Monday, January 22, 2007

Busy busy busy

Today got up early, and started work immediately. That's what feeling good can do for you. Some of us get paid to make a living and do what we do, so takyah ler complain kan.

Essentially, names and titles don't matter, neither does self glorification for grabbing credit for others' work...cause there's a difference when you're in charge of what you do, rather than being hired help out for that limelight.

Rushed a little pas abih settle four articles. Ada meeting ngan Jac kat Habib Jewels with Zura, jer designer.

We're supposed to pick more jewellery today. So hooray for that...looking at more diamonds.

We were a little late sebab of some complications, and when we got there, it immediately started raining.

My goodness, bila ler nak let up on the showers ni.

Jac was already picking pieces, so me and Zura got straight to it, helping her go through a collection of sparklers.

Sambil wat tuh, lari keluar kejap kejap sebab nak bantu lak Nizam dan Wanie as well as pihak Habib Jewels tuk pilih barang barang perhiasan (perhiasan...such a simple word for expensive items) for Mawi dan Rosyam before the photo shoot which we hope to hold by next week.

Rupanya, as esxpected, sib baik I called for a seperate meet nak pilih dulu barang barang seperti cincin, brooches dan sebagainya, because nak jaga sensitiviti peminat.

Yerlah...nak gold in whatever form takleh. So kena redah carik men's collection dia yang ikat suasa and so on. Also, we had to find items appropriate untuk design baju Mawi dan Rosyam.

In between this and that, Jac kept calling nak pastikan each piece tuh kena ke tak.

Aiyo...cantik nya barang kemas...and I don't mean the staff ok...I mean the actual jewellery (lame...but not too truthful joke).

We got this gorgeous pair of earrings, which I thought befitted Jac very well.

Actually sebelum nih pun aku ada recommend this pair of earrings to one or two artistes, but not many people could carry it. Kena leher jinjang sikit, and you have to have the right dress with the right amount of neck and immediate chest area to hold the attention grabbing piece.

Torn between that and several pieces, akhirnya, after much trauma of running back and forth between two different sessions, settled on this set in the picture yang total almost a quarter of a million Ringgit.

Mak aih...about the amount Mawi di bayar untuk Aduh Saliha the movie.


Quite an elegant set we put together comprising of a pair of dangly earrings, two smaller rose bud fashioned ones, a bracelet and two rings.

I can't remember if we threw in the necklace in the end, sebab kami tanak sarat sangat ngan batu sampai she drowns in the jewellery, but I remember the end choice was tasteful.

Zura pun planning ngan dia bab kasut, sebab kasut yang disediakan setinggi 3 inci tak cukup tinggi tuk Jac. Hah...yes, she wants four inch heels. Aiyak....tak terpelanting ker...tuh perlukan skill.

I suppose divas and divas in the making always need their heels and height.

As soon as we settle ont he pieces we wanted, and then calculated, Su dari Berita Harian pun start ler photography session. Korang nak tengok lebih usha ler Berita Harian for the article, written by member aku, Farihad Shalla Mahmud.

Nama penuh agik mention credit ok, Bobo. Suka tak?

But that wasn't the end of it.

We spent dalam setengah jam lagi mencari accessories for the two most famous men int he entertainment industry in Mawi dan Rosyam. Rupanya, kata wakil Habib, banyak pieces meka di bawa tuk roadshow Habib, so kureng ler yang ada kat showroom.

Aduh...camna nih. In the end we dealt with it best we could by picking the best we could find based on Wanie dan Nizam punya design.

Yang selebihnya, kami discuss ngan pihak Habib minggu depan another round, sekali ketika photography ngan Mawi dan Rosyam sekali trying out the look.

Finished that, we all zoomed to have a late lunch/early dinner. By the time we were done, we zoomed back to Shah Alam sebab memasing ada hal.

I had to settle some personal affairs, before rushing back to KL. I didn't join the meeting with Vernon and crew sebab I really didn't have the time plus the more important details like actually coming up with the idea and main planning I had outlines earlier in a previous meeting, so takyah ler aku nak go through it again.

