Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I know I haven't posted for quite a bit now... and if you get a sense of deja vu, it's ok...don't change your channel folks, this is still my blog.

Aku cuma had a lot of things on my mind lately, and somehow, I tried to articulate those thoughts of what transpired over the last week or so, to try and sort out a lot of things, professional and personal.

Biasa lah... nipu ler kalao kata hidup ni tak de masaalah lak kan?

Well, some good things took place over the past week, but also some crap incidents that really left a bitter taste. Yerlah... aku kan senang affected.

Sensitive and all... but after much thought, I can narrow my condition down to the title of my blog.

What can I say?

I admit to having a condition that's more worrying than anything else.

I have obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD!

Yes, yes... I admit to being an obsessive compulsive! I know lots of people who fit into the category, but I suppose that it would be a further testament to my condition kalao aku nak ngata orang kan in this case when I have to speak of my condition first.

Some personal matter cropped up and it really got me thinking.

As I was telling someone, I remember this episode of Just Shoot Me (trust me lah nak amik sitcom as the place for my life's guide).

Maia (I think that's how you spell her name was giving Dennis this talking to about luring this girl into bed. The office geek says, "so what?" and sets Maia off.

Despite the unsightly nerdiness of him, he actually has something valid to share (this is TV ma) and replies, "So? Who made you the world's moral police? Did you ever think that people might like you better if you kept your mouth shut?"

That got me thinking.

Yes, aku memang terkenal sebab molot aku yang main lepas. But I've always assured myself people who know me, will look beyond and know my intentions.

But more often that not, I am wrong.

I am blamed for everything. Don't get me wrong... I'm not trying to play victim here... no siree...

I'm too strong a character for people to ever believe I could be victimised...even if I am!

I keep telling myself I have lost faith in human nature... tapi more often than not, I stick to what my parents taught me and give people the benefit of the doubt, and end up burnt.

Mmm... is it my OCD acting up?

People have always thought me dominant and controlling. Self-righteous and ever the queen of justification too.

Aiyak...macam macam... I don't know what conclusion to arrive at... but then again, I'm not looking for quick answers. Life is not black and white... and it sure as hell is no sitcom.

Arghhh!!! Malas tul problems... but what can I say... life's a bitch, now so am I.
I will NOT wallow in my frustration and anger... tapi aku takkan benarkan diri aku untuk live life as if it's a popularity contest.

As the line in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? goes... "It's the insides that count!"

And perhaps people should just give me a chance - give the world around them a chance to know what's inside.

People are superficial...shallow... and that's a truth that hurts.

What's that I hear you say... we all are?

Yeah.. I suppose. Tapi I try my best ler nak...oh never mind.

Why did I indulge in that waste of space? It's my blog mah... and like I said.. it's my theraphy!

Why waste it on shrinks when I have my blog.

Moving on, those of you who were worried about my health, don't worry, I'm fine. On Saturday aku gi check-up... my blood pressure was RIDICULOUS!

Mmmm.... looks like my personal episodes bagi my blood go upstairs more than I thought.

Despite being the poster boy of Coca Cola, aku punya sugar level normal (makan hati orang ni dan orang ni). So I'm basically ok, without going into too much personal details of my medical condition. Tapi aku kena follow-up check-up next two weeks kang.

I want to rant and rave about something, but I think I'll just bite my tongue for now.

Let me do a quick recap of what I've been doing for the past week.

Sebelum tuh, here's a pictorial guide to some stuff that will live on in my memory, wanted or otherwise lah.

First up (drumroll please) was this stupid operasi yang dijalankan polis trafik kat Shah Alam pada malam minggu. Memang stupid nak mampos! Why was it silly? Walaupun aku rasa PATUTNYA tujuannya nak tangkap mat rempit dan bohsia feeling stylo tonggek tunjuk kerak, it turned out to be a badly planned trap yang saja naya motorists!

Too complicated too explain, but in summary, kami nak makan kat cafe kat Dataran Shah Alam, terus kena kepung with road blocks everywhere.

Sampai nak parking nak makan pun takleh sebab keta yang kena parking keliling kena saman!

Come on lah...tengah malam... nak parking mana? Alam Sentral?As if!

Pastuh? Nak parking hotel?

Polis trafik dapat commission ke dari hotel tuh?


