Monday, September 18, 2006

Can you handle THIS?

There is no such thing as talking too much.

I however have a problem with people who talk, but don't know what they're talking about.

Pelik... tapi memang benar. Some people can fool you into thinking they know a lot.

Especially when it's just words. Kind of like an online date after a chat... they can tell you things to make themselves seem awesome... tapi hasilnya? Nan ado. He or she will probably end just a PC geek with thick glasses, complextion or weight problems, speech diabilities or communication complications... who doesn't have much of a social life to talk about except for downloading porn and wanking in front of their webcam.

Habiskan masa today WORKING. Yeap...first day back at work, penuh tugasan over the week. Banyaknya function. Nampak sangat semua rushing nak wat event sebelum masuk puasa.

Sent in my column and all, proceeded on to other matters.

Kalau ikutkan, masa sekarang makin sibuk as my mind is working overtime to spread my wings.

People slalu kata... what do you know lah... when I make a comment.

Strangely enough, these judgemental self-righteous folk do not have any credentials to even raise the question.

The self justification of being an average Joe makes them think it somehow profoundly entitles them to a position above everyone else in the pyramid food scheme.

Me? A total of 11 years in the journalism profession with quite some results to show for in the music industry... I'm proud of what I've achieved.

No need to boast and show a million and one press clippings nak tunjuk aku ni recognised.

People in the industry know better.

The best form of recognition is the acknowledgement from peers in the industry that I have done well and contributed my share to the growing music scene in Malaysia.

Why am I going on about this?

Sebab I think it's now time to put a name behind the efforts.

Selama ni... dalam membantu menaikkan orang, aku tak penah pikirkan nama, ataupun wang Ringgit.

Now? My passion is still number one, as it rightly should be, cause in this industry kalao nak berangan je keja, takde maknanya akan berjaya sampai bila.

But now for me... it's time to make money off my ideas.

So I am finally putting pen to paper for my company.

I started the blueprint for the consultancy I will be starting off.

The parent company will be mine, tapi ada kot yang akan masuk sekali sebagai joint partner sebab there are a few parties interested.

My vision for this - the main company serves as an umbrella organisation. Works include PR/publicity/publishing and possibly recording.

Three other companies reside under the parent, satu khas for DESIGN which will be a label, featuring nama-nama pereka busana baru yang sudahpun mendapat perhatian.

The other will be the ARTISTIC which is a set-up of professionals in the make-up busienss.

And the third, the STYLING team will focus strictly for hair works.

In short, it will be the only one-stop professional image consultancy firm in Malaysia.

Everything you need is there. I'm thinking of adding photographers and videographers to the list but all in time I suppose. Banyak offshoot projects yang mampu aku nak add kan at a later stage. Growth is limitless.

Two out of three sub-companies sudahpun ada calon-calon to lead the company. Planning has now officially begun with the blueprint of the set-up beginning.

Hopefully dalam time puasa kang, everything will be sorted out and by Raya nanti, the ompanies will be registered.

Beberaps projek telahpun di kendalikan dengan berjaya... so it makes things easier.
Where am I going with this?

I don't just want to be another person with knowledge of Internet access to bitch about things beyond comprehension. I'm putting my money where my mouth is to prove that the industry can improve itself... and it is possible... and I want to part of the generation that INITIATES change.

This entry is more than about sharing what I'm thinking right now.

It's a manifesto...a promise to myself that I will do good.

No working at home, thinking I'm all that... I'm busting my rear to make sure things get done.

And the day's work da abih aku leh balik berehat to organise myself better, something I need to learn now... kira ok ler... aku da abihkan keja nak gerak rehatkan diri ni for a full day of events for tomorrow.

Esok ada dua event. Mula-mula kena gi preview filem tuk Diva Popular.

Then later in the evening, ada event Kelab Peminat Faizal. Tak sabar nunggu yang event ni nak tengok binatang molot poaka ni hadir mengedikkan diri. After all, some people are shameless.
Wednesday pun quite a full day with launching event untuk Mawi. Banyaknya nak launching. MTV dan MTV Karaoke Yang Tercinta, Selingkar Kasih dan Konsert Fantasia Mawi. Merasalah orang ni pasti mencarut pasal ni sebab masih lum puasa.

There's tonnes of miscellaneous stuff I have to do as well, so it appears aku balik je cuti seminggu terus stacked to the max.

Seronok sebab mungkin I will be going to Singapore next month. Tuk apa? Jaz-Z punya concert.

Mintak-mintak dia bak Beyonce sekali. Tapi unlike some people, I won't tag along as kuli batak ler... kalau ikut planning, aku gi pun posisi terhormat sikit.

Alamak.... entry pendek ni menjalar da. Ok...gotta go. Proper posting esok.