No went back to the office for another round of work. Submitted four articles and smiled throughout.

Yes, my time management is getting better. More productive even though a little tired ler. By the time I had finished, janji ngan Juan nak gi supper kat Hartamas Square.

Joined Rizman and the group for a bite there. They moved on later while we stuck around sebab ramai gak kawan kawan lepak sana. Sambil melantak pizza, satu tangan update blog ni sebab sana ada wifi.

Hah...time management indeed!

A few people stopped by to kiss their helloes...Nabila dan kengkawan dia, Iqram pun popped by.

We shifted to Bestari pastuh sebab nak lepak lama agik, and were joined by Kechik dan girlfriend dia.

I felt hyper...possibly sebab banyak keja da abih, lega...and prepared tuk esok rasa nak lepak lewat. Lagikpun, lama da tak lepak lambat camnih.

Moved about 3am...not too late...tapi takkan nak tunggu subuh baru balik.

Got some more work done for tomorrow...and continued with this posting and updating the pictures.

Speaking of which...bawah ni beberapa pics from Anugerah Juara Lagu aku janjikan. Enjoy...I think it's fair enough the first pic, I pay tribute to Hazami's excellent back-ups in his choir yang put on such an excellent performance

The stars of Anugerah Juara Lagu 21 for me! Awesome!!!

Congratulations Safri and Co. You guys rocked!!!!

Love your the whole thing about your conceptualisation!

Walaupun pandang pertama aku cam Amuk lak ada back-up choir sendiri...but again...YOU GUYS ROCKED!!! (Safri...belanja aku pasnih tau kat kak Ara!)

And then of course, dare we forget pemenang Persembahan Vokal terbaik yang juga tumpang kejayaan lagu Terlalu Istimewa which she wrote the words to, pas menang bukan je kategori Balada, tapi juga title Juara Lagu?

Kak Deebs...told you kan? That one day has come...

So bila nak belanja?

Moving on....the actual singer who was behind the fantastic performance and was a serious contender for Best Vocal Performance, Hazami himself yang memang meletup, meledak!!! Am so proud of you did well...and I'll continue cheering you on!

This is where it starts getting ugly....NOT!!!

One of my favourite performances of the night for the sheer impromptu horror, and yet amusement of M. Nasir and Mawi pakai wig, aku give two thumbs up! Three thumbs up kalau aku Hrithik Roshan!!!

Memang kelakar abih...but not in a degrading manner to the performance.

Walaupun aku admit vocally ada ler out sana sini, lari tempo dan pitching, serta kesemputan light light, but all in all, it was the most spontaneously entertaining show I've seen in a long time.

Kudos to Mawi and abang Nasir sebab korang rock the house. There is no right or wrong in rock (though I still draw the line if you sound like Neves).
Tahniah gak kat kak Marlia Musa for idea last minute gila babas dia nak pakaikan laki dia dan Mawi rambut palsu.

Kak Marlia...ko memang WORLD!!!

Tapi selain this weird take of wigs, aku nak bagik style icon award kat beberapa orang gak for daring to be different.

Of course kalau korang pasang radio pagik tadik korang mesti dengar orang carut Dayang sebab baju dia yang terlampau seksi time dia selak sana selak sini.

I lurve it!!! Of course it came out a little wrong...and any woman knows you don't wave your thingamajig like that...but all in all she looked fantastic and that's what counts. Very Beyonce, Dayang.

Tapi kain tuh...erm...lain kali jangan pakai ler yang nampak murah sangat. Cut da cantik da tuh...but what is it...satin? It looks a little cheap...or maybe it's the lack of detailing and embellishments.

Tapi walauapapun orang nak cakap...aku suka!!!!
Memang meletup. Takyah susah susah tema fusion yang tak jadik tuh sebab ramai artis trie too hard. Despite the simplicity of the outfit, Dayang stood out for the right reasons.

