Monday, October 02, 2006

Can, sir?

Pagi tadi tak boleh bangun.

I couldn't get up, not because I was tired, or lazy... or just wanted a few extra minutes of sleep. I literally takleh bangun sebab belakang aku sakit gila. It had been hurting for the good part of the night, and it just got horrible in the early hours of the morning.

To get up. I had to roll on my side,prop myself up and slowly bangun camtuh.

Went to the doctor, got lots of stuff like plasters and ointment as well as tonnes more medication.

Pastuh check on another swelling I had masa two months ago jumpa doktor (cool doctor - Dr Said Ainal).

Not to dramatize the situation, tapi according to him, while it wasn't exactly a possiblity in his books, there was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini of a chance yang the swelling's cancerous.

So esok aku kena gi specialist at the Pantai Medical Centre nak check up on it.

Not worried... que sera sera...

The positive part about it?

I got today and tomorrow off! Well not today sebab I spent most of today in the waiting room sebab half the office seemed to be down with something or other.

Also had to send in my column, so bummer ler.

Esok lak aku Melodi Raya punya shoot, so oetang esok nak off pun, cadang nak turun sana sebab nak pasang telinga carik cita sikit...nama pun keja. This is the best and the worst part of the job... tak kenal masa tugasan...

Got a little bit of good news today? Remember I told you guys aku nak gi Singapore for the Jay-Z concert which will be opened by Rihanna?

The tarikh kat SIngapore cancelled I'm going about five days earlier to BANGKOK! (tengok jadual dalam entry sebelum nih)


Bummer of it all? Skang sebab kecoh sana kena wat visa etc. Binatang tol! Arghh!!!
Speaking of things Thai... (sebenarnya takde kena mengena...saja nak tie in tuk this part of the entry)

On Friday night (kira masuk Saturday morning), me and a bunch of friends gi this Kelantanese-Tjai restaurant kat Section 7, Shah Alam nak bersahur. Nama kedai tuh Vicchuda. Memang kira kita ni regular ler kat sana.

Pekerja dia kat sana semua memang fluent ler berbahasa kat sana... makanan pun ok... authentic. Walaupun a little more pricey than the usual kedai makan.

Anyways, mula-mula aku tanak makan... then thought, saja nak makan udang. So to avoid a mistake (hari tuh aku order udang goreng tepung, tepung dia lebih-lebih lak) aku order ler udang goreng biasa to makan with nasi as well as sup yang di order oleh orang gila.

Sambil browsing through the menu, aku dan Fiebie had a competition to spot the many errors in the menu. Here are some of them.

Matilah gelak punya gelak...mesti sampai ad akes pekerja dia lodah dalam makanan kita dalam kitchen sebab sentap tengok kita sedap punya perli dia punya menu.

Tu lah akibatnya kalao dah pagi pagi buta, semua stay up nak sahur dah tak betul da pala.... lawak bodoh pun cukup nak menghiburkan diri.

La di da... makanan kita satu satu sampai.
Aku punya sampai aku dah garu pala. Tul ker aku order ni. I thought I ordered udang goreng biasa.... bukan BAWANG GORENG!

Cause that's all that I got. Prawns dia ada ler celah celah.. tapi daripada udang tuh starring role, ala ala menjadi supporting role je. Matilah cameo!!!Sentap tol! Sampai masa aku nayar, orang tuh tanya makan apa... aku jawab, udang goreng biasa terlampau banyak bawang. I think all in all, the dish yang patutnya tuk tiga orang makan, pakai at least lima ke enam ketul bawang!


Tengok lah belah kanan... tuh sup yang di order oleh Fiebie. I don't know what soup he ordered... but I'm betting it wasn't onion soup despite the abundace of bawang all over the place. Harga bawang jatuh mendadak ke... kedai ni mewah bawang sangat nak clear stock?

Oh... by the way, speaking of Friday, I think it;s time to get back to the chronological order of events.

Friday morning I was buzzing cause I got to speak to someone on the phone and clear up something that happened the night before. Di amintak maap and all, so that was a cool to the last day of the week.

Then kuar bilik je, my dad said a parcel had arrived for me. True to the loving and caring nature of Pos Malaysia's caring personnel, my fragile parcel, kena humban over the gate. Yeap... just like that.

Apparently skang kalao orang hantar parcel. ko takyah sign ker haper. They just throw it in your house, over the gate....

Nama pun Pos Malaysia kan?

Still.... that didn't dent my excitement as I knew the parcel could only contain one thing.

My last purchase from ebay yang aku da nearly four months tunggu ni!Yes, yes... remember my thing for M.A.S.K. toys? That Eighties cartoon thing?

After getting three other vehicles on ebay (read my other postings), which is the Thunderhawk, Raven and Manta, I can now proudly boast of having an Outlaw!

It's the oil rig that converts into a mobile headquarters. Cool!

Pada sapa yang tak collect retro toys sorry ler... pada sapa yang minat, here are some pics of Outlaw.

The figures, masks and all small parts are intact. Stickers and chrome in perfect condition!

For a toy yang da nearly 18 or 19 years old, it's still like brand new.

Aku dapat jer, aku rip the packaging! I was so excited, tak sabar-sabar nak tengok this toy yang aku penah own masa aku sekolah rendah.

I remember I had it when I was about 12, masa tuh Darjah Enam.

Since then, tak tahu ler mana pergi nya collection aku yang da bersepah rosak dibuang ataupun disedekahkan pada cousin aku semua yang dulu memang suka nak datang rumah aku to find out what else they could bring home!

