Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mauritius - Island Paradise Part 3

Before I start the next entry nih...the third part of the series in Mauritius (over tau sampai three parts dah), more interesting pics to share.

I don't know what's supposed to be so interesting about toilet signs, tapi seronok lak tengok tertulis dalam bahasa lain (jakun sangat aku nih kot).

Still I think worth a post kan? Ok ler kalao ada sesiapa yang nak feeling take up foreign language as an option mah!

Besides.... I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I seriously find these signs amazingly cute.

Go figure. I know it looks like I'm hard pressed to find stuff to share on Mauritius, but that's not true. Just think this is worth sharing.

Oh yes, of the many interesting bits of piccies I want to share, ada satu ni.

One thing I forgot to share is, amidst all the many stuff we all bought, most of which consisted of designer wear and stuff with Mauritius splattered all over it (stupids tourists), I think one of my friends ni (tanak sebut nama due to sensitivity of item) yang bought the most erm...unique thing.

Cannabis incense pine cones!

Aiyo...aromatheraphy leh stone nih.

I don't know what he plans to do with it, but I doubt you can roll 'em up or anything, tapi a real stoner would definitely appreciate the room when you walk into it if it was laced with this to spruce up the odour of whatever room you work this in. back to where I left off. Saturday morning they had a telematch.

Up to this day, aku ada routine yang korang tau. Hit the beach by 5am or 6am, and then tan job, a splash or two.

Tapi this time, aku skip breakfast and tidur mati.

Jaga pun da late noon, malas nak join apa games pun.

Not that I could because meka pun da abih.

Sempat je tengok meka fooling around on the beach. Strolled around as Mawi mingled about ngan peminat dia, and since this was our first real day on the beach (for most of them, but obviously by then aku da beach bum), everyone took a shot of Mawi with the sea as the backdrop.

You know what they say, about when in Rome kan? So took ler a snappy snappy of me and baldy along the beautiful shorelines of Maurities.

Pity my photographer yang amik pic ni fail sebab it could have been taken kat Morib pun tak nampak difference with the beautiful white sands and the deep blue sea hardly apparent.

Takper lah....

But like they say...if you want something done...

Whatever it is, I still kind of like this shot sebab Mawi takyah diposekan ker haper ker...this was just a real candid tengah gila layan the beach kind of shot.

Amik ko...sampai kat pantai pun pakai socks si Mawi nih.

Aiyo...tup aurat ker.

Saja jer wanted to share that too.

Anyways...lounged around, before crew Astro semua nak continue shooting tuk Mawi.

The programme for the day was free and easy.

The shooting continued ngan diselit shooting tuk music video Mawi yang baru.

I know some of you nak details of the Langit Biru punya music video, so here it it.

It's shot entirely in Mauritius with some of the most stunning scenery. The rest depending on the editing, I don't know ler how it'll look.

One of the first locations was smack in the centre of the sea.

A few of us ngan camera crew took a glass bottom boat. Kat kapal kecik tuh, lantai dia ada cam lantai kaca where we could see everything.

And since the water is so clear, when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

All the know the karangs and the corals (isn't that the same thing) along with the beautiful sea life (quite akin to Sipadan someone shared, but like I'd know).

Here you have a pic of the glass bottom boat.

Oops! That's not quite what I had in mind. Tu abang Ishak the cameraman punya bottom sebab dia sibuk amik pic of the sealife sampai tertonggeng 1001 posisi. Amik ko jadik bahan photography as everyone seated my side of the boat starting snapping pics of his butt while laughing away.'s amazing how mean vacations make you kan...

Si Mawi ni aku ingat seasick, tapi rupanya terlalu asyik layan the swimming critters and the plant life (not to mention the amazing numbers of gamat) yang we saw on the ocean floor.

Marliah however ting tong sebab mabuk laut, but she didn't like throw up or anything.

We stopped here and there for shots of Mawi for the video clip pose tengah laut gituh.

In another spot, there was this schools of fish here and there, which interestingly enough kalao ko hulur roti dekat air, they actually jump ala deadly pirahnas about to snap at your fingers.


And these fish were smart too ok...mana ada food chucked into the water, there they were. Aku pun join in on the feeding act ler, throwing bits of bread.

Amazing is the only word I have for the sight.

Sat back awhile as everyone was feeding the fish and enjoyed the distant shoreline.

I think we must have gone one or two kilometres away from the coast, and the sky and the distant outline of the hills and all were just breathtaking.

Got up again and admired again the sea life dalam air and how you could see into the nooks and crannies of the corals and all to see weird stuff peeking out and swimming about.

Ni some of the pics....

The first pic aku amik from the bottom of the bottom boat. Second ni just from the side of the boat. Look carefully and you can actually see the fishes! The third tuh the shoreline (there were actually some topless folk but I'm not putting THOSE pics here) and last but not least the beautiful skyline.

And for those yang nak tengok how Mawi's shots for the video from the boat tuh, these are all I can show you sebab aku tak amik banyak angle.

Nama pun naik bot, takut je aku terpelanting masuk air sebab it was just nicely packed with all of us, I didn't want to throw the boat off balance (aku nih bukan petite sangat - uwaa....feeling speaking French katanya...petite)

Not the best shots, tapi janji exclusive ok! And more to come too...and last shot saja je nak simpan tuk kenangan...yerlah...perpun I was there gituh.

After we finsihed with the boat ride, they spent the next hour or two getting more shots off a jetty situated at the beach.

We spent the time in the sun, then got on the pedal boat (rather lame lah...very the Eighties tapi fun lak) before back to the showers and preparations for dinner.

Same routine, except malam tu officially being our last night, the dinner was at the beach, with the traditional sega dance performed in front of bonfire and all.

And to make it all the more fun...we all had our last midnight swim!

And guess what? Mawi joined in too akhirnya.

Kesian dia sebenarnya...dia nak berenang pun suspen ada lak yang amik gambar dan sebenarnya. And will not see pics of him swimming here. Keji tau ingat aku nak posting gambar camtuh kat sini.

So we said our last goodnight in Mauritius (even though our plane was supposed to leave late the next night).

On this night...I stared up at the stars harder so I remember how they looked in Mauritius.

Not too different. Maybe it's just the eyes that sees them...