Friday, September 29, 2006


Just to let you guys know... tengok senarai ni ek. This is the tour dates for Jay-Z. Check out the highlighted date.

Sept. 9: Krakow, Poland (Coca-Cola SW Live Festival)
Sept. 10: Bratislava, Slovakia (Incheba)
Sept. 15: Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall)
Sept. 16: Germany (TBA)
Sept. 18: Istanbul (Refresh the Venue)
Sept. 19: Athens (Olympic Arena)
Sept. 21: Manchester, England (Evening News Arena)
Sept. 22: Glasgow (SECC)
Sept. 23: Birmingham, England (National Indoor Arena)
Sept. 24: London (Wembley Arena)
Sept. 26: Dublin (the Point)
Sept. 27: London (Royal Albert Hall)
Sept. 29: Paris (Le Zenith)
Sept. 30: Milan (Fiera di Milano)
Oct. 2: Barcelona (Teatro Heineken)
Oct. 4: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Diamond Jubilee)
Oct. 6: Accra, Ghana (Accra Conference Center)
Oct. 7: Lagos, Nigeria (Ocean View)
Oct. 9: Luanda, Angola (Cine Karl Max)
Oct. 11: Cape Town, South Africa (Belleville Velodrome)
Oct. 13: Durban, South Africa (ABSA Stadium Outer Fields)
Oct. 14: Johannesburg (Coca Cola Dome)
Oct. 17: Hong Kong (TBA)
Oct. 18: Bangkok, Thailand (BEC Tero Hall)
Oct. 20: Seoul, Korea (Walker Hill Gayagum Concert Hall)
Oct. 21: Taipei, Taiwan (Taipei Dome)
Oct. 23: Singapore, Singapore (Suntec City Concert Hall)
Oct. 25: Sydney (Entertainment Centre)
Oct. 27: Brisbane, Australia (Entertainment Centre)
Oct. 28: Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena)

Hah! And guess who's going to be there. It's almost confirmed that me, myself and I will be in Singapore to watch Jay-Z.. LIVE!!!
Plus get this, who else is there.

RIHANNA!!! (pada yang sapa tatau tuh, ala lagu hit dia tuh Pon Your Replay dan remake of Tainted Love yang bertajuk S.O.S) tuh! Yeap, Rihanna is apparently going to open for Jay-Z on the Singapore leg of the tour.

I'm hoping Beyonce will be there too, but hey, Rihanna there is going to be enough for me.

At the moment, yang nak confirm, samaada aku dapat interview meka ke tidak.

Tak silap aku, tarikh tuh da first day Raya, so ok gak...there won't be much rush for travelling and all.

Aku tak minat sangat Jay-Z...but ok jer lah kalao dapat interview dia, tapi kalau dapat nak one on one ngan Rihanna, WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Moving on, hari tuh aku ada dapat a 3gp video on my phone daripada seorang kawan. Tanak ler sebut sapa orang tuh, sebab nanti dia marah. Kena tunggu dapat izin, walaupun nak kreditkan.

Anyway, video ni memang circulating skang ler. Dan ada member wartawan lain yang curious gak mintak video ni sebab kita banyak wat liputan selama ni, dan wat memacam andaian based on our interviews and comments orang je.

Anyway, for all of you guys yang curious, I'm of course talking about kes Lisdawati dan Rita Rudaini.

Remember past posting aku the day before the incident was reported in the papers? Ni link dia to the previous entry of mine - CLICK HERE.

Aku terbeliak bijik mata aku. Perghh!!!

The stories and eyewitness accounts don't cut it ler.

This is one heck of a b***h fight! Memang power punya bukan je tarik rambut segala! Apapun, I want RIta Rudaini on my team!!! That girl can smack the bejeebers out of you.

This is definitely the action sequence of the year... hope meka masukkan scene ni dalam the production punya final cut sebab now, that's a real fight sequence. Bukan cam all the lembik stuff you see in the local productions! A gem for sure!

Kalau korang nak tengok file tuh, it's been uploaded on youtube, and I've linked it kat bawah ni.

Aku ada 3gp file dia (tima kasih, dik oi!) but I guess sapa yang nak tuh, kalau jumpa aku mintak jer lah. Sebab aku malas nak offer for upload upload ni.

Kalau korang nak tengok clip kat bawah ni, pastikan you have a decent Internet connection, kalau tak semput ler sikit aksi dia.

On dial-up usually sucks ler, tapi you can try your luck. By the way kalao gambar tak gerak ker, or anything else, there could be a host of problems, like your browser tak flash enabled etc...pepandai carik jalan sendiri ler ek.

That's all for today's posting. Aku nak gi berbuka sat agik ni. Walaupun takde hala tuju, I'll find somewhere decent nak berbuka. Baru masuk empat hari aku posa. Kantoi dua hari so far.

Selamat berbuka to everyone...dan selamat melantak pada meka yang tompang berbuka walaupon tak posa.

PS. Jangan lupa the crystal salt lamps tuk RM100. Read previous entry kalau tatau what I'm talking about.

Light up my life!

Two days tak posting entry baru. So much for azam nak posting everyday for this week. Damn... sibuk... (alasan biasa)...malas (alasan lagik terbiasa), sekali campur ngan takde sangat benda nak posting, tu yang slow sikit sehari dua.

But wait a minute! Nak kata takde benda nak posting, tipulak kan?

Ada sebenarnya... so I guess we have to revert to the other two excuses ler.

Let me see... apa aku buat ek?

Well, Wednesday takder ler apa sangat aku buat. Aku cuma last minute gi Maestro sat nak wat benda sikit. Ada ler... patutnya singgah sat jer pastuh berbuka, tapi sebab ada yang sampai awal (perli tuh), aku pun da stuck on the PC, terus bukalah kat mamak kat bawah jer alamatnya.Tengah makan tuh, one of the things I hate most when at a mamak!

Which is?

Idiots talking about football cam ler meka tahu sangat!

"I tell you aa macha... he cannot play grandmother can run circles around him!"

"No lah, I tell you it's all psychological lah. The English they have their whole careers to have their best season! Foreign signings have only a shelf life of three seasons!"

What the... opah korang ler.

Aku nak makan pon korang cakap cam nak beli Manchester United lak.

Poser gila!

Dahler kuat nak mampos cam pakai PA sekolah time Hari Sukan!

Yang besh nyer, yang cakap semua examplary posers, pakai baju Manchester United nih (walaupun jersi ciplak!)

Aku jeling atas bawah, tengok-tengok, semakin kuat lak cakap.

Sorang tuh, yang paling banyak mulot dan walaupon badan besau, sora kicik ala Minnie Mouse) pakai baju lengan pendek... uwaaa. macho konon.

Tattoo siot belah kanan lengan dia.

It would have been OK I guess, kalau a) kerak kat leher tuh tak tebal gila! b) tattoo bukan yang burok dan tak lengkap stok buat sendiri (aku punya lagik cantik tapi tak tayang pon!) and c)dia pakai terompah!

