Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Spring cleaning!!!

Most people do their spring cleaning awal-awal...me? I have some old 2006 entries to clear out before we can move on with the new year punya events.

Also since this is my part to generate at least one entry a year (kalau datang psycho, bebanyak kali posting lak kan).

So apa yang past tense yang nak kongsi nih. Erm.... kita bermula ngan the birthday of si Fiebie yang aku cakap dalam one of my previous postings. Korang tau tak...aku dah ler gegas gi beli kek sebab nak celebrate birthday dia. Ingat sekali ler ngan Famee. Tatau ler Hatta choose nak balik Singapore so fast, so tak include lak nama dia dalam kek. But in the cake, aku pun carut ler dua orang nih yang feeling forever young by tulis Happy 16th Birthday.

The joke was that masa jumpa meka nih nak raikan birthday dak ni semua (Gina pun besday sekali rupanya)...si Fiebie da beli kek tuk diri sendiri! Keji!!!

Takut ler orang lupa nak celebrate birthday dia. Sabar jerlaa....

Anyway, the cake on the right, aku yang bak kan...korang tengok lah cake Fiebie hadiahkan kat diri sendiri...do you see something wrong between both the cakes?

Merasalah aku carut 16th birthday, orang tuh dah ler beli tuk diri sendiri, letak HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY lak...keji!!!

Aku wat joke 16 dia lak puji diri sendiri 24. Aiyak...merasalah the difference between carutan and delusional state of non awareness of being kertu!!!!

Takper la nok... that forest fire you had to put out should be evidence of age enough...(gelak terkenangkan wax all over the cake because it took ages to blow the candles out)

Kalau nak tau umur sebenar Fiebie, campurkan kedua hasil umur yang di celebratekan oleh kedua kek. Merasalah Fiebie menafikan itu umur dia, dan dia tak setua orang ni lak... yang memulakan perbalahan besar mengenai umur. Some people just don't know how to age gracefully. Not that I have that problem sebab aku masih jauh lagik muda dari meka. Bergetah ok....!!!

In the midst of all this, ada lak yang majuk sebab tak dijemput, padahal mummy dan daddy dia ada kat sini. Saja je tau nak wat hal...

Anyway, Fiebie ni balas our little birthday do by playing chef.

Hajat hati nak masak spaghetti. Ni lah hasilnya.

Sedap tau....takde ler rasa kicap Tamin cam masakan-masakan berangan Western kawasan Shah Alam.

The garlic bread however....that was another issue. Well it wasn't really bad...in fact it tasted quite delicious walaupon HANGUS!!!! Matilah Fiebie kata garlic bread memang kena hangus....keji seribu kekejian tau kalao pan tuh terlampau panas mengatakan itu adalah skill. But it was delicious...walaupon orang tuih pakai roti bun burger because tak dapek roti yang sepatutnya.

In other words, it tasted better than it looked lah...

Nevermind the fact that dinner invitations were sent out just an hour sebelum time nak makan, sebab orang tuh saja jemput orang lambat kerana risaukan masakan dia keji sangat dan patut di campak dalam lobang jamban berdekatan. Aiyo...so much for confidence!!! Makes me *urghh!!!* look forward jer to the cooking...

Asrul bising kata perut dia meragam barely hours later, salahkan spaghetti Fiebie yang ibarat 'cacing yang memakan dalam perutnya'. Aiyo....some people are so not grateful. Fiebie lak kata dia kg.com....very the kampung sebab tak mampu digest makanan omputeh dia. Asrul lak kata memang perut dia tak built for masakan Italy which has a menu that includes burnt bread.

Erm....don't you just love the people around me. But thanks Fiebs for the dinner.

Nothing much to shout about what happened towards the end of 2006, though several private issues popped up. With the yang tersayang....and then another dilemma of an ex trying to get things back on track, while adik angkat yang aku penah gilakan tiba tiba made advances to me.

Erm...when it rain, it pours....

