Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mauritius - Island Paradise Part 4

Sampai pun akhirnya the last entry on Mauritius. So we begin the end of this posting with a little stupid trivia.

Pala botak paling popular ni milik sapa (kuiz keji tajuk albumnya!)

Ni masa kita in the van nak jalan-jalan last call gituh. Kami tak ramai, so kali ni kami jalan memang kengkawan je ler. More enjoyable than most of the time in Mauritius spent with a large group.


Nak finish kan with more shots of the music video for Mawi's new single tuh.

We had barely pulled out of the resort, memasing feeling nak withdraw more money sebab budget kalao cukup masa nak shopping lagik.

Dalam lepak tunggu memasing beromen dengan ATM machine tuh, aku pun start ler snappy pics sendiri sebab I just found the sky so blue. Not to mention we found the sign of the Mauritius Commercial Bank appealing simply because ada sebut nama Mauritius. Bukan senang nak dapat sign board yang ada tulis Mauritius mah....

This is not exactly one of my favourite pictures, tapi aku suka sebab of the location.

Little did I know what I started.

Pas abih jer amik pic syok sendiri, everyone wanted to join in the fun, and when we started taking group photos, the poses got more and more, erm...nak kata artistic became more berangan ler artistic.

Ala ala cover album punya pose la...cover majalah lah...apa saja ler tema, tapi memang most of the pics lawa lawa. Tengah tunggu kawan-kawan emailkan most of the better quality pics yang gorgeous nak mampos sebenarnya.

Yang paling cantik I have, take with my phone yang bawah jer.

It's a pic of me, Wan dan Mawi pose feeling mewakili Pop Rock (aku), Irama Malaysia (Mawi) dan Balada (wan). Why? Entahlah...pose bertema kot but somehow tak nampak ler mana relevan nya tema tuh.

Still I think it makes a nice shot for the album. What do you guys think? Ok so I'm no photography expert, but credit where it's due, I think the shot does work kan?

Ok ok fine...if nothing else the sky and the backdrop looks great and the pic has Mawi in it.

So moving on kami pun sambung ler the hunt for several locations to shoot Mawi's music video. Dapat ler beberapa tempat yang sudahpun di hafal.

One of these was beside the road facing a great stretch of coast line.

Benda pertama kami wat bila stop bukan terus shoot...tapi layan mamat yang jual buah sana.

Pineapple and much more fruits, washed down by ice cold fresh coconut. Aiyo...heaven. All while focused on this panoramic view.

Then it was time for them to go to work!

Sambil-sabil tuh, aku dan Marliah gatal carik lokasi amik pic sendiri.

And trust me, we had much to occupy ourself. Of the many locations, I think four in total we went to for the shoot, we had a lot of pictures ler.

Tapi the ones at the bottom are some of those from the first location, while lower kang aku bagik korang my favourite picture of Mawi during the music video shoot.

Memang cantik gila punya!

But meanwhile feast your eyes more on pics of people playing tourists in Mauritius, layan bosan ngan amik pic apa saja nak mengisi masa dan untuk syok sendiri.

The first two Mawi on his video shoot, then aku in the same lokasi layan bosan, third with Lydia dan Marlia in a three for no reason posing feeling ala Garasi and last one with Mawi in a mini forest yang memang picturesque gila.

Posing memang tak kira tempat atau keadaan la. Nak ada pic kenangan punya pasal. But I pormised nak share my favourite picture kan...and this is it below. This is one of the shots from the Langit Biru punya music video, so korang leh expect something like this coming out soon.

And yes, memang ni probably the first shot of the video (ala ala the video la not the actual video yet) yang korang dapat tengok.

Aku tanak watermark pic ni, so sesapa nak amik pakai, please credit and link my blog ok. Tu je aku mintak sebagai exchange nak pakai this pic anywhere korang nak.

We all had great fun traipsing around tapi sebab kesuntukan masa kami semua gegas kembali ke hotel nak send abang Ishak the cameraman balik nak packing. Kami yang lain da pun ready nak check out, so budget ada masa lagik nak shopping.

But by the time sampai, we all decided, there wouldn't be enough time to do so, so we had a round of drinks as those who could, freshened up for the long journey back that was ahead of us.