As in clogs... terompah kan?

Takde selipar jepun ker haper ke?


Cam Ah So mana baru balik pasar lak!

Take a close look at the pic.

Aku so annoyed, I had to snap a pic of the idiot, making it therapeutic to run scenes of homicide without any actual harm inflicted as I got all pissed off.

Jangan tatau, mamat pastuh feeling macho tengah pose, leh kind of jiggle his cellulite thighs sambil terimpah dia "kluk* *kluk* *kluk* *kluk* *kluk*... sodih!

So contributing more to the decibel level, aku punya blood shoot upstairs.

Yes, it seems trivial for some, but things irritate me... small things, like ugly freaks (I'm a cute freak - matilah carut diri sendiri!) making a din in a public place while trying to grab attention by being a footie poser is one of it.

Some people just exist to be irritating.

I know some assholes like that. Those are the type that... yes, you guess it, let's all say it together now, "have no communication skills or social life, and wank off in front of the PC every night in front of their webcam while making everyone believe they're saving the whales or something with their blog".

Ooops.... didn't mean anyone specific.

I guess generally we all know DORKS like that.

Anyway the bunch of idiots buggered off shortly after we (we were joined by abang Eidil Maestro) wanted to make a move.

Thankfully... because apart from the noise and visual pollution, we caught a whiff of a rather unpleasant odour emanating from their direction.

Aiyak... all that AND BO?

You've got to be kidding??!!!

Some people just have it real bad... and they don't even know it!

Now that just proves my motto for idiots is so true.

Ignorance is bliss.

What they don't know won't hurt them.

They just revel in their pathetic conditions without realising what an irritance they are to the rest of the world.

Kind of like cockroaches I suppose...and mama Rossa (kalau tatau bab cita nih ko kena gi Fiebie punya blog. Tuh lagik satu binatang bertopeng manusia)

This entry so far sounds hateful right?

To some extent it is... because these are things we can never change around us, so I write about it because it's MY thoughts, in MY blog, telling things that cheese ME off.

Yes yes.. now you get the picture.

It's all about ME, MYSELF and I!

Self indulgent? Er... you missed the point, right, because isn't THAT the point?

Anyway, called around by Fuse Studio kat Petaling Jaya.

Ada apa?

Well... dulu Nikki dan Zahid wat lagu Caramu kita rahsiakan kan?

Well, sekarang benda ni lak, takleh rahsia lain, walaupun ada yang keji kata aku pecah lobang...padahal dia forgetful!

Of course, I'm talking about another collaboration of Artistes United dengan Maestro punya artiste through f-tersix Productions, iaitu projek duet Yanie dan Diddy.

Meriah kekecohan dalam studio.
Actually bukan kali pertama pun...meka masuk studio bersama. Just malam tuh ada photography sikit tuk majalah dalam studio, pose pose cam wat recording.

Bersama ngan producer, Audi Mok (yang responsible for Caramu), meka pon sibuk ler tuh nih tuk the recording.

Tengok pic meka ler... kegilaan dalam studio!

Meriah meka nih nampak manja ngan Audi.

Sambil meka gila-gila tuh, ada ler two evil witches watching from the side, ready for the interruption of the expected killjoy.. sapa agik kalau bukan para manager budak dua orang tuh, iaitu, yang pushy dan gatal serta yang pushy dan garang. Matilah aku kena carut ngan dua orang pasni!

We hung out a bit then Diddy dapat call dari Haziq. Dah janji kita semua nak sahur sekali, tapi sebab dia tak call, so aku anggap dia lum settle ler urusan dia sebab kata nak beli baju Melayu segalanya kan... in the end we picked Haziq up and headed back to the studio.

Lepas settle semua, kita gi ler sahur kat Lotus dekat PJ Hilton. Mak aih... letih siot. Then it started raining lagik.

Lagik rasa nak KO je sebab da tak larat with the cold and all. Mata yang berat sampai rumah je terang.

Paksa jugak diri tidor... which reminds me, I really have to go and pick up some Xanax from my doctor again.Mintak mintak dapat lagik prescription ler.

Anyway, kalau you guys wanna read more about Yanie dan Diddy punya duet bertajuk Saling Terpesona, or whatever it's supposed to be named by an indecisive person....try clicking HERE (ni ada links buang masa so be warned) or HERE (ni lak tak rajin update).

Anyways.... bab semalam, somehow a lesson came in an unusual form.

I hate this... but it seems happening to me over and over again. Somehow, I always bump into the nastiest assholes, who stretch taking advantage to the limit.

Well, maybe not exactly taking advantage... more like taking for granted ler.

You so sure, orang nak kawan, you pull all sort of idiotic stunts which stretches the person's limits of patience.

Well... at some point you just snap. With one person... aku da tak kuasa nak layan sebab kesabaran aku da habih. Jangan rasa aku ni takder perasaan atau feeling nak diplomatic je keja nak wat kawan ngan ko kena put up with all sorts of crap.

Sorry kid... but maybe you'll learn your lesson after this.

With sorang agik, aku panas sebab dia ni feeling have the best of both worlds.

The reality in life is sometimes, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE!

Whatever... some people just try to be oh so diplomatic kerana memetingkan diri sendiri. So I guess at some point, I will too. Bound to be hell when that happens, but hey, that's what you call shit hitting the fan.

When you say friendshio is important, yes... words are not enough. Dahler. Malas lecture lagik.
Kang ada benda jadik, nothing change sit. Malas tegur lagik. When something pisses me off, it just pisses me off.

Arghhh... with all that off my chest, hari ni aku relaxed.. .relatively. The last few days have been lazy for me, and today was no exception.

Suppose must be the weather.

Anyway, hari ni at least takde dilemma nak bukak posa kat mana (hate it when tatau mana nak berbuka... a million places and one, but cannot settle on one)

Tadik gi berbuka posa (plus launching seribu album dan sebagainya - biasalah, budget jadik all in one function) bersama Siti Nurhaliza... oh and artis artis bawah SRC.

Venue : at Armada Hotel.

Or so I thought.

Sebab kalau ikutkan, tengok kat meja, Armada became Armadada!

Matilah hotel owned by sedara pada Queen Amidala ke? Ke inspired by telur dadar! So now you realise that when people say haughtily "even a monkey can do that", they mean really intelligent monkeys.

Because whoever did this thingie on the tables really needed more than a spellchecker kalau tempat keja sendiri pun tak tau. Apa da...

Kalau aku boss sana pecat da. You don't even know who signs your paychecl???
Obviously at the event, everyone dari tamu lain sampai ke media, everyone tunggu one person je muncul.

Sapa lagik kalau bukan Datin Siti Nurhaliza (tul ler Siti, ko glowing glowing ler muka ko... very the naik seri - must be the air or the sun or something in Hawaii - keji pasni matilah aku... ampun Datin!)

Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa tak mai, sobuk ngan urusan lain kata Siti.

