Monday, February 19, 2007

Of those with RM2.57

Am still in a New Year mood. Nak celebrate this entry pun tema relevant sikit ler. Of course we all know about this time, many things are customary.

One of the many customary practices I have come to expect time perayaan camni, is the Petronas ads. So...nak off track sikit, nak kongsi beberapa iklan Chinese New Year from Petronas. Aiyo....leh nitis airmata ok. Enjoy them...

Petronas advertistment - Chinese New Year 2004 (aku rasa)

Petronas advertistment - Chinese New year 2005 (korang pastikan sendiri)

Petronas advertistment - Chinese New Year 2006

Petronas advertistment - Chinese New Year 2007

Aku sampai touched by the ad, especially yang tuk perayaan tahun ni, that aku cari lagu yang jadi backing song for the commercial ok, walaupun haram aku paham sepatah (yer yer...aku paham Hokkien je, bukan Cantonese atau Mandarin).
Feel ler sikit.
Anyway, today much to cheer about sebab banyak good news gak ari ni, and banyak info yang konon tak sepatutnya aku tau, I found out...yang pasal ada yang patut aku carut (which I will refrain from because it's the new year) blah blah blah.

Anyways, visited abang Badrul tadi...and for those who are wondering about his condition, jangan risau, he's definitely feeling much better.

When I reached there, popped straight to his room, sebab dia da transfer kuar Coronary Care Unit da. Vernon was already there.

Pot pet, sok sek...layan the videos on my laptop (kesian orang tu feeling better and bored, so showed my collection of Beyonce videos performing Listen at various events), before we decided nak makan.

So popped down with Vern. I opted for Domino's with my lasagna and chicken, pineapple and extra cheese pizza, and he bought some rice and lauk and we headed back to the room nak jamu selera.

Watched Gangstarz and commented for free here and there to prepare bakal pengkritik tetap ni yang akan kuar TV minggu depan for what he should biatch about. All I can say is the Indonesians still kick our sorry derrieres.

Anyways, was planning where to head to next sebab nak bagik abang Bad rest, tapi dia lak bosan, so we headed down, and finally to the mamak (after going back up, and getting him released for some time out).Amik ko...signing himself out pun sempat promosi ok tempat kerja. cam kes product placement je sampai baju kat hospital pun promosi ok. Dedicated worker ke, lack of choice of wardrobe?

Aiyak....takleh carut....dia skang grace period takleh laser sebab tengah takleh bagik dia tarik balik statement!

Had some drink and more talk....and trust me, he's ok.

So something to celebrate about. That and the fact that I have another RM2,000 extra in my bank account. Yes!!

My second backdated contractual agreement payout is in, which still keeps the numbers in the five digits.

And I didn't even have to borrow it...oops!

Anyways...thanks again for everyone yang wished abang Bad well.Told him about all the lovely wishes coming in via here/msjbox and tagboard as well as SMSes, and he was touched.

Here some pics to show he IS really fine. And pada sapa yang kenal dia, tolong marahkan dia ek bab revelation kat bawah tuh. Merasalah aku takleh marah sebab dia takleh stress (pandai carik alasan tau nak elak kena sound)

Masa sibuk cari nombor bilik, ingat ni bilik abang Bad. Rupanya opis ek...tapi tengok cam broom cupboard lak!
Hah...pakai tag cam pelarian lak!!!

Apa yang dipegang tu ek???!!! Hish...da camni pun nak ke???!!! (marah kat sini je sebab in person takleh sebab dia tengah stress takleh marah). What was it? Seven? Or eight? In two hours? (merasalah ada bukti!)

So anwyays, tomorrow, will be up and about early sebab nak drop by the office kalao sempat nak arrange some stuff (konon rajin ler)

Also have to go visiting a little, walaupun memang takde mood nak kunjung ke mana mana kecuali tempat yang ada wifi (kerek tol)

Still... it'll be fun, as I start my sporadic leave for the festive season now. Tapi ujung minggu ni gi Cit Cat Azwan lak...(banyak woo pics dan cita punya tuh updated on the spot).

For now...signing out...