Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tak tercapai akalmu!!!

So a few people asked me kenapa tak update entry immediately after malam Muzik Muzik separuh akhir tuh on Friday night. Jawapannya senang sekali.

Aku letih siot!!!

A week before with work, then a week in Mauritius, then a week preparing for the Caramu performance, and it ended with a nerve-wrecking Friday night which was disappointing.

No lah..not really disappointing. Nak kecewa apa?

After all the SMSes all the support in the world as the show went on air (termasuk Marsha - thanks luv!)

Then there was the support of fellow competing folks (thanks so much to my baby bro, Zahid yang all out and memberi semangat tak abih-abih, and also Mawi for the verbal support) and people in the industry yang yakin sangat Caramu akan layak.

And at the end of the night, there was all the frustration of everyone else yang tak puas ati lagu Caramu tak layak, termasuk dari pihak TV3 itself (no names mentioned)

And above all this, was Nikki herself yang prove to everyone she's getting better by day, able to look good, sing her lungs out and tak semput (sapa kata semput please dengar balik ek) as she shook her booty to the beat in four inch stilletoes without raising a sweat. Sapa agik yang mampu? Then there were our four beaufitul dancers yang semangat nak mampos! You gurls just rocked!!! With the limited amount of time, it was awesome.

So back to the disappointment part...nak kecewa apa? Oh...not qualifying ke?

Adat pertandingan kata orang nak kecewa apa.

Besides everyone knew who rocked the house!

Even lagu bagus cam Da Bomb tak dapat....camna tuh. Aku budget if one dancey tune was going to make it, it would be antara dua nih....tapi jelas some people have more rock-centric punya citarasa. Takperler...meka yang dok kerusi juri.

But apapun, aku kali ni takkan carut sesapa.

In fact aku nak puji orang sikit.

Hah! Terkejut ke?

Thanks to the production crew of Muzik Muzik yang all out memberikan sokongan (matilah gambar kak Kelly sebelah ni sebenarnya warning jangan carut dalam blog - merasalah takut ngan Superwoman daaaa!!!)

Thanks to Nikki for believing in herself as well as us. Thanks to Audi and Nurfatima for the great song (walaupon apa orang cakap or decide, it still is!).

Thanks to Vernon for believing in something different for Nikki in not making her a stereotyped pop star yang akan bertahan.

Thanks to Ning Baizura Hamzah for believing in new talent and spreading her sense of beauty and fashion as well as musical talent pada adik adik semua (yang direct and indirect).

Thanks to the crew on duty in Boboy the choreographer, Famee yang make dan Maya and Wanie for the hair job.

Thanks to the lurvely lah-dies of Floor Fever crew yang danced that night (hope you guys left with more sense of make-up a ho-licious attitude) and thanks to Zahid for being part of the family and Mawi for his support.

And especially to everyone who cheered Caramu on that night and every day and night, whether it be in Sri Pentas 2 malam tuh, or at home depan TV or anytime anywhere.

You guys are the reason Nikki is there to rip it up for all...and she'll continue being DA BOMB!

Aiyo...macam acceptance lah aku yang bertanding dan layak.

But then again...the whole group of people above including myself....are winners in our own right.

Winners because people who saw the performance that night said so.

Not because four people sitting in front of the TV, on the upper level of Sri Pentas 2 said so.

So Nikki didn't get the biggie. It would have been nice... but no biggie. Yang penting menang di hati peminat sebab ramai sangat approach dia at the end of the night. She won alright...big time!

It's ok to go down in a blaze of glory, rather than qualify tapi pada mata orang tak layak (oops...rasa nak nyanyi lagu dot dot dot lak)

Oh by the way, pada juri yang memberikan markah tinggi (tau ler sapa), thanks for believing in the song too). Pada yang dua kertu lain tuh...tima kasih gak labu....patut ler lagu korang sparuh masak. Oops! Matilah tercarut gak aku akhirnya...old habits are hard to break lah!

Reverse sikit...kenapa aku thank Mawi. Sorry ek...bukan nak tompang glamer haper nama dia ok. Tapi memang dia support Nikki from the most of friends do for each other.

Masa pelancaran album Nikki during The Glass House Project, Mawi willingly came to spend time with Nikki there sebagai tanda sokongan.
Anyway, malam tuh tak sempat lak aku jumpa Mawi pas abih show sebab kelam kabut and all, so SMS dia ucapkan tahniah and all.

And then I got this reply.

Tak nampak sangat but you can roughly make it out. I blacked out the number for his privacy la of course sebab takkan nak papar nombor dia kat sini kan. Tapi dia SMS pakai line sama ngan one of my three ones yang tak store nombor dia, so the number popped out, hence the need to censor.

Apapun, the message reads, "Tq bro..ok nnti final aku balas dendam utk nikki..hehehe." Cayalah botak. Memang bananas in pyjamas ler ko!!!!

Well, whatever it is, aku memang akan support the one's aku rasa paling strong, which is Terlalu Istimewa, Mungkir Bahagia, Secebis Harapan and of course Warkah Untuk Laila, pilihan Anugerah Industri Muzik earlier this year for Song of the Year!

So anyway, another reason selain daripada letih was because Nikki ada show kat Melaka smalam, so drove up there temankan dia. Bukan aku drive pun...tompang je. Sayang aku yang jadik tokang bawak keta.

We got stuck for two and a half freaking hours in the crawl...gila ker haper??!!! It took that time to get to the Pedas Linggi exit tau...which usually would be max an hour jer. Sampai Melaka about 3.30pm after departed from KL at 12. Just on time for her show.

Walaupon kebulur, onstage ler terus. There was another show at 8pm. And judging from the support orang bagi, terbukti ler impak persembahan Caramu malam sebelum terasa. Nothing beats meeting the fans to feel REALLY appreciated.