Christmas this year was an event, cause I had more money to spend, despite giving my mum and dad a part of my bonus, and my road tax and insurance renewal didn't amount to much - the befits of driving a bucket of bolts lah.

So I indulged in...SHOPPING!

I've never been obsessed with presents...as in receiving. I love buying stuff for people, so Christmas is always fun because I stupidly pander to the commercial objectives of retailers.

Mula mula plan in gat nak ke Singapore just for a day trip on the 23rd, nak final countdown shopping tuk rasa kemeriahan sana. But then, my keen eye caught an ad in a paper on a warehouse sale.

Oooh!! I love those things. Now most big ones are pathetic and fake...but the smaller ones (make sure they sell genuine articles lah) are quite good.

So I pun pergi lah kat hotel kat Petaling Jaya ni. Wow!!! Naik gila aku. I ended up beli 11 bottles of perfume! Spent about RM800. Loved it so much esoknya gi balik sana and spent more that an additional RM400 for another 5 more.

We're talking about 50ml, 100ml and 125mls of Versace, D&G, Moschino and MNG as well as Mango ok. Naik juling. Seb baik I practised some restraint...kalau tak tatau ler what happened. On the left is the total collection I bought. Yeap...that's a heavily discounted RM1200+ in branded fragrances.

On the right you will see the wrapped conclusion. Erm... I of course decided to keep five bottles for myself. Yerlah....one year supply (thought I think it'll last longer than that)I usually get my perfumes in Singapore because they're dirt cheap (plus Singaporeans are so bloody kiasu they won't touch testers, making them cheaper [padahal tester ler yang more concentrated than the actual shelf product).

This time however, thanks to my weird shopping habits, dapat gak massive saving dekat beribu gak ler sebab dapat come across this warehouse sale.

Oh by the way...because of my find, my theme for this year's Christmas presents (yes, I usually have a theme) was 'Making the world smell Ultra Fabulous!'. No it's not 'rid the world of BO....my friends are more yummier than than when it comes to hygiene...

The below three aku letak pic are my favourites from all the ones I've bought for myself. Sayangnya D&G tuh, which I also bagik kat my sayang, and I bought for myself tuh...takkan dapat dibau on me.

Sebab I practise this rotation of the perfumes I have, and I have my Tommy Hilfiger still...so cam sehari pakai satu scent ler. And this particular day nak pakai lak D&G, aku pun bukak ler kotak. Baru tekan sekali, ilang grip for some reason, and the bottle ended up on the floor.

In other words, thanks to the carelessness of bouncing along to the tunes of Macy Gray, bilik aku kini berbau D&G, especially lantai aku. Arghhh!!!!!

Walaupon dapat kat sale, tapi sentap! Nuts!!!! Sial sangat....

Anyway, these were my personal top three yang aku feel go with me... scrap the D&G sebab memang aku tak beli extra pun sebab time tuh ni ler antara yang paling laku. Kang nak kuar dating ngan sayang, curi pakai jer lah dia punya yang aku bagik. Keji kan???

Like I said there are some sales that are good. Then there are others like $%^&!!!!

One such sale was the one they held at Putra Indoor Stadium sampai masuk tahun baru. That was the biggest con job ever!!!

Discounts were pathetic...and the only thing worse was the choices of crap they put on show. I mean, most of the items were Petaling Street quality at best. Take for example, the Diesel shirt below...or was it B.U.M? Whatever brand it was supposed to be, I'm sure it was genuine simply for the fact that even at a glance, one already notices the grammatical and spelling errors.

Memalukan tul!!!!

Last scene???!!! Birth : Hafel??? my house crossed road for a second and then he was fame???? brignging???

What the $%^&* is this t shirt on about!!!

Speaking of typos and excellent English thanks to our standard of education in the country, check out this one I spotted masa along highway Shah Alam nak ke Puchong melalui Hicom. Whoever hires this security company better wonder if the company is worth the Ringgits poured into the outfit to rely on its brand of security...sebab their English is hardly anything to be proud of!

