia dan yang berupa manusia just to get it done, which was all of 20 minutes. Tapi jam dan sesak lalulintas sebab jalan tuh nih tutup mengakibatkan perjalanan aku berejam jadi nya.

After finished, pop in kat Starbuck KL Plaza for a drink and to snd in som ework via email.

Then it was off to a private event. By the time abih da tengah malam, straight away headed home. Mula mula thought of nak singgah kat Planet Hollywood for Ella's Sunday Nite Live, tapi pikir punya pikir....takper la.

Anxious nak get home dan make sure everything's hooked up...and it was. Within m inutes je, I was online! Yeah!!!

Spent the remainder of night following my favourite series, Heroes yang baru season one yang selama semingu ni aku dok kumpul.Right now kat US da masuk episode 15 this week.

Astro lak tak silap aku baru tayang epiode 2 ke masuk 3. I've already caught up with the US punya. Tunggu 15 nih... as I'm blogging.

It's one of the best series I've seen in a long time. While a lot of people get caught in Lost, Desperate Housewives, O.C....aku tak penah nak follow siri siri ni because too long winded and all.

But Heroes is awesome and aku tetap leh tengok balik episode after episode because there's a lot of details in it that you gradually notice if you observe closely and watch it repeatedly. Ok...aku nak layan sat....more entries soon...

Note : You can find out more about Heroes by CLICKING HERE