Thursday, January 11, 2007

Diamonds are forever!

I finally gor some sleep after turning in about 4am semalam. Seriously, the sleep did me so much good that now I resemble less of a freaky panda sebab eye-bags tak horrific sangat ler.

Meetings...planning..paperwork...and all this after work hours. Quite a few things running in tandem, so memang pening habis. Aku pun tak tau ler camna nak handle. Hari ni jer dapat cool off a little sebab hanya ada interview ngan Noraniza Idris and then another meeting at 9pm tonight. Esok lak ada event yang kena organise sikit berkaitan ngan kerja,'s pretty smooth sailing until the weekend.

Semalam was the worst ler, sebab nak jumpa the whole she-bang of the Ning & Associates and Artistes United crew kat Habib Jewels, Ampang.

Akibat mata melekat and various other unrecognised charitable contributions (isn't it always such a bitch when that happens) - sampai pun everyone da gathered.

Ada orang tuh tak call, terus diva yang call. Yang ni nak amik ati kata nak sampai pun susah. Kalau orang lain leh brush off.

When it comes to Ning, here's how the conversation went. Transcript ala ala berangan cam blog orang ni...

Ning : Dear, where are you? (in serious hushed tones meaning serious business lah)
Me : We're two minutes away, diva. Be there in a very short while...I love you (bodek amik hati)
Ning : Everyone's here and waiting for you...
Me : Oh, everythere's there already. Don't worry, there in two minutes...I love you...
Ning : Hurry up...
Me : Love you Ning...
Ning : I hurry up!

Oh well...biasalah. When we got there, security sibuk kata Ning lum sampai, turns out though they were already in the meeting room. Now you know why some people are doomed to live the rest of their lives in well-deserved squalor.

Handed in our ICs and then headed to the safe room/meeting room upstairs to pick the baubles yang akan dipakai oleh both Ning dan Nikki untuk persembahan pembukaan dan juga red carpet kang kat Anugerah Bintang Popular.

At the end of the glitter fest, here's the total racked up for harga berlian yang akan dipakai oleh Ning dan juga Nikki. (no harga rounded ek..this is the actual price tag punya harga)
Ning (for red carptet, a sapphire and diamond set) - RM726,995 (necklace), RM181,280 (earrings), RM288,295 (bracelet) and RM86,135 (ring)

Grand total for that?

Nearly RM1.3 million. and that's just one set. Malas nak list out the whole price list of all the And Ning has two more for performance coming up to more or less the same amount while Nikki too has dua set nak pakai tuk malam tuh, satu tuk performance dan satu agik ketika jalan kat red carpet.

Total amount of precious stones that collectively will adorn both divas?

About RM4 million.

Pening...first time aku dok bilik with millions of Ringgit worth of jewellery strewn all over. Makes you just want to turn into a jewel thief. like you see in the movies.

Ning showing off one of the sets she rejected. Then discussing ngan Hatta pasal design tuk baju performance along with Nikki. Bawah tuh, yang kiri is the sapphire diamond set yang Ning akan pakai and on the right is the ruby set Nikki akan pakai. Those two baru set yang korang nampak kang kat red carpet...there is another set for each of them for show.
Now isn't it just fun to play dress-up. Bertukar-tukar set si Ning ni. Pening tengok banyak lak diamonds, si Nikki. You see the diamonds on the table? I think there must easily be RM10 to Rm20 million worth there....
Berapa kali Ning tukar barang kemas. Yes, she loves 'em big (diamonds ah...nothing else). The next pic lak nampak ler aksi behind the scenes. Hah...that's Vernon adjusting the clasp of the necklace as Ning gets fickle and tries it on for the upteenth time. The last pic is the set Ning akan pakai for the show. That's only PART of the set sebab pastu dia tambah agik bracelet dan pokok krismas. Janji...a very expensive one...

It was fun...and hardly dampened by the fact someone spilt mineral water all over early on in the proceedings, or chose to shine his own diamond rings in the middle of it all.

So once the divas had agreed to their choice, okayed by Vernon, and given the nod by myself and Hatta, who has been selected to design the outfits for the performance, for the overall effect...we were on to another meeting.

This one was for the launching event of the repackaged Maharani album by Nikki.

A bit of a yawn fest really...cause I hate meetings which involve people with no experience, but I'm not even going to go there. Instead, busied myself with a fascinating discovery (not really fascinating...just to illustrate how bored I got).

I ordered my usual dose of sugar in Coca Cola, tapi yang sampai nih...Qibla...seb baik bukan Qiblat cola. Keji teramat.

Didn't bother to try how it tasted sebab tanak gamble...I've had a few weird colas yang rip off Coke...and just...well...there's nothing like the real thing no matter what.

They may rip it off in terms of looks, but they can't do anything about the taste.

By the way...kenapa ler Coke tak saman...there is more than just a passing resemblance of these kind of colas to the actual's actually quite pathetic to see these kind of colas sebab cam rip off to the max.

Took a pic of it though sebelum aku tukar ngan a 7-Up to shoot up and get a slight adrenaline buzz (tired out like hell) to endure the next few hours.

Accompanied Hatta to another meeting to Cheras, before headed back to Shah Alam for a meeting with some other designers untuk tentukan sapa akan buat baju sapa tuk Anugerah Bintang Popular.

Yes, Right now, I am overseeing about eight names to liaise between them and the designers selected. And tonight punya meeting lak nak determine sapa lagik pas bincang senarai artis yang we want to make look good.

Hard work...but fun. At least it's work...and I'm doing something with my life.

One thing yang ala sentap sikit sebab tak jadik ke surprise birthday party Siti jer korang tenung-tenung jer lah pic hasil dari Vernon ek.

Yes, he officially has the bragging rights as the only blogger so far to have the pictures online. I have the first say of taking them and posting them on my blog (gelak keji....but at least I'm THANKFUL and ask first...not imply and remain ungrateful - laughter rings out again)

Enjoy the pics...esok posting lebih menarik to close the week.

So surf over to mrmanager's blog kalau nak baca lebih pasai surprise birthday event tuk Siti.
And happy birthday to Siti wishes girl...and all the best tuk 2007 ek!

Nak off for now...layan surf on my new notebook sat. Time ni dapat leh enjoy sikit nak have a cup of coffee, watch the world go past, and still surf the net....before the whole stressful routine begins again.