OK jer. Yang pentingnya, tetap ke mana Siti pergi, biasalah ada yang feeling turned professional photographer walaopon camera masih tahap pakai film. Oops!

Out of curiousity, i wonder how long these people keep their pictures.

I mean, if any of them are bloggers, I suppose I can understand they're posting it to share. Or maybe kalau meka ni forummers, nak sharing is caring pics meka fineler...

But, what else could justify getting into a scrum and engaging in a virtual bloodbath, only to take a picture of the tip of Siti's nose for example, while someone's armpit in the same frame, along with the top of someone else's head.


Well, whatever rings your bell. Seronok lak tengok meka ni semua rushing rushing nak amik pic sambil jamu buahan. Yer...I say fruits because makanan kuar nak amik je da abih!

Sempat amik beberapa cucuk satay je! Turns out patutnya hotel staff replenish makanan, tapi sebab sibuk nak tengok Siti, dan berbuka posa ngan guest (I actually saw their staff hentam makanan buffet depan depan, and melantak squatting beside the tabloe meka serving), there was no food left almost immediately as soon as Azan.

Aiyak... tau ler nak berbuka as well. But keja service line ni camnih ke perangai. Aduh... tak professional. Whatever...


Show yang konon penuh surprise (propah by the emcee) cam drama sekolah rendah). Kuar isap rokok jer ler keja. Lepak ngan teman dari Melodi dan cita sikit. Banyak gosip nak kongsi.

Panasssss panaasss....

Pastu press conference. Kecoh! Mana taknya ada PR BANGANG tak reti buat keja feeling diva... kalahkan artis.

Bodoh ker haper... cam tak penah buat event je. Seb baik Siti bukan artis baru, orang terus tak kuasa je ngan PR sotong kertu tuh. Kowser! Kalau artis baru mesti kena blacklist da huru hara camtuh.

Siti tetap rilek jer...20 minutes later (sambil sotong kertu kedut bising in the background) we finished the PC.

Nak tengok pics?

Ni dia...just a few sebab masa tuh bilik tuh dah ler sempit, ada ler orang tak reti pikir yang ramai press akan hadir kot (ke dia ingat orang nak gi makan je tak wat keja - bukan cam SOME people who do that - but only if alcoholic beverages)

Tapi terubat ler tension tengok Siti.


There is this newly married person... if you know what I mean.

The whoopie MUSt be really good!!!!

Wonder where can get some of those. (matilah aku... ampun Datin!)

Here's just one more pic of her at the press conference.
Malas sebenarnya terpikir nak transfer banyak banyak pic nak posting, so hopefully this is enough for you guys.

By the way, kalau peminat SIti, jangan lupa blog PEMINAT NOMBOR SATU SITI NURHALIZA. (yang bloggers lain tuh ngaku lebih lebih nak ampu jer)

Banyak sembang ngan Faizal dari Hot FM. Ada ler benda nak sharing is caring tuh nak cita.

Tapi yang best sekali, jumpa si Amir dari Sofaz.

Honestly, aku tak layan sangat lagu meka, walaupun secara jujur, I think they're ok ok jer cause heard them perform kat RTM sekali.

Anyway, aku penah jumpa Amir ni sekali masa nak jumpa si Bob pas rehearsal show kat Auditorium RTM.

Masa tuh planning nak melantak, tengok tengok si Tomok (tak baik korang gelak) dan si Amir ada sekali. And one more guy tapi tak ingat sapa.

Anyway masa tuh lepak lepak, sempat ler kita gila gila sok sek sembang, baru kenal Amir bebetul sebab dia memang ramah mesra very the kempen kerajaan.

Anyway, awal masa serempak dia mai meja salam, Tapi aku tak tegur sebab tatau dia ingat ke tak.

Dia lak ingat aku tak ingat kat dia, so tak berani tegur. Setakat salam biasa.


Last last aku tegur dia kat luar, dia leh kata, "Ingat pun kat kita... ingat da tak ingat"

Pulak... setan tul dak ni.

Balik ke opis abihkan keja... then pastuh jumpa Fiebie kejap.

Hah... jangan tatau. Kami wat business tuk kumpul duit Raya secara kecil kecilan (yerlah orang semua wat duit nak belanja Raya, kita pun nak).

Pernah tak dengar salt crystals?

Well, kalau tatau salt crystal lamps tuh apa, CLICK SINI.

I don't really know how much they cost outside, but according to Vernon (a believer of them), they're sold for about RM200 and above kat tempat cam MidValley dan Ikano. So korang usha ler sendiri tengok berapa harga.

Us? We're offering it for RM100 for the decent medium large ones.
Those are the average sized ones. Kalau nak yang gila besau punya, then kena ikut kg. Please let us know ko nak besau mana. Besau budak enam atau tujuh tahun pun ada.

Tapi harga berbeza ler. Yang standard RM100 ones are tabletop ones. The price includes delivery (within reasonable distance in the Klang Valley) Kalau jauh sangat korang pepandai ler call ek nak include postage.

These salt crystal lamps are imported from Pakistan.

Shop around, I doubt you'll get a cheaper price than what wer're offering.

Enquiries korang leh call aku kat 013-6026006.

Again kalao korang nak tau what these lamps are, CLICK HERE.

Eh dah kul berapa ni, Nak ciao dulu...esok sambung cita.

Korang leh start ordering skang ek. Jangan segan segan. Susah ler nak jadik business business ni... tak pandai.

Ok... night semua. Nak gi sahur dulu... wat kali ketiga...posa tak tentu agik (mintak mintak posa ler...)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kancil hijau da bomb!

Hari ni hari malas. Rasa cam malas sebab letih sangat... aiyak. Cam takde makna je puasa sebab tidor seharian. Well takder seharian lah... but I woke up pun dah dekat kul 2 petang!

Aiyak...tapi takleh salahkan aku sebab semalam gi sahur ngan Mawi, Diddy dan Zila punya event tuh pun sampai kul berapa. Katanya nak start 11pm.

By the time gerak pon dah past 2am da. Tu pun aku kena rush balik ofis sebab nak masukkan story interview.

By the time segalanya terurus dan aku nak gerak balik rumah pon da hampir 5 pagi.
Sahur kat rumah jer ler sebab sorang-sorang member sedap membadak.

Bangun terus bersiap ke office.

Sampai Jalan Pantai lak, sebelum trafik light, just after turn off to the masjid and Universiti Malaya, aku henti some distance from the red light. Yerlah... traffic pun quite heavy da kul 5 da.

Tiba-tiba, tengah feeling layan lagu (tanak cakap apa... tapi kalau aku sebut lagu RAHSIA ada ler yang paham), ada bunyi *DUMMHHHHH* and my car jolted forward a little. Takder ler kuat sangat pon.

Aku tengok cermin belakang, rupanya keta aku sudah kena sondol dari belakang ler nih!
Kuar keta tension, nak hamun, teringat posa, tenangkan diri, then took a look at my bumper.

