Monday, January 08, 2007

Faith? Or fated

Malam ni bermula Fail Sulit Akademi Fantasia, a programme supposedly ler nak peel away at the layers of crap we've had to endure.

Kononnya meka perkenalkan siri ni sebab nak sensasikan ler siri Akademi Fantasia dan hangatkan suasana as a 'prelude' before the actual fifth and supposedly final season begins supaya tak menjadi the horrible thing that was last year yang bosan tahap cipan dikacukkan ngan gaban.

Will it work?

I don't know.

But I do agree yang Fail Sulit Akademi Fantasia ni will be a good way nak gauge what the new season will be like.

Seandainya, program ni jujur dan mereka bebetul identify and address the more important issues yang mengakibatkan Akademi Fantasia ilang sinar dalam musim keempat, then perhaps people will just have more faith, be more confident, and not judge too harshly contestants tuk musim ni.

Sepanjang beberapa musim, macam-macam ler isu timbul, and sadly this has never been taken seriously by the production.

Hopefully now they see the impact of what bugs people about the show, and that people actually have a right to switch to another's hoping that they'll pay more attention dan anggap kita-kita nih yang bayar bil Astro nak melayan stuff like Akademi Fantasia, want to see QUALITY production dan bukan standard standard Hari Penyampaian Hadiah.

Mereka yang selama ni tak deliver anything to the production, malas brings it to all time low, remove jer lah. Deadwood is so 80s...

So catch Fail Sulit Akademi Fantasia mulai malam ni kat Astro Ria and let's see what will become of season five.