Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maurities - Island Paradise Part 1

Ok so I know I've been scum promising to update tapi nan ado.

However with good reason, sebab balik ke dahler feeling viral feever (dapat lagik ler MC dua ari) and then sibuk lak ngan menolong ngan preparation tuk persembahan Nikki dan Zahid untuk this Friday's performance of Caramu untuk semifinal Muzik Muzik Pop Rock.

Apapun, it's been a hectic but fun week walaupun the physical limitations of my body make everything such a drag.

Apapun, I'll try and catch up on posting-posting terhutang ok...sebab skang kurang masa dan peluang masa nak online...biasalah, orang disayang jarang ada spend time online, so aku lak takkan mintak dia dok sebelah tengok jer kan.

Nak update pun berejam jadiknya ngan nak letak pics and all..

This entry has been backdated to Tuesday, sebab the others will be listed as Wednesday, Thursday entries nak muatkan segalanya to break them up in for easier reading (and so tak seksa aku yang sakit jari menaip sebab banyak sangat nak update).

So let's recap. Tapi please be warned yeah...sapa yang line slow tuh, mesti ada pics yang tak muncul sebab loading mesti take forever punya, so pepandai ler korang kalao nak tengok all the pics.

The day we left tuh, aku memang tak cukup tido. And it turns out, I wasn't the only one yang takut oversleep because of the early flight. You see, we all had to be there by 7am, so nak gerak ke KLIA and all, amik masa, so lagik baik berjaga jer ler. Budget leh tidur on the plane sebab flight pun amik masa dalam 7 ke 8 jam.

Surprise surprise...I was among the first nak sampai. Tunggu sejam lagik ler sebelum sorang sorang muncul. And then, tengok tengok time tuh, that I realised it was some 50 people going along cause they bought the tour package ke Mauritius. Tapi bukan semua peminat...malah ada yang tak kenal Mawi pun ada. Meka apparently bought the package sebab affordable gila.

Beberapa orang dari keluarga Maestro, Astro and empat orang from media, dua dijemput oleh Hotlink, and two more on personal invitation dari Meastro (tima kasih Maestro and Mawi jemput aku join bercuti)

Semangat abih terkenankan nak seminggu cuti to what everyone has been telling me is heaven on earth...so walaopon ngantuk dan kebulur, sempat kecoh ler kat airport.

Tengok lagik ada geng sebab Marliah dari Kosmo! pun ada join trip ke Mauritius nih. Besh nih...leh wat jahat banyak nih....

Tapi my mood yang very the uppity, just plummeted ngan travel agent bangang yang bodoh nak mampos! Because of their numerous stupids delays, tak sempat nak breakfast betul-betul.

Angin ler aku. Dahler aku masa check in minta exit seat so got more leg room, dia leh malas.

Amik ko muka evil aku da kuar.

Dahler found out we had to stop and get off in Singapore on transit. Bazir agik another freaking hour. Aiyo...cam tak cukup ler travel time kita ni. Even with Mauritius time behind by four hours, by the time sampai pon da lewat petang. Cipert!

Sempat amazing race ke Burger King ngan Marliah dan melantak sambil tunggu luar gate for last call baru nak boarding. Aku onflight risau nak dok sebelah sapa (aku banyak sikit benda yang irritate aku nih) so I was glad when Marina dari Maestro dok sebelah aku. Pala sama punya geng nak travel ni no hal punya lah.

Belakang aku, terdudukler pasangan baru (pasangan pengantin seasoned da...takder ler baru sangat pon, si Nasser PA Mawi dan bini dia... Wawa ek nama?)

Nearby tuh ada geng kecoh lain, tapi seeing aku nak tidur sebab nak catch up on beauty sleep, tak larat layan. So from take-off aku da KO sampai dia serve juice, and then out, sampai dia serve lunch.

And then out again sampai da touchdown. Keji kan....

One thing that I did get up for was to laugh at the running of Air Mauritius. Aiyo...keji gak ler.

Aku rasa kalau trolley makanan dia siap caj, da memang standard Air Asia. Tapi dia punya cabin crew baik gak ler service, so tanak ler keji.

But dig this, you know like kekadang meka in-flight safety precautions tuh meka run video presentation, and not the cabin crew yang demonstrate? Well, on Air Mauritius, dia pun pasang ler safety video tuh.

The laughable part was this is the first time dalam aku bebanyak kali travel aku tengok where the PA system thingamajig yang contol all the in-flight AV ni located.

Turns out it was situated in the luggage compartment above one of the passengers' seats.
Over tau....

Keji tahap cipan. Perlu ke? Aiyo...cam mini compo jer benda alah tuh. Anyways, the comic relief wasn't quite enough nak betulkan my mood.

Sebab barely an hour of flight time, da sampai Singapore. No thanks to the so efficient Singaporeans and their manual system of registering on transit passengers, it took us a good 20 minutes nak get through everything.

It took almost ten minutes to haul ass to and another ten from the smoking room. Which meant by that time, da sampai pon time nak board the flight back again. What???!!! Yes forget about everything automated, tengok ler pic tuh...that's how bloody irritating it was to line up nak tunggu ler meka lepaskan sorang sorang. Dahler the whole bloody plane had to get off sebab transit kat Changi pun ada sorang dua je yang naik from there. Perlu ke? Aiyo....susahkan idop orang je.

Anyways, if there's anything I can say for the now done up Changi Airport (sejak aku last jejak some time now), is that they definitely have the best smoking lounge in the world among all the airports

I've been in. Aiyo...luxurious ok. Masuk pun, fresh je, takderler cam KLIA, masuk je selangkah da tercekik asap rokok enough to ensure four generations terus mati lung cancer.