Seb baik takder benda. Baru sempat pastuh tengok orang yang kuar keta Kancil yang langgar aku. Terpegun lak tetiba...

Comel lak! Aduh....tak sempat usha keta dia lak ada apa apa ke tak. Dia lak horror takut aku ngamuk kot, sempat tanya je, "Ok, bang?"

Aku angguk, kata, "No hal... " slowly added "selamat berpuasa" and then masuk balik keta.


Bodohnya...kenapa aku tak mintak nombor dia!!! So pada yang melanggar keta aku petang tadi kat Jalan Pantai, Kancil warna hijau muda, dengan masih tertempek P... hubungi la aku ek. Nak gatal gak! Ko langgar aku kena bayar tau... belanja berbuka ke bersahur ke. Aku belanja ko pun ok sebab ko comel.

Ni mesti kes ngantuk sebab posa, dan terperangkap dalam traffic jam tak larat.

Pada sesapa yang bak keta time puasa ni, berjaga-jaga la ek... jangan tertidur lak.
Sampai office aku habihkan keja.

Petang ni berbuka kat rumah bebudak kat Shah Alam Seksyen 16. Juan yang da lama ilang join sekali. Fiebie, Wanie, Gina dan kak Za da pun berbuka time kami sampai ngan McDonalds. Mana taknya. Kami sampai pun dah kul 8 malam.

Aisey...Juan terpaksa berbuka ngan air in the car. Me? Ngan cancer stick sebatang jer ler.
Sampai rumah semua da sedia membadak da. Selepas telan juadah yang sibuk Fiebie promosi dalam blog dia. Ala...kedai kawan-kawan... ada ler habuan nak promo tuh (mampos aku kena keji pasni)

Malam ni cadang nak sahur awal sikit. Tak larat tidur lewat-lewat lagi.
Anyway for those of you yang nak tengok pic semalam, here's one of Mawi, Diddy and Zila together.

Smart tak... rasa cam mood beraya da meka pakai very in the mood gini.

Lama gak tak jumpa Zila, tapi tak bual panjang ngan dia pon.

Anyway, for fans of Diddy, pray for his cousin ek. Tak silap la...cousin.

Sebab abang Badrul masa tu kata meka pun nak rush ke Johor sebab cousin Diddy on his death bed already. Didn't ask anymore sebab things like that just creep me out.

Hope they had a safe trip sebab lum sempat call abang Badrul or Diddy today.
Mawi lak?

Ok jer...seperti biasa. Tak silap aku bebudak semua kat Astro time tuh ada recording takbir Raya or something like that.

Apa da wat event bercanggah timing. Akibatnya, bukan je bebudak tuh kelam kabut nak running here and there, kita lak yang sampai awal tunggu cam mangkuk hayun.

Sampai je Mawi, sempat ler interview... ada ler benda.

Baca paper hari ni tau ler pasal apa. Malas nak ulas lanjut.

Had a quick chat with him, then followed by an informal press conference with the rest of the media.

Aku da ngantuk, tapi terpaksa rushing office.Seb baik masa kat Rebung tuh segar mata terserempak ngan someone yang penah hadir dalam hidup aku.

Nak elak mata memandang, lari ke belakang kedai dan berbual, sebab time sembang depan depan, ada je mata yang sibuk nak memandang. Cungkil kang!

Still... dapat gak ubat rindu ngan orang tuh sikit... walaupun things are over, ada ler tempat nak temporary nak manja ler.

Arghhh... ngantuk. After a McChicken, two McEggs and Vanilla Coke with fries, rasa cam tak mampu lak nak bersahur.

Tapi kang tak sahur, esok confirm aku tak lepas ni. Aku ni bukan betul pun.... tak sahur tak posa ler jadiknya.

So anyway guys.. have a good night. Posting again esok. Toodle doo!

Oh by the way, before ending this entry, aku tinggalkan another pic for you guys.

Ni aku amik masa kita tengah lepak-lepak minum... konon feeling nak sahur one more round.

Tengok pic tuh bebaik. Korang jangan otak kuning lak!

Mawi ngantuk tuh... sampai mata da sakit. Tengah sembang pon kuyu jerk mata dia.

Merasalah speku posisi!

Esok takde plan apa apa tapi Thursday ada buka puasa event yang first for the week. Malas sebenarnya, sebab that means after I'm done with the event kena lah balik office nak hasilkan cita lak.

Overtime ada la... tapi musim puasa ni cam tak larat sebenarnya nak keja. Alah...aku ni kalau tak pisa pun rasa malas nak keja.... da kalau datang musim malas kan? Anyway...will be hopefully off next week... sementara bebudak lain masih lum ciao tuk cuti Raya.

Tatau ler camna agik... but I'm suddenly thinking of somewhere further. Not too far... but bila ada duit rasa cam nak jalan jauh sikit.

Eh ok ler guys... night!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Selamat berpuasa!!!

Yes, the first week balik keja pas cuti was so hectic, I didn't need an excuse for not blogging sebab memang kesuntukan masa nak wat per per pun.

Excuses you say? Aiyak...lebih kurang ler. But with puasa dawning at the end of the week, rasa rather lethargic nak wat per per pun.

Walaupun orang gila rajin update, aku rasa semakin malas... tapi takper. Bulan posa ni aku akan try update SETIAP HARI supaya ada santapan yang tak membatalkan puasa memasing (terpaksa ler kurangkan carutan - bukan kurangkan.. kalau leh langsung takder ler kan).

Ramai tanya... aku puasa tak?

Sapa kenal aku would know the answer. Secara jujur....not always... but I try.

Bukan susah sangat pon. Bab makan minom tuh ok lagik ler. Yang slalu wat 'batal' tuh kerana nak isap rokok sangat punya pasal... ataupun molot main lepas je.


Soalan kedua popular... kenapa nak posa?

Well... ok so I'm non Muslim... but being Catholic... fasting pon di observekan in the teachings of Christianity, jadik takder ler susah sangat.

Why dwell on our differences and not our similarities?

Only the shallow dwell on the petty.

Biasa gak da. In fact, every other religion incorporates fasting in some form or other kan?

I do it sebab biasa je...

Sepanjang idup aku selama ni... pernah berpuasa penuh selama dua kali (ok ler tuh). Time tuh sebab kena monitoring ngan kuarga angkat. Tapi tak kisah sangat pon... cause saat teruji tuh, ingat je perasaan yang memang feeling accomplishment and also kemeriahan time nak buka posa.

Yang lelain tuh, ada ler kurang sana sini... but I try.

Tahun ni, bulan posa takder ler different sangat. Cuma first day posa tak dapek nak fasting sebab on Sunday.. mak aku da siapkan makanan pelbagai, kenalah baham.

Eastern culture dictates that a mother's love is through her cooking. Tak caya? Never spurn your mother's cooking sebab that makes you the culinary equivalent of si Tanggang!