Anyway...since we were starving, pas abih je, check in and ran out for some food. Can you believe it, we survived the whole day (no breakfast, lunch or tea apart from two doghnuts each??!!!)

Well, I had two and Nikki had two, tapi sayang aku only had one...from the six I bought kat rest area. Merasalah buy 5 free 1 gituh for RM9.50, tapi bayar RM10 sebab tax (ada abang depan aku ngamuk kata...kalau da RM10...lain kali tulis je RM10...jangan nak kelentong lak tulis RM9.50).

My fave doughtnut? The smiley face one on the left. Cute!!!

The last doughnut left was the one on the right, some chocolate thingie, and since aku dan Nikki da lahap awal-awal, orang rumah aku lak driving, dia stuck ler ngan the last one nak lahap.

It looked a bit no one touched it. Keji kan....but does look like...uhm...well you know...

Managed to update my blog only a bit outdated ler. But since bulk of people only read once back in the office on Monday so not too bad ler.

Apapun aku malas ler nak carut kali ni...serious. Kang orang kata sore losers, and no one here is. We'll just do better and better, and not really mind what people say lor... kalau ada rezeki tak ke mana pun.

Walaupun result memang TAK TERCAPAI AKALMU!

Matilah....but I'd like to leave beberapa persoalan untuk korang semua.

*Since perjurian 50% melodi dan 50% lirik, kenapa patut camtuh. Intipati sebuah lagu yang bagus memang melibatkan lirik yang bagus gak. But penting ke kalao melodi yang ala kadar, dan lirik yang tangkap muat lepas hanya kerana kata lagu lain melodi kuat tapi lirik busuk?

*Perlu ke penilaian lirik diberikan definasi? Yerlah...kalau ratapan bangsawan leh tuk kategori balada dan irama Malaysia atau etnik kreatif, lagu pop rock mana leh? How intelligent can a pop rock song be?

*Kelayakan juri untuk menilai genre. This one always an issue. Yerlah...kalao ko nak orang yang tulis lagu cinta jer, dan yang feeling cendikiawan nak analyse lirik lagu pop rock, dia carik ler bahasa berbunga overdose sampai tahap tercekik rumpai.
I mean, it's POP for crying out loud.

*Which brings me to the point. Rock banyak sangat sub-genre nya. And pop lak generally means ANYTHING yang popular so terlampau diverse nak longgokkan semua ala jualan murahan kain Kamdar yang akan jadik stok baju sesapa kat AJL nanti. Which mean reclassification of tiga kategori lebih perlu.

*Kenapa the POP ROCK in pop rock lebih dipentingkan. Apa masa depan fusion of R&B and hip hop? In other words... the pop that is today. Is this supposed to be just a fad? Rentak yang kononnya bagi orang muda ni. yang rancak...wujud lama da. Tapi bila nak diiktirafkan???
Or has everyone forgotten this started from zaman KRU, 4U2C, Feminin, Res2, Freshies etc over a decade ago? Ko hengat rock je orang minat? Even the rock in this country tak evolve sampai nak tiru muzik Indo...

*The fate to decide lagu layak tuh, betul ke layak dalam tangan empat orang saja (ketua juri dok tengok je keja sementara dua judge melodi dan dua judge lirik).
Apakah lak kesan personal bias kalau orang tuh rajin menyumbang pada artis yang ada dalam final dan mungkin digugat oleh someone yang decided better kalau disepak kuar. Oops....

Aku tak carut...saja nak bukak minda orang tuk berfikir. Positif atau negatif, up to everyone ler.

Check out the facts. And grow from there. No one can tell you that ko tak layak nak nilaikan something is good or not, but you have to be equipped with the knowledge too lah. Music is music...there is no wrong or right.

The only wrong in music is when you say it's not good.

Kalau korang nak layan more discussion on kontroversi Caramu tak dapek masuk AJL, surf on over to these blogs below. Click jer any of the links.

These are all fabulous people who know what they're all talking about for reasons of them being who they are.

Let me know if you have something to share and should be added to the list ok...

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So after all the damn hoo-ha over sapa layak dan sapa tak....this is the result of those who will be in Anugerah Juara Lagu 21.

Kategori Irama Malaysia Dan Etnik Kreatif
Hantaran Hati
- Nik Nizam/Rosminah Teh/Bob & Aspalela Abdullah
Candak - Suhaimi Mohd Zain (Pak Ngah)/Lokman Ghani/Syura
Warkah Buat Laila - Ayob Ibrahim/Habsah Hassan/
Zapin Cinta SMS - Anuar Dahlan/Anuar Dahlan, Atie, Gee, Ahmad Azam & Azlee Senario/Senario & Adibah Noor

Kategori Balada
Mungkir Bahagia - Norkamal Hazami Ahmad(Hazami)/Hazami & Ita/Hazami
Terlalu Istimewa - Azlan Abu Hassan/Adibah Noor/Adibah Noor
Ku Seru - Mohd Faizal Maas(Ajai)/Habsah Hassan & Shuhaimi Baba/Misha Omar
Secebis Harapan - Zulkifli Mahat/Noor/Nora

Kategori Pop Rock
Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta - Mohd Nasir Mohamad (M.Nasir)/Rosli Khamis (Loloq)/Mawi & M. Nasir
Juwita Citra Terindah - Mohd Nasir Mohamad (M.Nasir)/Mohd Nasir Mohamad (M.Nasir)/M.Nasir
Diari Seorang Lelaki - Raizan Zainal Abidin (Neves)/Raizan Zainal Abidin (Neves)/Pretty Ugly
Tak Tercapai Akalmu - Aidit Alfian/Ad Samad/