Thursday, February 01, 2007

Calm before the storm

Tpday malas sngat nak posting apa apa. Had a ton of work to finish... kalau tertangguh kang, mampos nak clear by the beginning of next week.

Backlogged work ni yang paling terus cause you know when you keep procrastinating never gets done. Only forgotten.

Anyways, apart from the hustle and bustle for the hands on for Anugerah Bintang Popular kali ni, today was a little different cause thanks to Juan dan Mohariz, gi lepak kat studio kat NSR dengar Dayang laying down some vocal tracks for her upcoming album.

Aku nak cakap lebih lak takleh...kang ada penulis lirik lak marah. Tapi apapun, it's staple Dayang, and quite interesting.

Aku memang rate Dayang as one of the albums to look our for in 2007.
All the divas, and little divas are coming out with albums this year, so memang killer sikit ler tahun ni. Banyak saingan, which I suppose in a way is good.

Off what I can recall, I know apart from Dayang's album, aku tunggu album Ning, Sarah Raisuddin and also of course, Siti Nurhaliza punya traditional album (lama tak dengau dia wat genre ni).

Oh by the way...kelakar la...for me. But it's strange betapa ramai wartawan tak bertauliah who try so hard to be something they're not, making snide remarks about how those in the profession think they're better (technically most are because not only they're trained, experienced amongst other reasons)...these folks don't know which way is up.

Why did I bring that up? Sebab ada ler sembang ngan Dayang pasal isu ramai kutuk dia kat Internet pasai baju dia kat Anugerah Juara Lagu tuh...selak situ sana sini seksi katanya....
Well...strangely enough, these anonymous moralists...are just ridiculously hitting below the belt.

Everyone has the right to an opinion, but I think the Internet has allowed for too many kedai kopi syndrome inflicted wannabes who judge people harshly without facing the consequences for being UNKNOWN and FACELESS.

So there...but many artistes read what's on the Internet even though meka tak ngaku...and it does hurt most of them...criticisms and nasty remarks biasalah...tapi agak agak ler kan kalao nak curi pukul.

The work of a coward is always anonymous. Only that way...they can't be judged.

Aduh...ngantuk...nak tidur dulu...kan merapu lak entry ni panjang memanjang...