So tak posa ler aku semalam. Walaupon join Fiebie and gang dinner, supper, pre sahur dan kemudian sahur (camna tak naik badan time posa camnih), aku tetap tak jadik nak posa.

Anyway... started today. Sahur pon seorang diri jer kat rumah sebab Monday kan.. semua tak larat naks ahur kat luar.

It was ok... so far so good posa aku. Kantoi light-light sebab molot poaka aku terlepas sana sini, tapi takder per per yang kritikal... walaopon rokok aku tetiba leh bersuara dan menyeru.

Keja lum bertimbun lagik dari segi jemputan tuk majlis-majlis berbuka... but biasa lah first week slow sikit. Masuk second week onwards, sampai muak nak berbuka di luar. So first week ni take advantage tuk berbuka with friends especially.

Tadi takde plan buka, so ikut Rudy, Abie dan Jobi ke bazaar Ramadhan kat Bangsar nak bungkus apa yang patut, berbuka kat sana, pastu aku jadi tokei jaga barang sementara meka ikut shift semayang kat masjid berdekatan.

Mmm... one of the most interesting parts of the fasting month. Nak jalan-jalan kat bazaar semua nih... memacam yang rasa nak coba.
Semalam, tuk sesi berbuka puasa yang pertama (walaopon tak puasa), janji nak jumpa one of my blog readers turned friend Devina.

Also sekali ngan Marsha sebab dia pon free tak wat per per semalam.

Breaking fast turned out to be dinner instead sebab tak penah ke rumah Marsha. By the time picked her up da kul 8 malam akibat sesat.

Headed for KLCC. Sampai sana, Devina nunggu kat Kinokuniya, so pas some aimless wandering, kami ke Chilli's. Sebelum tuh, dalam pusing-pusing, nampak ler weighing machine thingie kat depan TGV. Si Marsha nak check berat (tabiat dari Akademi kot) masukkan 40 sen...tunggu dekat seminit... yang terpampang kat screen... nothing! Last last pas punya da lama tunggu sampai berjanggut.... the screen flash, "Please Insert Coins". Sentap tak?

Very the rip-off!

Anyway, call abang Bad yang masa tu kat area Ampang, so tanya dia kalau nak join. Dia kata tengok dulu, and later ok.

Farish lak call Marsha so kami ajak dia join ler sekali. Kejap je dia sampai KLCC dari Kelana Jaya bersama member dia. Amboi... kalau motivasi ada...Abang Bad sampai, tengok-tengok dia ngan Diddy sekali. Aiyak... dari aku mintak table for three, then to five, then to seven.

Sambil tunggu makanan sampai (Marsha sibuk carik nasi, tengok-tengok aku yang makan nasi, dia amik pasta). Kecoh sekejap... tapi bila makanan sampai semua senyap melahap.

Pas abih... kecoh balik. Keji pas makan tuh Abang Bad dan Diddy sibuk nak sakitkan ati aku ngan 'rahsia'. Takper... takper...uwaaaaaaaaarghhhh!!!!

Actually earlier plan nak jumpa sebab Devina just got back from London... cup 'o 'tea with crumpets and scones and all that.

Dia belikan Marsha soft toy with sme other stuff... sweet gila.

She bought me two cartons of Marlboro reds (yeay!!!) and a box of chocolate truffles (chocolates and cigarettes... either she loves me a lot or hates me a lot...*guling kat lantai gelak*) as well as a keychain from London, and another, a miniature of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Aw... thanks so much gurl! You rock!!!

I especially loved the Marlboros, not so much sebab harga rokok da melambung baru-baru ni tapi sebab it was two cartons, packaged to look like it was one big box as you can see from the picture.


Except ala sentap sikit with the HUGE 'SMOKING KILLS' tuh... that's gonna stop me smoking? Tried... but hey, at least I go out happy right?

Two cartons, means 20 boxes... 400 sticks. I smoke about more than a box a day... so leh tahan dua minggu ler dua carton ni.

Back to the Marlboros...since I collect all things Marlboro reds, especially having a penchant for boxes and packaging of the ciggies from different places, and various promotional packaging of different sizes, aku happy gila ler sebab dapat tambah koleksi aku lagik. Yea yea!!!

Hah... kalau korang nak tengok camna buka posa first aku semalam (yang tak posa sebab ari ni first posa bagi aku), ni gambar-gambar tukang kecoh semua.

Thanks abang Bad sebab belanja, semoga dimurahkan rezeki (sentap tau nak bayar tak bagik!)

By the way.. sempena bulan posa ni, aku nak kongsi cita pasal kawan aku sorang nih yang collagen kan muka.

Tak kisah ler wat sikit-sikit (sapa yang tak buat these days) tapi pengajarannya, jangan overdose.

Contohnya, walaupun aku ada member yang muka cantik sebab 15 jarum satu muka (matilah Misha Bidin!)...ada ler sorang ni yang gila abih, sampai 15 jarum hanya tuk dagu dia!

And siap one shot lak, bukan dua tiga staggered punya sesi...gilos! Bukan bola pingpong atau bola golf lagi dagu dia... tapi besau penumbuk (and that's not exagerrating)

Pastuh da besau, tak puas lak, tiba tiba nak tukau stylo kicik kan balik nak tirus lagik, so suntik lagik nak kicikkan, akibatnya camni ler. Abih RM600 tuk buang sikit bagi normal sikit dagu dia. Tapi RM600 hanya nak sebelah jer... leh? So wat sementara, dagu dia sebelah masih humongous katanya!

Dalam perjalanan aku dan beberapa kawan nak ke Teluk Kemang nak *ehem* *ehem* tengok anak bukan (dincn speku) Jumaat lepas, singgah kat one fast food outlet dan serempak dia sebab dia baru tak lama transfer ke sana.

Dari jauh da nampak dagu dia... mak aih. Horrors gak tengok...

Mintak-mintak pasni, dia, dan juga semua adik-adik dan akak-akak dapat dapat moral of the story ek... jangan nak suntik pepandai tanpa tau apa akibatnya. Janganmain redah jer kalau nak buat... tau gak dulu apa akibatnya dan plan betul-betul.

Kalau leh... takyah ler wat terus...but be smart kalau nak wat. Aku pun baru lima jarum. Oops! Tak hipokrit... sorry... da memang betul pun. Walaupun tiga tahun da, tapi tetap maintain ok lagik.

Anyway, tadi da buat separuh entry, pas balik opis after buka posa, continue agik celah nak abihkan keja, dan gi sahur.Kalau nak tengok, ni ler jer juadah berbuka kami yang very the humble.

Yer... yang penting kenyang ok.

Aku makan apa aa... makan some weird version of nasi ayam, together with murtabak ayam as well as air tebu jer. Nak makan lebih, nak sample memacam rasa tak larat sebab first day tuk aku..angin satu badan rasa nak erm... you know lah.

Hah... tuh... atas tuh, stok berbuka. Kurma tuh... tatau ler brand haper.. but I never liked dates (of the eating variety) so tak makan pon.

