Monday, December 04, 2006


Bonjour! Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui parle anglais? Excusez mon français.

Yes...I'm back.

To answer a few quick questions... aku tak posting entry dari sana sebab Internet connection mahal nak mampos dari hotel sana. Plus we didn't really have the time, with the schedule jam packed ngan sightseeing, shooping and lots of midnight swimming sessions. Yes, Mawi pun join - but no pictures of that, guys...sorry.

When will I be updating? Later this evening ler hopefully. Aku dah ler jet lag ni. Am down with fever lak sebab change in weather (sana panas nak mampos because we were there smack in the middle of a scorching summer - pelik...) So I have two days MC on Tuesday and Wednesday, in that time which I guarantee aku akan upload all 95 pictures selected to complement my entry for the days we were there.

And that includes exclusive pics of the shooting of Mawi punya music video kat sana. The first you'll see anywhere. Memang cantik...

And then pada sapa yang nak tengok how the trip to Mauritius was, nanti aku bagitau how you guys can catch it on TV.

Gastric skang ni...kena melahap, then makan obat, then rehat sebab jet lag.

Not to mention skin pedih siot sebab sunbathing overdose sana. Tak itam pon, merah cam lobster sesikit je.

Shopping? Aiyo...let's just say meriah light light ler. Came home with a few Burberrys, Armanis....etc.

Thank you to the weirdos yang sibuk call aku masa aku kat sana bazirkan kredit aku nak roaming layan call bangang.

Apa agik ek? Tu je for now kot. Kena abihkan story sikit, and then in 10 minutes nak gerak balik jumpa ayang bucuk aku. Seminggu tak jumpa rindu abih nih...arghhh!!!

Nak lunch ngan dia dulu and rehat kat sharing with you guys later how Mauritius was.