Yes....sometimes the Singaporeans do get it right. Bloody hell, the smoking lounge siap ada sun deck outdoors lagik. Perghhh!!!

Back on the plane, it was back to snooze land again. KO lagik sekali...koma even! Mengantuk la asik bangun tidur...bangun tidur. Thankfully for the rest of the flight ok sikit, no disturbances, so had a few good winks.

Until aku terjaga tiba tiba sebab felt something. Aiyak...si Mawi lak prowling the aisles ngan camera dia nak snappy snappy dan video orang, sekali ngan crew Astro yang shooting this special (four part I think) programme for Mawi di Mauritius...korang usha kang kat Astro jer lah ek.

Anyways, sempat capai selimut, pocongkan diri, and continued with my sleep.

At this rate...memang eye bags are ineviable lah, Mampos camni..

But wasn't disturbed for the remainder of the flight until nak touchdown when aku terjaga sendiri and got my first glimpse of Mauritius.

Heaven on earth?I don't know...maybe it was just the grimy airplane windows of Air Mauritius, tapi the beautiful scenes were not very clear.. Take into account, evidence as proven in the picture on the left.

But of course ler that wasn't the best choice nak judge Mauritius by, because the country indeed is one of the most richest I've even been in. Rich as in the sense of the beauty and splendour of it's majestic natural beauties. Seriously kan...even the skies are more gorgeous here. They somehow peak your senses.

The skies look bluer...the grass and plants all seem greener... even the moment from the first sight of Mauritius, even the cloud formations pun seolah lebih cantik. I don't know...maybe it's because I've forgotten how the day sky is supposed to look sebab kita ni jenis spesis tidur siang idop time malam je ke...or the bloody KL skyline has been either so polluted or raining cats and dogs sampai da tak ingat what a clear blue sky looks like.

Whatever it is...this was Mauritius.The picture on the right taken with my Nokia doesn't even begin to do the gorgeousness of Mauritius any justice. Seriously....terdiam kejap menikmati keindahan alam.

Kejap je...the rest of the TWO HOUR journey nak ke hotel by bus from the airport sambung bebel kesentapan agik.

No wonder ler it took so long. Mauritius doesn't exactly have the most advanced road system in the country. All the roads are so narrow here, sampai bila ada oncoming traffic, tahan nafas sat suspen the two vehicles from opposite directions will brush past each other.

Scary ride....scarier accents when layan tour guide kita. Yes, to put it simply, the locals are best described as Indians stuck in the African continent, and speaking French. Seriously....

Dari jejak airport layan brush up my pathetic total knowledge of French (since I didn't know a word of the local language, Creole), which amounts to all of four sentences. English is supposed to be the main language, but by usage, I dare say it's the third most used language.

Oh lupa....the first thing at the airport I caught my eye was the Maaysian cars on the road. Banyak gak throughout our stay I noticed ada Wira dan Kelisa.

In fact the first car I spotted in the airport parking lot while smoking my first cancer stick after almost 10 hours was this car for rent.

Bangga ler orang gila nih keta dia kat Mauritius sewa almost RM150 a day....small pleasures and blessings eh.Anyways to cap off the whole day's worth of travel, the first day was over when we checked into the Indian Resort, an absolutely gorgeous place.

It was huge...with several blocks of apartments, which I have to say may not be as lavish as I would have thought from the outside, but were still not too bad all in all.

The first big horrible thing I found was every bloody channel was in freaking French. Matilah... tengok cartoons pun da dubbing katanya. Now I know how a foreigher feels when they tune into RTM 1 here. The only thing yang leh layan in English, was CNN and BBC, which reported the same bloody things in half hour intervals. So throughout the next few days, the only news items were the spy poisining case, the Pope's visit...Durian (the storm, not the fruit) etc. Boring!!!

So that pretty much cuts out any hope of watching semifinals Balada (keji berangan leh dapat TV3 via satellite tau!)

Semua da letih time tuh, and we hardly had time to explore much until dinner time as everyove was busy showering and getting off half a day's dirt off themselves from three countries yang di bawa dari KL ke Singapore, and now to Mauritius. Dinner an hour later and an early night in pretty much ended the first day of Mauritius for us.

But not before I took a sneak peek of what the nearby beach had to offer. Bukak pintu bilik and a stone's throw away from my patio, is this absolutely gorgeous stretch of beach

Ah....now this is heaven on earth. Can't wait for tomorrow morning...berangan nak feeling sunbathing nak tan kan diri (one of the prized assets to be sporting after an island holiday)I'll leave you guys with the end of the report of the first day in Mauritius with this little trivia you may not even bother with, but had fun with to occupy ourselves in the stinking two hour bus trip to the hotel from the airport.

We counted only a total of FIVE traffic lights in that distance of about almost two hours. Now isn't that just riveting!

I'll be posting part two and three of Mauritius and also persiapan semifinal Muzik Muzik untuk Caramu by tonight ok. Paling lewat, everything will be fully updated by tomorrow siang sebab nak clear kan stock of entries.

So check back and enjoy reading, guys.

Nak rush ke Plaza Alam Sentral for full dress rehearsal sebelum habiskan updating semua malam ni. Aiyo...peningnya...

By the way, if you guys ask me (with upset stomach for the past few days sejak balik Mauritius) how the food there was, all I can say is....uhm...ok.

Let's put it this way. Malam pertama punya dinner, aku ngan Mawi sibuk nak amik makanan, when we realised something.

"Eh...botak...ko perasan tak? Kita susah susah gi KLIA dua jam awal, abihkan lebih 8 jam dalam flight, ngan sejam singgah Singapore, pastuh amik agik bas dua jam mai hotel...dekat tiga belas jam, makan malam kita cam kedai mamak lak kat Taman Desa."

Needless to say that was worth a laugh.

Erm...need to rush off now...