Apatah lagik kalau kurma tuh *mai bisik beramai-ramai* Yusof Taayub.

Keji tau... pening aku layan iklan tuh yang ulang lima ribu kali sehari... matilah aku kena marah ngan abang Bad pasni sebab dia yang wat iklan tuh (padan muka Fiebie tatau kena marah sebab keji depan-depan)

Anyway... gotta finish this entry up at this point sebab ada column nak hantar, and one more interview to go to masa sahur.

Yes, sahur kan ngan Mawi, Diddy dan Zila. Ada keja sikit nak wat... kenapa? Biasalah... mana ada Mawi ada jer cita nak korek kan?

Dah nama pun keja.

Mmmm.. tapi skang kul 9 malam... kalau aku abihkan keja dalam setengah jam ni.. sempat aku membadak sejam setengah sebelum event sahur tuh pada 11 malam kang.

Ok ler guys... walaupun a little late sebab da hari ketiga esok... just wanna wish every Muslim celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan, selamat berpuasa!

You guys be good ok... and take care.

Be posting tomorrow... really!

PS - Sapa yang nak aku review One In A Million, sorry ek tapi aku tak tengok siri tuh sebab bosan. Anyway, kalau korang nak gak aku komen... senang je. Suki menang... perlu ke aku cakap agik? Sememangnya tak perlu... seperti kemenangan dia. Kalau dia satu dalam sejuta... aku pun keliru di atas dasar apa? Takkan sebab juling air kot?
Layan America's Next Top Model cycle 5 yang nak abih kat Astro, atau download cycle 7 yang ongoing kat States skang lagik menarik.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Enam kali tired.

Lama tak driving balik sampai nak tertidur. But I guess it was another fruitful day cause I got a lot of work done.

Satisfying is the word...

Sebelum teruskan posting...terjumpa dua pics yang aku nak letak semalam tapi tak sempat. Hari tu ngan bebudak lepak, meka gi ler laundry kat Seksyen 16. So mai kita sambung kan posting gambar-gambar keji dan membuang masa.

Pandai kan adik-adik carik laundry yang 'sesuai'. Tengok je nama washer dan dryer dia.

So with that out of the way... mai kita teruskan program ek.

Semalam hectic gila babas. Today pun no difference. Ada Batik Showcase kat The Weld.

Patutnya awal awal gi Mawi punya event yang pelancaran album dia... but after much thought, didn't go, and went to the other event instead.

Of course I chose it for a reason... sebab artis sana lebih ramai nak gi kumpul gosip ler kan.

Tempat camtuh yang reramai nih breeding ground for all sorts of stuff.

Anyways... seronok sebab I think about 50 artistes amik bahagian along with 12 or 14 footballers yang become part of the modelling group.

Ni aku kongsi beberapa pic favourite celebs aku yang either looked good, atau memang aku suka.

Ada yang tak sempat amik cam Ning dan Ziana. But hope you guys enjoy the rest. Nak amik pic lebih tapi sibuk lari sana lari sini cam ayam kena penggal pala that I didn't have the time.

Yerlah... aku takder ler focus amik pic sampai camni ler jadiknya akibat nak dapat angle cantik katakan.

PERGHHH..Seperti contoh diatas. Kaw kaw punya akak ni sampai cecah lutut ler.

Kalau rempit konperm hebat punya.

All in the name of getting a good photo katanya.

I didn't have the time or the patience to stalk anyone as I had too much to do, so I just have these few shots to offer.

Of course, yang sebelah ni adik aku yang lama da aku tak posting apa apa kat blog aku... so here-ereeeeeee's Marsha!

Cantik tak.

Aku ingat nak amik pic dia ngan Fahrin yang ada sekali but I didn't wanna spoil the pic, so decided to settle for the one on her own lagik elok.

Anyways, I think Marsha is starting to look healthier, though she looks a tad tired.

So many celebs and personalities I wanted to take pics of... but after da abih kan keja korek tuh nih lak, aku sambung pot pet sana sini, so eventually when the party was over.. alamak... tak sempat lak sebab yang ada pun geng geng yang tak perlu aku snap kan. Matilah...

These are the few I wanted to share with you guys.

Errr kalau tak cam, upper left tuh Amber Chia. I think she always looks great no matter what kan. Dia ni cam Barbie doll yang idop.

But then again, that's why she's such a hot model.

Next pic is of course, ratu tumit tinggi si Fazura. Matilah aku! Jangan marah Faz babe.. you know I love you. Carut light light je. Jangan bukak high heel tuh da...

The next one is Fauziah Latiff. kak Jee tuk aku looked the best for the whole evening as her baju tuh elok ler sikit kalao banding ramai ramai yang ada nih.

And finally...the thorn among the roses... or the rose among the thorns, Zul Huzaimi.

Aku chose his pic nak share kan... sebab yerlah... orang tuh seri power... pengantin baru katakan.

Merasalah kena usik lutut longgar seharian. Tapi dia memang pala gila sikit dan sporting so no hal punya.

Bang Zul! Selamat pengantin baru!

Nothing much to post. Sebab nak paksa diri tuk rajin-rajin posting punya pasal ler aku walaupun entry pendek pun, at least I do a little log. Tanak abaikan lama-lama. Semakin menjadi malasnya kalao camtuh.

Anyways... esok slower pace sikit kot sebab nak abihkan kerja kerja kat opis je banyak. Which too, I think can be done quite fast comparatively... so no hal.

Tomorrow got some errands to run... some money nak pick up (cam ceti lak pulak)...

And ada yang kata nak karaoke beramai-ramai lak. Matilah lebih 20 orang feeling nak cram into one room. Mmmm... kononnya stock nak masuk puasa ler nak berhibur puas puas. Aiyak... tul ke ni.

Kang silap silap ajak berbuka kang... pastu karaoke gak.

Anyway....will post some stuff tomorrow. Oh... and look out for tomorrow's news. Mawi in the headlines... again.

Siti cuti headline sat... tapi Mawi tetap take over ganti tempat Siti sementara Siti menjalankan tanggungjawabnya sebab isteri.

Oh by the way. Aku posting ari tuh Linda Onn da cameo kat Ejen 016, alamak... tercepat lak. Mana taknya when it just took place kan.

Caught today's episode after missing last week, so senarai cameo aku dah jumble. Now this is what happens when you take a week off. Gosh darn it!

Apa da...

Oh my gawsh... look at the time. Time to hit the drafts and blueprints and business proposals nak abihkan sebelum aku leh tidur. Moga-moga aku larat nak abihkan cepat.

Am behind the schedule I set for myself to get this done. Till tomorrow... night night cyberspace...

PS - Pada Faizal yang kini kembali ke Terengganu untuk bercuti... jaga diri. Jangan lupa buah tangan yang dijanjikan ek. Sesapa kat Ganu tuh... gi ler lawat Faizal...tapi agak agak ler jangan dok rumah orang sampai tengah malam. Dia balik pon tiga hari je... so bagik dia peluang lepas rindu gak kat kampung halaman dan keluarga especially.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hari ni busy day. Aku dah lama tak sibuk camni. Tak perlah... seronok gak kembali seronok camni.

