Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Transformers : More than meets the eye!

This is an update. For those who remember Seha yang dulu ngan Freedom, she passed away earlier this morning after losing the fight to cancer.

Say a little prayer for her, and to Muslims, sila sedekahkan al-Fatihah ok...

She was a lovely woman. I met her for the first time sometime in early 1996 I think masa dia handle organisation for the Press tuk Anugerah Industri Muzik.

I met her again a few years later after the landslide kat Bukit Antarabangsa and interviewed her because she was staying there at the foot of the Antheneum condo.

Had a laugh.... she's riot when when's in her element.

Seha... you will be missed. You're one of the few who has contributed much to the local music industry, and you live on in our hearts.

Sorry aku tanak wat posting baru tuk ni, cause I don't want to say too much about it... but things like this sadden me...

You guys have heard me go on about my obsession for retro cartoons kan? (matilah OCD!)

Anyway, aku lupa nak cakap... if you remember... Transformers...well, they're making a live action movie, and it's due out next year.

I've been checking it out non-stop on the web. Not a lot of people seem to know for some reason... the hype hasn't been all that great, and a lot of my friends sendiri tatau masa aku ask whether they're looking forward to it.

Me? I am so stoked about it, tapi aku kecewa sikit, like a lot of fans sebab I have seen some of the production stills and I think most of the designs are crappy if you were a fan of the cartoon 20 years ago.

Kalau baru minat lain ler... suka kot.

Tapi aku nak that sense of originality. Already fans everywhere have echoed that Michael Bay and his team are hardly fans, the way they've treated the Transformers theme with such disrespect.

Apparently Volkswagon tanak bagi permission nak pakai design meka, so Bumblebee daripada VW... skang akan transform jadik... Camaro! Aiyak! Tak kena tol... that's not even the character of Bumblebee.

I mean it doesn't look too bad... tapi despite whatever amount of compensation they have to make for the translation, they should try and remain true to the original.

Entahlah... I think it looks decent, but it's just not the same...

Don't they understand anything?

Optimus Prime is now a snout nosed rig, rather than that traditional form we've come to know him, and some fans have gone as far as to call him a gay version that has had his ride pimped.

Lum agik Megatron yang tak ikut langsung design generation one.

Aduh... I waited years for the live action movie to come about... and this is how it's going to look ker?

Here are some pics on the web yang basically shows what the new live action Transformers is going to look like.

My favourite Autobot memang nampak cam kena lak Pimp My Ride. Aiyak.... tak selawa ler. The beauty of the first generation of Transformers was the sheer simplicity and fluidity of the designs.

Ni cam kalau leh nampak cam like some metallic version of Spawn jer.

Tak besh ler camni.

Tengok the live version that they shot with. Tell me if that looks even REMOTELY like

Optimus Prime that we all know and love.

It's like a 70s pimp hustler wannabe makeover saja.

But if you think that's bad, then you have to check out the links below for some of the other designs, which are positively HIDEOUS!

I don't know where to start.

Blackout, Jazz... they all look bad from the prototypes.. the initial designs... and judging from some of the on location shoots, not much was made to actually take into account the views of disgruntled fans.

Take a look at what I mean with the sketches of Megatron!

More like Alien vs Predator lak.


Apapun, it should be pretty great, though as a fan of the original series I will be disappointed, because if the trailer teaser is anything to go by... hopefully it won't just be a CGI fest.

From the clips of the shooting of the live action effects in downtown Detroit, nampak cam just any other action movie.

Don't know ler.

Anyone got any other resources on the movie, just add yours below in the Comments section.

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