Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome to Malaysia

Watched the launch of Visit Malaysia Year semalam.

Well...just as much as I could stomach as I watched our tax Ringgits being blasted into the sky. Apparently...we're very proud of that as Malaysians as we do that every time (does anyone do an EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment, everytime we pollute the capital massively?).

What's with the pyro obsession???!!!

Yeap...I watched as a Singaporean took centrestage as the main diva for the celebrations, more foreigners skiing on the lake bearing Malaysian flags (we were constantly reminded they were among the best folks who worked on stunts for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible : 2), then everyone popping over to the Eye on Malaysia, as I'm repeatedly harrassed with the info that it's made in three countries (Germany earning the prominent mention) as sparklers from Lord knows where (definitely not Malaysia) blasted through the skies.

So much for national pride.

Warped sense of an attempt to promote Visit Malaysia putting in full display our dependence on other nations' products.

Erm...if that wasn't enough, we had to put up with lame attempts like the Zapin Fusion routine (why when they think future, they think of shiny aluminium foil wrapper-like costumes and Kamdar sells out its most glittery material) with the modulation-overdose of its vocal tracks.


Takperlah...never mind the fact that the millions they spent on the launch, as well as the many more on the Eye on Malaysia (a glorified Ferris Wheel - or as RTM folks put it - buaian putar) could have been put to better use on repairing better public amenities for the comfort of everyone, not just tourists. Never mind that that heritage buildings can be torn down...or the fact that we seem to pride our malls more than our cultural offerings.

Never mind that tourists must be grinning away when our two nations' astronauts catwalked up (literally) to be part of the celebrations. I mean bukan Hari Kebangsaan....I know they're our pride and joy...and in a way I'm proud that we can send folks into space too....but for them to be able to take centrestage during the launch of Visit Malaysia Year?

I would be sniggering away if I were a takde kena mengena langsung...

You guys remember PATA 86 (did I get that right?). I distinctly remember the turtle being the logo...and how back then we prided ourselves on the beauty of our natural wonders and attractions, not shopping malls.

Oh well...times change I suppose...and some people in charge of such events never do.
We have to throw a multi-million Ringgit bash, to celebrate the nations' malls. Whoopee do.

Don't mind me if I sleep in.

Malaysia boleh!!! Malaysia boleh!!! Malaysia boleh!!!!

Boleh apa is the question....though wasting money seems to be on the top of my list of guesses.