After preview Diva Popular, then gi pelancaran kelab peminat Faizal, and then rush ke Rebung for Mawi punya kenduri kesyukuran.

Abih pun nak tengah malam by the time sampai Shah Alam jumpa bebudak nak supper.
Apapun, baru sempat masuk Internet cafe, so nak recap beberapa pics aku tak sempat transfer, yang baru upload nak share.

Last Friday bak Nikki ke Parit Raja tuk show kan? So ni nak dedahkan rahsia di sebalik tabir.

Kalau nak tau... dalam kesibukan show... ni lah akibat nya. Camna la carik stoking tak jumpa jumpa kalao da barang bersepah camni.

Merasalah pendedahan yang membosankan of the starry life katanya!

Anyway, for those of you yang suka rambut Nikki yang lurus ala ala model Sunsilk gitu... mai aku dedahkan rahsia maintainence rambut dia (merasalah another boring revelation). Ke mana dia pergi, ni kawan baik dia yang bak ke mana saja.

And that concludes our backstage starry revelations yang exciting gila... gila pun tak exciting camni!

Anyway... that was Friday punya photos.

On Saturday lak, aku gerak ngan sekumpulan kengkawan gi Port Dickson nak Cuti Cuti Malaysia! Yerlah sebab leave aku pun nak abih, da nak start keja masa tuh, so decided to get away for the weekened.

Somewhere not too far sebab malas... tanak letih-letih kang... so decided on PD.

Dinch speku aktiviti yer...

Nak tau... kita dok tempat ni bukan tempat yang biasa kami dok. Atas sebab-sebab tertentu... ada ler motel ni menjadi pilihan.

Tapi tengok je beberapa pics ni... it should give you the picture of how horrific punya vibes ler we got.

I really think the room we duduk tuh penah ada someone yang suicide.

Mak aih... kita test dok motel nih sebab accessible katanya. Tapi horror gak ler sebab tempat tuh bad vibes gituh ler.

Tapi kind of fun gak... tengok pics ni. Lobang 'ventilation' tuh bukan air conditioning duct ok. Tuh lubang ala ala rumah 80an. Kira kalau ko kentut pun orang luar bilik leh dengar. Keji!

Second pic tuh.... yang bilik air dia yang creepy very the horror movie yang cam orang kena bunuh berkali kali tapi tak serik warga warga bimbo masih nak dok sana walaupun akibatkan akan kena tikam 5000 kali oleh psycho mana ntah.

Memang house of horror!

Lum agik soal katil sana.

The most strongest feeling I got was about the sleeping area. For some reason... there was an angle that the light just couldn't reach. It seemed like a dark corner despite the light being sufficient.

However, it was as if a dark shadow was cast on that particular corner of the room... and it was even Fiebie blocking out the light tau. (matilah mengundang kekejian dari dia.)

Ni pics salah satu katil dalam bilik tuh yang ada dua singles and one double.

Yang ni pic katil seorang budak gila...jangan persoalkan katilnya kenapa mendap. Masa tuh dia already sat on it. Bukan salah hotel keji ni pun.

Tapi yang menakutkan... walaupun bilik ni agak terang... tapi bila aku shoot katil ni... cam gelap sangat. Tak paham aku. Tapi yer lah... nak salahkan lokasi... orang tuh bukan di terima cahaya sangat pun...

Tapi sesuai ngan kerja nya yang *toot* (sapa yang tau tau lah... sebab dia feeling privacy kan)... katil dia siap ada A-B-C lagik. Very the educational. Matilah dak besau camtuh dok katil budak-budak. Mana tak mendap....

Eh... dah lewat... malas posting panjang-panjang...esok aku sambung picture sharing ni. Or not.. depending on mood sebab esok another busy day nak abihkan tiga story and then siap ada events pelbagai. Camna nak settle semua pun tatau... kalau kerat badan pon (which is a possibility as I have quite a bit to go around) tak dapek kot...

Be posting tomorrow...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Can you handle THIS?

There is no such thing as talking too much.

I however have a problem with people who talk, but don't know what they're talking about.

Pelik... tapi memang benar. Some people can fool you into thinking they know a lot.

Especially when it's just words. Kind of like an online date after a chat... they can tell you things to make themselves seem awesome... tapi hasilnya? Nan ado. He or she will probably end just a PC geek with thick glasses, complextion or weight problems, speech diabilities or communication complications... who doesn't have much of a social life to talk about except for downloading porn and wanking in front of their webcam.

Habiskan masa today WORKING. Yeap...first day back at work, penuh tugasan over the week. Banyaknya function. Nampak sangat semua rushing nak wat event sebelum masuk puasa.

Sent in my column and all, proceeded on to other matters.

Kalau ikutkan, masa sekarang makin sibuk as my mind is working overtime to spread my wings.

People slalu kata... what do you know lah... when I make a comment.

Strangely enough, these judgemental self-righteous folk do not have any credentials to even raise the question.

The self justification of being an average Joe makes them think it somehow profoundly entitles them to a position above everyone else in the pyramid food scheme.

Me? A total of 11 years in the journalism profession with quite some results to show for in the music industry... I'm proud of what I've achieved.

No need to boast and show a million and one press clippings nak tunjuk aku ni recognised.

People in the industry know better.

The best form of recognition is the acknowledgement from peers in the industry that I have done well and contributed my share to the growing music scene in Malaysia.

Why am I going on about this?

Sebab I think it's now time to put a name behind the efforts.

Selama ni... dalam membantu menaikkan orang, aku tak penah pikirkan nama, ataupun wang Ringgit.

Now? My passion is still number one, as it rightly should be, cause in this industry kalao nak berangan je keja, takde maknanya akan berjaya sampai bila.

But now for me... it's time to make money off my ideas.

So I am finally putting pen to paper for my company.

I started the blueprint for the consultancy I will be starting off.

The parent company will be mine, tapi ada kot yang akan masuk sekali sebagai joint partner sebab there are a few parties interested.

My vision for this - the main company serves as an umbrella organisation. Works include PR/publicity/publishing and possibly recording.

Three other companies reside under the parent, satu khas for DESIGN which will be a label, featuring nama-nama pereka busana baru yang sudahpun mendapat perhatian.

The other will be the ARTISTIC which is a set-up of professionals in the make-up busienss.

And the third, the STYLING team will focus strictly for hair works.

In short, it will be the only one-stop professional image consultancy firm in Malaysia.

Everything you need is there. I'm thinking of adding photographers and videographers to the list but all in time I suppose. Banyak offshoot projects yang mampu aku nak add kan at a later stage. Growth is limitless.

Two out of three sub-companies sudahpun ada calon-calon to lead the company. Planning has now officially begun with the blueprint of the set-up beginning.