Tak pasal-pasal kena saman sebab konon illegal turning (there were no signs even), WALAUPUN mangkuk hayun punya trafik leh divert traffic konon nak paksa orang masuk roundabout Seksyen 4. Masaalahnya kalau kami nak lari dari oeprasi satu hal... tapi kami sebenarnya nak carik parking kat area Dataran NAK SAHUR.

Bangap nya polis... aku kena saman, rilek je. Zack dah gelabah, tambah agik Ted kat sebelah dia.

Aku dok ngan pragmatist yang mendiamkan diri je.

Dia pas lecture Zack, polis tuh nak lecture aku lak. Aku pas explain dia masih nak lecture, aku terus cakap, "Skang ko nak syarah ke nak dengar aku jelaskan? Kalau aku jelas pun ko tanak dengar, aku rasa bang, ko saman je. Bukan aku tak mampu bayar!"

Terkedu sikit.Biarlah kredit pahala kurang sikit... tapi puas dari aku high blood kang! Tersengih abang-abang satu keta lagik yang dok kena lecture sebelum tuh.

So many things were wrong with the roadblock, sampai main fence off roads pun, takde safety markers sampai one motorcyclist (not a rempit) terlanggar dan terbabas. Kelakar tol... tapi kesian lak mamat tuh lak pastuh kena saman!

Kalau aku da saman da polis trafik for being so stupid and endangering people!

Next image to share... ni masa buka puasa Marhaban di Astro last Sunday kat Hotel Grand Blue Wave (grand ke?) kat Shah Alam.

Ok ler segalanya dari program sampai makanan... tapi aku turn off part ni je.

Look at that picture, if you can't make it out, dia punya air soya tuh, dari kotak punya, ala... yang Yeo's tuh. Not a problem.

I however have a problem with the staff, tengah-tengah orang melantak tuh, selamba

longgokkan the boxes and tuang masuk without a concern.

Ok fine.. so she's wearing gloves.... arghh!!! Pour it into a container or something and transport it before pouring ler. Oh never mind... just something to do with my OCD.

Next pointless bitching.... aku kat Immigration smalam to do my passport. Dahler thanks to some friends (you know who you guys are - tiga orang agik ni) bagi advice mana nak gi. So I took it and decided not to risk ke Putrajaya sebab jauh kang takder nombor ker haper... rugi je jauh-jauh. Then further delay nak renew passport lak yang tinggal tiga bulan lagik je.

So aku pun ke Plaza Masaalam kat Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. Matilah!!! Rupanya wat IC je! Detour balik ke Kompleks PKNS where the REAL Immigration is at.

Sampai sana, dah 12.45pm. Guard tak bagi masuk, sebab meka break kul 1pm (matilah puasa break sejam wat per?)

Aku pun kata nak tanya pasal rambut aku lepas ke tak etc (alasan nak masuk amik borang dulu). Dia tahan and insisted he could answer anything.

So I asked him nicely (muka aku leh nice ke?), "abang kalau leh jawab...then kenapa abang keja sini dan bukan sana (while pointing to the counter)".

Needless to say... sampai kat counter, kakak tuh rilek jerbagi borang and all (borang pon kena BAYAR RM1 ke???? - matilah very the extortionist!... just like the peddlers with canes selling tissues)

Came back after the break (kerana tension nunggu melantak McDonalds tak posa) and was back at 2pm.

Tunggu sampai 4.15pm baru sampai counter. Dengan penuh tension kat kesesakan dalam Immigration tuh (why do people want to bring their freaking kids along if they can't care for them - and why do adults as stupidly as rude kids, stare at you out of boredom until you wanna smack the shit out of them!)... I made my way to the counter.Only to find out, pics aku yang baru aku amik for RM10 kat bawah tadik... kena rejek!!!

Walaupun aku risau kaler rambut aku jadik issue, rupanya... kakak tuh kata piercing aku yang jadik hal.

Aiyak!! Aku kata mana ada ngatakan dalam pic tuh takleh ada piercing, lain lah nak wat IC, terpampang depan-depan!) Dia kata bukan sebab tuh, tapi takut aku takleh masuk negara lain!

Aiyak???!!! What the... never argue with logic of government departments... there exists virtually no possibility of winning, like the impossibility of there being any logic in the first place.

Spent another RM7 to take pictures from that instant passport photo booth. Kali ni lepas je rambut. Matilah mengerbang feeling ada angin wat music video lagi... mampos ler ko kalao tak lepas.

