Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yasmin Ahmad

Ber SMS ngan Yasmin semalam cause I really wanted to find out if Gubra or Mukhsin grabbed anything at the 19th Tokyo International Film Festival which ended earlier today.

So too bad...kali ni Yasmin didn't bring anything back, unlike Sepet which grabbed Best Asian Film last year. Takper...Yasmin has been recognised, and that was the only thing that mattered.

For those who haven't been following, there was a 'restrospective' (yes I know not perspective Yasmin....SMS typo error - matilah aku wat alasan cover seriously...) In other words, the showed all four of Yasmin's excellent works in Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, and the latest in Mukhsin.

In fact, Mukhsin made its world premiere kat the fest...bangga ler. There are so many things we can be proud of, being Malaysian. Sadly rnough, not the same ones we are constantly being told of.

You know what I mean... Little joys like having an eloquent storyteller, who shares simple stories of our lives like Yasmin... for me, is a pride that all of us can share. To Yasmin, this entry is dedicated to you...and the hope you inspire in everyone who now understands a little bit more about how to tell a story As for those hateful people...screw them... you keep on touching lives, and that's what's important.

Additional info : The 19th Tokyo International Film Festival official website

PS : Sorry ler nak update panjang lagik takde benda lain... spent the whole of the weekened sleeping and watching the marathon of repeats of America's Next Top Model cycle 5 kat Astro.

Yeap...bosan gila...hope you guys had a better weekend than me. And by the way ek...jangan lupa...tunggu kemunculan Mukhsin kat cinemas soon! And also, for those yang carik lagu Drama dari Ning, Nikki and Yanie, look out here for news of the launch of the repackaged album, Maharani by Nikki. Bonus apart from the packed album of hits like Pinta, Caramu dan Imaginasi (the next single), expect music video Caramu dan Imaginasi to be packed along, as well as the bonus of the single, Drama. Aku akan post kan more info soon on that. By the way, aku link kan da kat atas all three of the divas' myspace accounts, so pop by there ok and add them. Yes it is their REAL myspace accounts, so add them. Especially if you're fans of Nikki and Yanie, because it's Nikki's birthday on Nov 1 (lusa) and Yanie'son Nov 14. So wish them la'll make their day.... And by the way, my own myspace is HERE, so do add me too. Cheers.