Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mukhsin - the preview

Since I've already reviewed Mukhsin sebelom ni, dan ramai akan play reviewer aku rasa aku takyah ulas pasal Mukhsin lagi selepas previewnya earlier today.

This is simply because aku rasa kalao korang nak tau how the film is, there is nothing better than getting up that rear end, paying the minimal cinema entrance dan gi ler menikmati one of the most tastefully done love stories in Malaysian cinema.

There are no two ways about it....Mukhsin is amazing in all its simplicity.

What was more amazing was the preview itself.

Antara ramai ramai yang hadir untuk tayangan pra-tonton Mukhsin, terlihat beberapa orang yang, well...selama ni memang bukan pun dikenali sebagai peminat kerja Yasmin Ahmad.

In fact, spotted in the crowd who thronged Cinema 12 of Golden Screen Cinemas kat MidValley Megamall were David Teo, Professor Razak Mohaideen dan juga Raja Azmi. Amik ko... for those yang follow Yasmin's films, you'd know the significance of these three names in attending the preview.

Tapi going back to the premiere, before even Mukhsin could touch me again... (sebab da tengok offline version atas jemputan Yasmin sendiri kat Leo Burnett months ago)...Yasmin did it with her opening speech.

With other filmmakers in the house, Yusry (Norman ada sekali), and not all of them her fans, Yasmin said something really touching.

When she started it with, "ramainya manusia" I thought there was going to be a sarcastic jibe from her. I know I would have done that...part of my defensive nature in not allowing anyone to hurt me.

Then she just continued on to welcoming them, noting that they weren't exactly her friends but added that she wished them to stay to hopefully enjoy the movie. That's just being gracious. Of course in my situation, kalao aku wat camtuh pun orang tetap problematic and wouldn't understand that....but Yasmin seems to have that effect on people...salute to you, dearest...

I felt almost sorry for some folks who had been in arms against me....tapi I suppose that stopped when the bitching about me didn't. Still...I was touched enough to hold back...at least for now. Tuhan akan membalas...

An eye for an eye...you know that saying kan... so ho hum...

Apapun...more importantly...I was touched...again...by Mukhsin. tetap dalam beberapa babak, sampai nak masuk ending...airmata tetap meleleh. And I found myself singing along to Hujan (original composition by Yasmin's dad - at the end of the movie her whoole family gather in front of the piano - another touching scene though it wasn't really part of the movie).

Apapun, memang five star effort, and one of Yasmin's simplest movies...memang kalao sebelom ni pun orang kata Sepet dan Gubra terlalu artistik, walaupun aku rasa tidak sangat... Mukhsin memang simple dan straightforward...

And the most important message in the whole movie...bukan pasal bab cintan...tapi mengenai peluang kedua. Second chances are always there...and He allows us the luxury of them.

Premis cita simple je...Mukhsin yang berumur 12 masa cuti sekolah, telah kenal ngan Orked yang ketika tu umur 10. And the rest you can pretty much figure out. It's a story about first love...and most importantly how to move on in your life without regrets.

Mukhsin was directed by Yasmin Ahmad, and stars Sharifah Aryana (Orked), Mohd Syafie Naswip (Mukhsin), Sharifah Aleya (Mak Inom), Irwan Iskandar (Pak Atan), Adibah Noor (Kak Som) dengan cameo from Sharifah Amani.

Abang Jason pun ada tau...cak!!!

Filem terbitan Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd ni also features the brilliant acting of Sharifah Aleya Syed Zainal Rashid (sebagai Mak Inom - complete the trio of sisters) dan Adibah Noor as the laugh-a-minute Kak Yam. Fantastic cast....!!!

Anyways...spent time chatting with Ning and kak Dibah pasal fiasco in Cit Cat kat Terengganu...then a little more time with kak Fati and her lovely daughters...and also with Yasmin and her parents, who were simply adorable and reminded me of my own.

Ok ler...ni beberapa pics aku sempat rakam kat pra-tonton Mukhsin. Hope you guys like it....now, prepare to go to the cinemas when it open on March 8 in 30 panggung satu Malaysia.

The two upcoming stars of Mukhsin! Syafie dan Aryana yang memang berbakat abih!
Tengok tu...Syafie paling kena kerumun kat pra-tonton tuh. Lakonan mantap walaupun hanya berumur 14 ketika penggambaran Mukhsin.
The proud mother and her new baby, Mukhsin.
Adik ni aku tak ingat nama, tapi bak watak Ayu yang mulot jahat. Very the typecast sebab muka dia pon nampak evil sikit. I actually know someone who not only acts like that...but also looks like that!
Nani ada cameo dalam Mukhsin. Aleya lak yang bak watak Mak Inom tak dapat hadir at the preview.
Kak Fati and her very talented daughters (minus absent Aleya). Yang paling kanan tuh (Alesya - who's number three between Nani dan Yama) bakal membintangi filem baru Yasmin, Mualaf.

Yasmin's own beautiful family...ngan parents dia. Aunty Inom Yon (cam familiar nama Inom kan?) dan uncle Ahmad Hashim. Thanks kak Min for introducing me as the one bitten by Jack. Heh!

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