Ni lak... LEPAS! Matilah!!!

Rasa cam nak complain pasal the rules and procedures, and this is what I saw.Kat 'customer corner' konon leh tinggalkan feedback... kosong! Ada ler cebisan plastik kat dalam cam tong sampah.... I don't think I want to take one, thank you.

Bloody creeps... my first suggestion... make the customer suggestion work!

On a lighter note, kalao ko baca blog orang gila ni, I was said to have broken kerusi kat rumah Iban blueblood ni. Jangan percaya!!!

It's a set-up, and this picture (tangan Fiebie tuh.. as per trademark dia) and Juan sibuk pasang 'trap'. Ingat... nak percaya yang azab dan sengsara ataupun yang lapar dan dahaga!

And finally, before we get to my pictorial guide to how my week was (matilah seminggu utang punya posting all in one!)

Ni... masa aku ke Pantai Medical Centre, aku nampak public phone ni. Ok... so ni statement jakun sikit, but this is the first time aku tengok public phone camni. Lighted siot!

I don't know bout you guys, but since I hardly use public facilities, aku would hardly know ler. But this phone was kind of cool, and it was in the lobby area of the Centre sebelum naik lif nak ke specialist consultants' rooms.

Bentuk cylindrical dia pun cantik. Matilah takyah dua puluh salt lamps cam someone dalam bilik for the ambient lighting.

And finally... I promise this is the final punya final before we get on to the pictures I know all of you nak tengok (bukan banyak mana pon).

I had my appointment with a very friendly physician (nurses dia pun baik sangat... walaupun I think they were kind of freaked out by me - one of the nurses sampai berkali tanya aku kenapa aku nak posa)

So thank you Datuk Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir for being a great doc!

Caya lah... tak horror pun aku... walaupon memang aku menci nak check up dan sebagainya.

Trust me... I REALLY hate hospitals. Always think of them as places people die, rather than places people get well.

If you've seen me in a hospital before, you don't know how much I HATE being in one as very few people know my phobia of hospitals.Anyways.... ni Juan, yang temankan aku ke Pantai Medical Centre, layan bosan ngan aku.

We started reading a lot of stuff on the walls and boards.

Stuff about breastfeeding and all.. nothing much interesting to me.
Until I saw this little thing they had up on one wall.

It's a chart that shows the body's fat distribution.

Amik ko!!! Aku makan hati tengok yang women's fat distribution, takde sangat kat perut, and more on thighs and butt, cause that's what I sure as hell need!

Yerlah... the Chinese curse... no bum!

Tak caya?

How many male Chinese friends have you got? Look at their asses! Most of them will probably have the same flat butt! Memang orang Cina takde bontot ler...

Matilah mintak fat distribution camtuh... better cellulite than emptiness, I say.

Oh... camna aku leh lupa!
There's this picture I'm just dying to share!

Ok... for some reason, I took this pic of Ning masa kat Muzik Muzik last week... and for some reason she looked 'familiar'.

Aku tenung je kat dia until finally... I GOT IT!
Remember the original Star Trek which began in the late Sixties and stretch on and on and on and on and on...

Don't you think Ning looks like Nichelle Nicholswho played Lt. Nyota Uhura? Even though rambut tak afro, tapi there's a slight flip that is more or less.

Bibir dah konperm da... and the baju looks like an updated version. Teringat Ning kalao dulu pakai Motorola RZOR dulu pun... looks a little like that communicator used in Star Trek.
ok... never mind.. maybe it's just me.

And that concludes memories of no particular fond recall yang aku pun tak pasti kenapa aku nak share ngan korang.

Oh bugger....done already so don't complain lah.

Melodi Raya - Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square
Seleksi gambar of my favourites for the day. Linda Onn, Farah and Umie Aida.
Bawah tuh Yazer... khas wat Fiebie - peminat nombor satu dia.

Sambungan pics diatas, here are a few more. First of Ning, Nikki and Yanie di interview Melodi. Second pic of Amir from RuffEdge. Next is madu Fiebie, which is of course Ekin (lama tak jumpa dia). And the final pic, idea Vernon nak posekan (don't ask me why) is Nikki and Yanie sekali ngan Ina (merasalah Mawi takde masa tuh)

And here's the final pic. Ni memang khas wat Fiebie! (matilah aku!!!)

