Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shorties are good!

Ni curik masa sikit nak blogging celah celah kerja yang bertimbun nih, and a bunch of appointments I have to rush for.

Just completed my interview with Inthira Charoenpura. Dia turun tuk empat hari tuk this little promo thing with the local media tuk filem Sumolah.

She seemed a little quiet and serious at the start, but hey, not all of us are morning people kan? (especially not when it's still noon...boleh?)
But things picked up eventually and we chatted on for about more than half an hour.

Really talented and down to earth woman. She's so tomboyish, and yet feminine in her own way. Very in her element as an actress tapi pada yang sama, away from every stereotype of a person in her situation.

After all, how many people can boast of being the highest paid actress in Thailand, be a columnist, as well as have three albums to define her as the new age rock chick!

Still on a film-related subject. For aspiring filmmakers, check out the BMW Shorties by clicking HERE or HERE!

No...no...I'm not forced by my sister to promote the competition...(ngan nada yang very the tak sincere).

Submit your short film of up to twenty minutes, and stand to win RM50,000 to make that short film of your dreams (not fantasies ah...don't believe we accept that kind of short films, even though there seems to be an abundance of those sort of local productions)

You can finally make that professional debut at international film festivals! For more info, you can also check out Yasmin Ahmad's totally fabulous musings in her blog, the storyteller.

Hurry now...only 56 days left (please, no America's Funniest Home Video like entries, ok) Take it seriously guys. This is 50K we're talking about.

Moving on... for those yang rindu Farhan dan Haziq, check out the Flashback showcase that'll be held a day after Christmas. Aku tak berkenan venue sangat, tapi if you guys are fans, I suppose it's worth checking out.

RM50 seems a bit steep, so the food and drinks better be worth it. Also hoping performance kedua Farhan dan Haziq, tak banyak lagu-lagu yang perform ketika kat Akademi Fantasia.

I want to see their growth, so hopefully...they showcase a more mature take of their abilities.

It appears blog aku nih dah jadik tempat adveritisng space lak. But I suppose some events are worth my time mentioning. Ok ler...nak rush abihkan keja nih. Lapar lum lunch...dan ngantuk sebab tak cukup tidur.

Malam ni lak ada event....pada mereka yang tau apa kena mengena event malam ni ngan Zahid, see you guys there ok.

By the way, aku pakai e-services ni (why the f**k it uses the name rilek I won't understand) top check my summonses tadik. Terkejut for two reasons. One was that it was a bloody short list.

Cara aku mandu aku budget aku da kena saman berpuluh da since the last time I checked sometime last year to renew my road tax and insurance.

Ni ngan aku punya road tax expiring on December 21, aku takde masa nak gi check dan bayar, ingat check online jer.

Mak aih...sekeping je!!!

Second part of the surprise....walaopon sekeping...dan dan jer tengok it's for, and I quote, 'Disobeying traffic sign'! Did I stroll into a 'No Beautiful People' zone? I'm sorry...seriously, since it was two months ago, at 3am I can hardly recall.

Tapi yang sakit ati nya, da expired benda alah tuh! Matilah ko...gila ker haper...tak penah pun dapat notification haper pun. Kira aku patut check tiap ari ker aku ekna saman ke tak.

Down with increasing the pay for government servants!!! Pemalaih tul...I mean seriously...cit...yang best thing nya...I distinctly remembering getting pissed with this arrogant traffic police who was freaking rude, and tearing up the summons as soon as he handed it over to me. Mana taknya...dia *ehem* sana...*ehem* sini...cam lain je (like we all don't know what that means...!!!)

"Bang..kalau nak saman...cepat sikit ye, banyak lagi keja I nak buat. I rasa abang pun kena makan ubat batuk tuh...kahak banyak kot..."

Sentap bijik dia...and he muttered somethign under his breath like, "kurang ajar".

So I tore up the summons as soon as I got in while my window was rolling up. Do NOT piss me off when I haven't had lunch!

Whatever!!!.... nak keji....aku pun leh keji.

Strangely enough...that summons lak takde...