Monday, November 13, 2006

The orange

I am an Orange (Erik Widholm, 1987)
I am an Orange
I have appeal;
You observe me from without
Sensing shape, smell, colour
And the texture of my seal
But do you know me? How I taste?
If I'm bitter, bland or sweet?
Only those who go beyond
Through the toughness of my skin
Can ever find what flavor
There really lies within

Yes...more poetry. And this one I wouldn't have mind to say I wrote, but i didn't lah.Bukan pasal Zahid hanya kerana orange ok, but I love the whole symbolism of how people never look beyond someone to realise what's inside them.

Since aku baru lalui something very stupid and unecessarily burdening, it puts a lot into perspective for me.

I should realise my worth and tak amik pot orang yang tak value aku, tuh je.

In other words, I dumped you and had sympathy for you sebab sayang...tapi ko lak feeling ko cantik kan?

Matilah nak guna blog sebagai medan carutan peribadi. Tak penting lah.

Just to that person, grow up. Life is so much more than just what you think it is.

Janji semalam jumpa si Adik. 19 years-old! Woohoo!

No I didn't do rebound relationships...or even rebound sex (ada ke such thing?)

Tapi aku clear headed ler sikit. So easier to handle Monday!

Much to blog tomorrow....just needed to say something for a weekend that was made special by meeting seseorang yang da dimiliki tapi membalas ayat aku bila kau flirt.

Mmm...tongue has never taste so good!

Yeap...I'm back in the singles market. And loving every moment of it for now.

Until that person decides to grow up and let me know whether this is over for good or not at least.

No skin off my back. I can live..

(The Orange ni aku dedicate sekali to that person - hope ko paham you have a problem with your inferiority complex)