And I'm not joking about that.

Sebab dulu kalau cousin aku (not all ler... ada ler) yang tau jer aku ada mainan baru, mai rumah, pretend nak play play... then pastu nak bak balik selamba. Kalau aku protest, masa tuh aku dianggap selfish!

Aiyak... camna tuh? Setan punya...

Anyway, I remember it was priced at RM89.90 in 1988 and 18 years later, I got it off ebay slightly cheaper! And that's with postage and handling from London.

Amik ko!!!

Happy gila sih!

Siap posing kan the Outlaw tuh nak amik pics nak blog nih. Ni pas aku repair it.

The only problem about it, through no fault of the seller (salahkan Pos Malaysia) was a few broken blue plastic bits I found in the box.

Rupanya, because kena humban sana sini, the base of the canon dan pecah sikit.

A little unscrewing, glue work and assembly later, it was undetectable how stupid Pos Malaysia employees can be.

Sambil happy nak wat photo shoot ni, I think my dog must have thought I was bonkers.

Tengok ni... my pup, si Princess dok sebelah aku pandang aku semacam. I guess I did look a little loony over the toy.

A 30 year old acting all cuckoo over a plastic toy. But what can I say... it brings back memories!

The show was a cult hit, and I loved the toys, and it was the only series yang aku betul betul owned a collection.

I remember I had the COMPLETE collection of all the bad guys' vehicles!

Pas da play around with it and all, aku still cam tak puas ati with the parcel arring so late. I won the bid, and paid for it sometime about 28 June.

The seller in London told me he'd sent it within a couple of days of that... and since most of my parcels arrive within 4 to 8 weeks, I thought this would be the same.

But I only got it 30 September.

Tengok ni... the dates on the box.

You guys figure out the mystery, cause I sure don't have a clue why it was cleared by Customs sana (stamped 4 July) and dilepaskan sini hanya pada 28 September.

Salah kan sapa? Pos Malaysia?

Ke pihak kastam? Whatever... tapi aku cam da malas beli kat ebay because of one lousy experience. Tu pun nasib baik I got it...even though lambat sikit.

Member aku sampai da putus asa berapa purchase dia, bayar penuh tapi haram pun nampak.

The rest of Friday from there on was decent, but excitement over the Outlaw reigned the day.
Saturday didn't do much, tapi petang jemput Nikki and Yanie tuk berbuka puasa kat rumah bebudak Seksyen 16. Vernon couldn;t make it, so that meant ultimate diva pun takder lor, but still it was loads of fun.

The occasion? Fiebie nak masak!

Nasi ayam special dia.

And how was it? They say a picture speaks a thousand words kan? And this pictrue tells you how much was left after everyone went through it (padahal Fiebie ingat takleh abih, risau tak laku makanan dia)

And ni just after semua berbuka.

Siap everyone nak seconds and thirds, tak cukup lak!

Hah, tu lah akibatnya bila sedap ma..... konperm not enough! So moral of the story, next time cook more ek!

Korang cuba pujuk pujuk Fiebie masakkan nasi ayam dia. Chicken dia memang sodap gilosss!!!!

With the girls in mind, of course ler menu kena include healthier alternatives. Sebab malam Yanie ada recording kat studio, aku kena pastikan makanan dia tak affect sora dia kang.

And knowing that, the whole party, including Juan, Hatta, Wanie, Gina, abd the kitchen queen pastikan ada supply of not only greens, but also fresh fruits.

Aku hentam mango and apples... my fave. Yummy!

Abih makan, seperti biasa... jadik ular sawa ler aku.

Lengkap up to this point, lima hari aku puasa penuh, dua hari batal sebab isap rokok, and firth day yang aku tak psoa tuh sehari.

By the way, Sunday aku tak posa (mak masak banyak... tak elok nolak), today lak petang pas tension lawat doktor tuh isap rokok, batal)

Anyway, tengah meng-ular sawa-kan diri, baring isap rokok, bebudak kuarkan album. Yerlah, the makan makan was kind of an unofficial celebration of the team effort masa Anugerah ERA lepas.Semua housemates and friends contributed to the team effort masa event tuh, and this goes out to Fi kat Singapore as well yang banyak bantu.. sayang ko tak dapat hadir celebrate sekali.

Selain tuh, also nak celebrate the success of Drama punya performance sebab tuh pun teamwork... as well as kemenangan Nikki (nak ajak Zahid, dia sibuk Marhaban)

So for a while after, Nikki dan Yanie layan photo albums tengok pics meka masa kat Anugerah ERA.

Last last - amik ko... ada kelas tarian Drama lak.

Hah.. step nampak jer senang, tapi ada yang tangan sampai terbelit belit ok nak cuba ikut. Baru korang tau bukan senang choreography meka walaupun nampak kacang!

Pecah perut aku tengok semua bebudak nak try (kak Za ngan Wanie tak berani lak... tapi nampak tangan kaki gatal nak join tuh) time guru tari dua orang ni beriya tunjuk meka routine meka hempas pulas nak perfectkan for the show.

Eh... dah kul berapa ni.

Fast forward, Sunday was slower, but Juan lak sahut tugas as chef and whipped up laksa Pahang. Not bad ler... quite good I thought. Tapi aku ni memang tak suka laksa, so hardly would be able to tell. Matilah aku...

Okler guys... walaupun aku berbuka ngan berasap tadi, aku lum sempat makan agik ni. So ciao dulu ok.

Esok pas aku gi check up and all, aku posting guys take care of yourselves.