Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 already?

Blame it ont he festive taking my annual leave for more than three weeks off refusal to go near a computer in that period...or even the Internet lines that were down internationally...

Apapun, hey...I'm back and blogging...

And azam tahun new year resolution for 2007, is to upkeep my blog to the max!

Which means setiap hari for 2007, there WILL be a posting. Mampu ker? Don't know lah...but tuh azam jer. So I'll try my best to make sure it happens.

What are my other resolutions? To keep on not giving a damn to haters...tuk terus ignore jer orang yang perangai cam binatang, and keep on being myself. I know what my weaknesses are, so no need to try and work them out one by one. Not like it ever works kan? Instead, I'll just focus on being a more wholly enduring person blah blah blah...

Realistically, azam aku tahun ni, is to steamroll over anything that stands in the way of my ambitions. For Christ's sake...I'm 30! While some people may be more ancient and antiquated than me, and not realise the urgency of the situation, I do...and therefore my will to 'make it' is bigger than ever.

I'm a little scared and intimidated by the scale of my own plans....tapi yerlah kan...kalau tak cuba camna nak tau. In fact, 2006 proved that no matter how daunting a task seems, I can always do it if I believe in myself and stick with it.

So my dream of owning my own outfit (as in company) is on the track, walaupun cuma sampingan, dan nampaknya sudahpun ada kerja nak diselesaikan dari tuh.

After setting up my little home office and all, in this week before I go back to work.
Whatelse are my plans for 2007? Make more money lah...that should be easy to guess.

Apa lagi nak perbaiki lagik? I tried self improvement for 2006. But then I found out that most people around me are hurtful morons who don't appreciate much of your attempts. they say, when in Rome...tapi takder ler sampai ignorance is stupidity, and stupidity is contagious as

I've always said. The old motto from my alma mater (ACS Klang katanya...) was Sapienta Est Potentia...knowledge is power. So having the knowledge to mingle, blend and yet not sink to the deepest, dingiest, dankest bowels of stupidity...will empower me. Ceh wahhhh.... yer yer je.

Oh well. Like I haven't been doing it. I suppose however I have to resolve to tone down a tad on honesty and up the hypocrisy as that seems to be in vogue lately.

I also resolve to NOT keep writing 2006 on anything that requires dates sebab terlupa it's already 2007 (this usually takes up to six months or so for me to adapt to change).
2006? Weird year...a few attempts at having a relationship - finally meeting someone and then having to put up with the whole tiresome process... a couple of ex yang nak wat comeback but I I drew the curtains on repeat

Job opportunities were really good this year, and because of that, my financial status was a lot more to speak of. It also laid the foundation for that I am going to do in 2007.
Socially? Friends come and go right? I stick by my 2006 resolution to easily be done with 'friends' is they don't subscribe to common sense and trust and loyalty. If that's too much to ask...then don't have friends la kan?

And the past year has seen me make more new friends...and lose a couple of stinking parasites and leeches who think too much of themselves but amount to nothing in the end (can we pronounce the word 'delusional'?)

Arghhh...enough of my resolutions and my ponderings....malasnya.

By the way...why does the onset of 2007 seem so boring je? I know they toned down (understatement of the year if it wasn't only the beginning of the year) the new year celebrations sebab Raya Haji...but really. It could have been just another day? Me? Stuck in front of the TV, before going out for a cuppa with a friend way past midnight to avoid dumbass revellers who insist on standing on street corners to holler and giggle sanelessly.

Aiyak...panjang panjang tulis but no real substance. Oh well...that just shows I'm keeping to my resolution to blend in with most of the idiots out there.
I'll just say this is a thoughtful and insightful posting and you guys can lump me in the other half of the general categorisation of bloggers lah.

PS. Thank you to all my blog friends I've made in 2006. To all those who have met me, or said hi tiap kali aku ke memana dan jumpa korang,thanks. Again it means so much for people to bother with our little personal space. You guys rock!!!

PS Pt II - Notice I didn't mention weight loss. Frankly I could care less about comments, biarlah...aku kalau da kurus sikit ker da gemuk sikit ker...ok jer. I'm still me, and that's what's important.