Kak Aina nak teruskan wat some last shots for the Mawi in Mauritius punya program dan kami berapa orang pun nak interview sikit, so alang alang together ler.

Lokasi korang akan tengok dalam program? On this swing.


A mystery guest!

Sapa agik kalao bukan Dadu the Dodo. Dadu nih aku beli masa kat Port Louis untuk sayang aku. Si Mawi pegi dera dia.

Siot je...ko tengok kang kat program, dia cakap cakap ngan Dadu dan tak pasal pasal zionis abih belasah Dadu aku tuh... siot je! Siap penumbuk pelbagai! Kejam!!!!

Dahler benda tuh aku beli untuk yang tersayang aku tuh...sampai hati Mawi terajang dia.

Takper ler...aku pas da balik, ayang aku leh kata takper...sebab bukan orang lain yang belasah dia...Mawi takper. Keji...

Speaking of the extinct dodo yang ala national bird of Mauritius... I think they're so cute. After our almost two hours or so from the hotel to check in for our DIRECT flight balik ke KL, I noticed this souvenir shop (which was peddling barang in Euro...keji teramat keji!!!) ada this HUMONGOUS dodo kat luar kedai dia tuk perhiasan. Aiyo...nak sangat bak balik. Tapi confirm kalao aku mampu pun, I would need to spend more money on another flight ticket just to bring it back, because it's even bigger than me (if you can believe that).

Tapi comel sangat!!!
kan kan kan????

So sesapa pegi Mauritius pasnih, belikan aku dodo nih kalao nak aku terhutang budi seumur idop (iya iya je...poyo!)

Anyway my trip back wasn't all that rosy. In fact it was the lousiest end I could expect.

Yerlah...a couple pf hours before departure, at the resort aku da rasa lain. Aku da telan berbiji biji Panadol da. Aku da syak aku akan demam.

And then to make things worse sebab nak pastikan masuk awal, to get an exit seat, aku check in terus masuk. Didn't help. I didn't get the exit seat sebab stupid travel agent couldn't even fix that on the way back just like masa nak mai Mauritius.

C***i tol!!!!

And then when da masuk, we found out that Mauritius was the only f*****g airport in the world without a smoking lounge. The only place we could smoke as we couldn't go out again, or smoke in the toilet was in the VIP lounge.How do you get in? By flying business class, 'by invitation' (whatever that means) or paying 30 f*****g Euros (or about RM150).

P*****k!!!! Memang negara ni gila ler bab nak wat duit. So in the end, tahan almost 12 hours in total, with waiting time and flight time, before I could have a damn cigarette in KLIA. First puff pun da stone.

The silver lining? The nice people at Air Mauritius at the check in counter was so empathetic about keadaan aku yang clautrophobic and realising aku need leg room because I am taller than most Asians and hence need more space to avoid kicking the front seat every two seconds, bagik aku two empty seats near me, meaning seat tengah yang ada tiga kerusi termasuk aku punya...empty!

So I could actually lie down flat siot! I had a damn bed! Semua orang jeles gila ingat aku bodek haper nak dapat seat camtuh. Amik ko!Plus I also had a good seat for Dadu. Yerlah...pas kena belasah ngan Mawi aku pun pamper dia abis abisan...

Siap pasang seatbelt and headphones and all.

Merasalah mesti ada yang ingat aku da psycho ke haper.

Lantak la...with no nicotine for more than 12 hours or so...what do you expect me to be.

Blame the damn Mauritius airport for that!

Bigger men have killed for lesser a reason that nicotine withdrawl. Matilah aku tanpa berasap.

Tapi survive gak..and reach back KL in one piece with a gorgeous tan and a lot of pictures to share.

Not to mention a four parter for my blog and the longest entries ever.

Did I also break a record of sorts for numbere of pics posted?

Ah...the little things always make it worth the while...

More soon...but no more on Mauritius.

More important stuff to share...

And lest I least plain water is free, our airport has a smoking lounge at least, it rains here and I think being away from my sayang makes me just miss Malaysia all the more.

Nice holiday la...tapi lama sangat pun rindu segalanya kat sini.

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri....lebih baik di negeri sendiri...kan?

By the way...I left out a lot of juicy details.... if you guys want to know kena lah ask me personally lah kan?