Drama - Muzik Muzik - Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral
Here's a few pics. kalau nak lebih go to Vernon's page. Dia sampai naik gila amik banyak sangat, sampai orang production da risau sebab da cue nak abih commercial da, orang tuh masih posing depan stage konon nak angle terbaik.
Ni bukan pencalonan, and Nikki, Ning (motif dinch aku dari mencarut - too late dah-ling!) and Yanie, perform as tamu for the show last week.

Berbuka Puasa InTrend - Menara Kuala Lumpur
Next lot of pictures ni, aku suka sangat! These are some of the people I consider family and friends (mungkin ada yang aku carut sebelum ni, tapi kita tak penah amik hati kan... tul tak Haziq?)
First of course Nikki dan Faizal, second solo shot of Faizal and third, Diddy dan Haziq together.

And of course, the next lot of pics, miscellaneous sikit ler. Nak list kan semua ke? Let's see, dari belakang, Diddy, Salima dan ZZ. Depan, Nikki, Nora, Yanie, Karen dan Zila.Mak aih...letihnya... tu pun baru satu pic.

Next... si Rich dan Lotter (wat per tuh main teropong teropong ni... matilah carut!) Next kak Shahila dari production team Diari Akademi Fantasia with Amylea, and last masa surprise birthday celebration Diddy. Dalam pic tuh sekali yang tak muncul lagik pic sebelum ni, abang Badrul the ringleader pun ada, Farhan... depan tuh anak Linda Jasmine.

Last but not least, the best picture of the day, for me. The two sexiest and hottest babes (like I would know...), Nikki and Nana!!!

Berbuka puasa Astro dan showcase musical Seroja - Grand Ballroom, Palace Of The Golden Horses.
Ok...so I didn't quite enjoy gthe musical, not because it was bad, but because memang it was the wrong environment....susah nak hayati. Didn't stop me getting more nice pics. Cuma masa banyak sangat, so ni jer yang aku nak kongsi. Below, we have Farhan,

Majlis berbuka Puasa Diddy, majlis menyambut harijadi ke 21 Diddy dan pra-dengar Saling Terpesona, single pertama Yanie dan Diddy
This was an all-in-one event... aku tak banyak amik pics. Tapi kalao korang nak tengok agik, tengok ler kat page photographer tak bertauliah, dan organiser.
Aku dari event tuh nak share dua pics je. And aku rasa dua pics ni make a good closing for this entry.
Teka siapa dua tamu kat majlis ini melalui gambar mereka daripada belakang.
Clue : It's not Siti Hajar, Sahara Yaacob, Alleycats...Don't peek at the answer below!

Keep guessing!
Give up?
Ala...cubalah teka.... korang ni cepat sangat nak putus asa. Cepat!!!!
No peeking. Ko scroll lagik da spoiler da!

Dah... so that's the answer to the puzzle. It's Yanie and Amylea! So that concludes my extremely lengthy (I think the longest ever?) entry.
I know I couldn't really focus, and my mind was scattered everywhere, but hope you guys made some sense of it all.
Esok and so on, postings like normal. So make sure you guys come on back here.
Things are finally back to normal.
By the way, it's not too late to wish THANK YOU to everyone for voting for Drama and making it NUMBER ONE kat Carta ERA!!!

Don't forget to keep voting!!! KLIK SINI and login with your epass and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!
At the same time, jangan lupa, lagu Nikki dan Zahid, Caramu, masih berada dalam Carta Muzik Muzik. It made it's debut at Number One there, and stayed four weeks, pastuh dropped and stayed at second spot for two weeks and now is at third. So tunggu apa lagi? PULUN!!!

Ok... now I'm done. Mak aih... dah 2.30am! It took me over two hours to update this entry... ngan nak wat gambar pelbagai! Hope you guys stay on for my next posting. Terasa lelebih rajin lak tetiba nak posting.

Nak sahur dulu...

Pada yang beragama Islam, sila sedekahkan al-Fatihah buat Pak Abbas yang terkenal dengan "Macam-macam Ada" dan juga nama timangan Pakcik MMA, telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada awal pagi tadi. Jenazahnya telah dikebumikan selepas Zohor siang tadi.

Sama-samalah mendoakan agar rohnya tergolong bersama-sama orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.