Yes yes....if you can't see it clearly (cause this was snapped on the go - no...no...er...my car was atationary when I took this pic with my Nokia...I would NEVER consider snapping a pic while my car was moving and breaking more traffic laws), it's clearly tagged that this car, the Kancil is their PETROLLING unit. Erm....patrol ke petrol???!!!

Meronda ke mengisi minyak masaalahnya?

Er...maybe ni unit mengisi minyak bagi keta meka yang meronda kot.

Pelik ler... you'd think if they couldn't spell it right, they'd find a way around it. Ni tak...confident tahap cipan to label their company vehicle camtuh.

So anyone hiring Alpha Guard, pikiaq ler betui betui ek sebelum something happen sebab obviously someone running the company lacks a little something or other.

I dread to think that some of their guards could be armed...

Moving on...Christmas this year was sweet because we had a new member of the family, thanks to Yasmin.

Ni pic of the new addition.

Yang itam bulat sikit tuh Mickey.

And since my other pup passed on (check my previous entries), kurang ler the sound of pitter patter, until Jack joined. Ni Jack with Mickey sunbathing (yes Yasmin, you can see he's now indulging in the finer things in life). In fact I think Jack has gained quite a bit of weight compared to the bag of bones he was masa he was found at SPCA by Yasmin.

He's definitely the BEST gift from anyone this Christmas. Thanks again so much Yasmin...we may have given him a home, but you gave him a chance to have a home...so bless you for that, woman.

Away from the mushiness, and on to the most appreciated Christmas present for personal, selfish reasons...is my sister's offer of a tattoo! Yes, another brand new tattoo to join the ranks of my pathetic...one.

When I'll get it, don't know. How it'll look like or how big it'll be? Don't know...had a couple of designs, but now scrapped most of them.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Actually would like a dragon sebab aku lahir tahun naga api...tapi tuh commercial sangat ler.

Plus I don't want to end up looking like I'm in on a chinky triad (talk about dissing your own roots). And my zodiac sign of a crab is pretty lame.

Thought about a crab riding a dragon...but that's even sadder.

Thought of a phoenix, breaking out of the shell of a heart...kind of a metaphor of my love life...always reemerging from sadness and having a fresh go at it...but too lemau.
So nak wat per ek....nanti ler aku pikirkan puas puas. I want something arty yet symbolic...

A couple of days ago, before we hit the new year, also took several pics of myself...why? Sebab I want to remember myself, how I looked at that time. And to remind myself how much I hate having short hair despite everyone telling me I look better with it.

I liked this pic best cause nampak devilish ler sikit. You can practically imagine the horns coming out...

Bukan syok sendiri ok..so sapa nak muntah tengok muka aku...cepat tutup page nih.

Saja jer letak...it's not a case of vanity or anything...and before someone goes, "Me thinks he doth protest too much" or "The guilty flee when none pursue"...shut up Vernon (tau je sapa nak carut aku kan!)

So with that... I'll leave you guys...until tomorrow ok...(gigih ni nak pastikan azam tiap hari ada entry nih)

Ok guys... this took ages to upload sebab every bloody server still seems wonky even though the Internet connection has improved slightly. Mintak mintak it gets better ler cause I seriously took hours to finish this update.

By the way...guys...leave your comments in the comments are because I think the msjbox is one of those suffering from all the wonkiness.

Same goes with my counter. Malas nak remove, sebab nanti ok...nak letak balik lak...keji kan twice the work.

So deal with the broken links for now...and hopefully things get back to normal soon.

Pada meka yang start keja atau sekolah esok (which is 95% of the population ler I suppose - except if your place is still flooded or you're me or Badrul and are off until Monday depan)....HAVE FUN!!!! (keji....can't help laughing...so sincere kan aku punya wishes...)

By the way...did you guys catch the footage of Bangkok bombing tu? Shite....my favourite spots....oh well...seb baik I wasn't there at that point. Another thing to be grateful for going into 2007.

Condolences though to the families of those who were hurt or killed in it. Senseless killing....and so long Saddam.

Out for now...