Ella punya baju was a little confusing. Aku kind of like it dari jauh masa kat stadium...and ramai yang tengok kat TV pun puji.

Tapi pelik gak baju dia balut kain kapan pun ada...erm...or does she look like she's wearing a tank top and then a bedsheet. Apapun, Ella ni pun style icon, sebab only she can ear something like this and get away with it. Kind of like Amy Search, who I still maintain is Malaysia's only real metrosexual! Pakai apa pun lawa jer...some people have it and some poeple just don't...and Ella is one of those who does have it, like Dayang.

Oh by the way...dia kaki ayam pun bukan kali pertama ok. So Elyana takyah berangan yer (we'll get to that in a little while)

But the true iconic style award I want to dish out, goes to none other than,Ning Baizura!

So very the grandiose gituh pakai baju Dominique Chen. Again...screw the theme. Ning just looked FABULOUS! No other words to describe it!!!Undoubtedly, she is Malaysia's very own Madonna with her constant reinvention. a lot of artistes try and reinvent themselves too...but rarely it works out like it does for Ning, and I am proud to be associated with Ning for all it's worth.

I've watched Ning grow...and believe you me, she deserves everyounce of praise that comes her way for the sheer effort she puts into everything.

Yerlah...dalam nak puji tuh...kena lah puji orang nih gak.. how else could I have decided to work alongside with him for several things now kalao bukan kerana excellent sense of fashion dia dalam memilih aku tuk realise some of his chosen looks for his stable of artistes.

By the way... a little off the track sikit...

Bon voyage to Ning and also Vern yang akan depart tomorrow night for...erm...korang usha jer blog INI untuk tau perkembangan lanjut.

Takkan aku nak cita lebih lebih pasal artis dia lak kan....tapi memang untuk an event di mana Ning bakal mengharumkan nama negara!

And last but not least...I've saved the horror for the last.

Actually ikutkan hati aku, takde pic dia akan muncul kat blog aku nih, tapi demi carutan maha tsunami...memang sesuai ler kan nak end this posting on a high dissing her.


Korang tak takut ek...kang aku hantar si tapak sulaiman ni ke rumah korang baru korang tau.

Looking like a Chinese horror movie bride who killed herself on her wedding night, what the hell is Elyana thinking of when she wore this cheap-ass rip-off of Hatta Dolmat (ala ala tiru konsep baju yang Ning, Nikki dan Yanie ketika Anugerah ERA masa wat Drama ler tuh)

And I seriously think she was the biggest waste of time during the Anugerah Juara Lagu.

And apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so as many didn't bother with her masa dia perform gak.

In fact, kalau sapa ada kat stadium tuh, perasan ler tepukan camna dia dapat by the end of it.

Apapun, harapnya, tahun depan dan akan akan datang, kami takyah ler perlu nak berdepan ngan sora dia yang ala kadar, panggil customer beli nasi lemak tuh, sambil dia tergolek ker melutut ker haper kat pentas cam orang tak betui, pakai dress ntah hasil campuran kain buruk yang di jahit together ek.

No more...say no more..please ler. Songwriters and lyricists...give your songs to a more deserving and better person to sing it... jangan ler waste your talents on that squeaky hee-hawing.

Yes...I think Elyana layak is still still the biggest travesty in the history of Anugerah Juara Lagu.
Kesian lak Aidit Alfian dan Ad Samad. Hasil meka yang kira boleh tahan, sebenarnya menjadi mangsa pompuan yang ala ala ting tong onstage nih, feeling trendy stylo.
GROW UP!!!!!!

And for those of you yang deserve her. And for those of you yang nak carut aku balik...jaga jaga...kang aku hantar dia nyanyi kat rumah korang.

Live agik ok...(gelak jahat!!!)

Okler...sekian posting entry. Nak tidur la...meroyan da. The evil has spread. Don't stare at the picture of Elyana too long. Or in seven days blah blah blah....(nampak sangat tak cukup tidur)