Hopefully dalam time puasa kang, everything will be sorted out and by Raya nanti, the ompanies will be registered.

Beberaps projek telahpun di kendalikan dengan berjaya... so it makes things easier.
Where am I going with this?

I don't just want to be another person with knowledge of Internet access to bitch about things beyond comprehension. I'm putting my money where my mouth is to prove that the industry can improve itself... and it is possible... and I want to part of the generation that INITIATES change.

This entry is more than about sharing what I'm thinking right now.

It's a manifesto...a promise to myself that I will do good.

No working at home, thinking I'm all that... I'm busting my rear to make sure things get done.

And the day's work da abih aku leh balik berehat to organise myself better, something I need to learn now... kira ok ler... aku da abihkan keja nak gerak rehatkan diri ni for a full day of events for tomorrow.

Esok ada dua event. Mula-mula kena gi preview filem tuk Diva Popular.

Then later in the evening, ada event Kelab Peminat Faizal. Tak sabar nunggu yang event ni nak tengok binatang molot poaka ni hadir mengedikkan diri. After all, some people are shameless.
Wednesday pun quite a full day with launching event untuk Mawi. Banyaknya nak launching. MTV dan MTV Karaoke Yang Tercinta, Selingkar Kasih dan Konsert Fantasia Mawi. Merasalah orang ni pasti mencarut pasal ni sebab masih lum puasa.

There's tonnes of miscellaneous stuff I have to do as well, so it appears aku balik je cuti seminggu terus stacked to the max.

Seronok sebab mungkin I will be going to Singapore next month. Tuk apa? Jaz-Z punya concert.

Mintak-mintak dia bak Beyonce sekali. Tapi unlike some people, I won't tag along as kuli batak ler... kalau ikut planning, aku gi pun posisi terhormat sikit.

Alamak.... entry pendek ni menjalar da. Ok...gotta go. Proper posting esok.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Lega abih...rupanya function tadi tuh senang je.

Layan delegasi daripada serantau Asia Tenggara from Disney Channel.

It's amazing how for just swirling champagne and socialising I can make RM400 in two hours. Dream job for many... matilah ada yangmakan hati nak risik camna nak feeling elitist tuk get the position.

Yang pentingnya... tak sabar-sabar nak ke Manila lak (sebab meleop delegasi dari sana). And... uhm... of course because I want to broaden my horizons and experience other cultures, kan... (merasalah takut feeling bimbo sangat kena cover line)

Aku sampai lambat sikit tadik, tapi baru nak start so ok ler. Aku risau tak fit in... biasalah sebab semua corporate figures gitu... aku lak jenis too streetwise takut sangat orang susah nak tima.

Hah... two hours flew past just like that.

Yang bestnya, au banyak lepak ngan model-model yang bertugas je. Nanti aku scan kan Polaroid aku amik ngan meka (malas kuarkan Nokia nak amik pic). Cantik-cantik semua. Some local... some kalau tak salah aku Singaporean. Meletup! Semua nak dekat-dekat tinggi aku...and at 179cm... that's tall for a woman!

Had fun...but abih je terus ler gerak.

Jumpa bebudak kat Shah Alam. Merasalah katanya abang Bad ada... keji tau! Kata admitted hospital tapi sempat mai Shah Alam lepak. Keji seribu keji! Tapi best gak! (matilah cover line takot kena marah agik) Eh... ada tamu dalam ramai-ramai... Leen! Fiebie keji pun ada...sibuk denying pada Leen dia tak nangis masa kita semua tengok Heart semalam. Penipu tol!

Bak kata abang Bad... mata Fiebie da bengkak cam ikan emas. And ten minutes after the kredit pelbagai...dah keluar panggung, nak isap rokok, masih tengah kesat air mata yang berlinangan.

Over emo... datang bulan kot.

Anyway sesi carutan terhadap Gina berterusan sebab menjadi pengganggu ketika nonton wayang smalam. Kesian lak... tapi keji... jangan tak keji.

Drop by Internet cafe with the rest of the crew sebab nak update blog nak penuhi janji tertunggak. Sebab card reader tak jumpa, pinjam dari abang tokei kat sini to transfer my pics.

Here are just a few (tanak letak semua)

Ni one of my favourites. Merasalah kalau dulu Mawi nak yang bertudung... ni Mawi sendiri bertudung! (ampun Mawi!!! kami kidding-kidding saja ek - motif Fiebie gelak??!!!)

Gambar ni aku amik masa rehearsal last Friday.

On that day ler paling banyak gambar nak rakam sebab full force kehadiran mereka yang membuat persembahan untuk Anugerah ERA nak wat run-through.

Kelako pic ni... I think he looks very the Jedi knight. Or Yoda?
Yoda takleh laa... sebab Astro dah ada Yoda lain yang feeling lebih mind control gitu.

Sessions like the rehearsals are always fun to atend sebab masa tu, seperti time-time anugerah is where semua artis dapat berkampung sekali to meet together and hang out. Yerlah... jadual memasing bukan mengizinkan socialising sangat, so this is as great as it gets ler to assemble a large group of stars together kan?

Ni couple of shots of Nikki dan Yanie tengah tunggu turn meka. Sambil-sambil tu, Loter join... abis! Keluar segala slang Sabah ngan local dialct meka.

If that's not enough... sat agik Yazer muncul (merasalah Fiebie tension sebab Yazer bagik aku chocolate milk dia tak dapat)

Rupanya Lotter puji puji Yanie seksi! Aiyak... ada peminat nih. Here's the pictues of the Sabahans' fraternizing.

Merasalah Lotter...jangan gatal tau. Tuh.. aa yang jeling dari from not so far tuh.

Ning sibuk je SMS dan layan phone dia nak amik pics... tapi sambil tuh sempat lak jeling kearah budak-budak ni.

Very the motherly! Ke sisterly sebab ada sorang nih yang feeling bling bling yang lebih motherly (senior dari segi umo - matilah aku pas ni!)

I'm sharing most of the best pics I have, and most yang tak personal sangat sebab malas ler kan personal collection diedarkan. Besides sometimes ada gak bab privacy takut pics disalahgunakan... that and the golden rule initiated by the Iban princess (bukan aku yang bagik title ni tapi abang Bad)

Here's another one of my favourite pictures to share. Atas kanan tuh...

Ni especially wat ZA8FC untuk membalas sokongan padu meka... definitely the best Akademi Fantasia related fan club ever, sebab tak penah over tapi pas dua tahun tetap going strong ngan angota-anggota yang tak penah gila glam tapi keja keras dalam diam support kerjaya Zahid!

You guys rock.

Handsome tak Zahid pose camni?

Walaupon topi tak muat katanya...

Pic ni diamik time during the rehearsals. I was carrying boots Nikki dan Yanie selain props lain yang digunakan, like the whip, hat and cane. Si Zahid lak main-main ngan the hat and cane... terus aku jadikan props photography.

The caption for this picture is - "yesssssss inspectorrrrr saaaaaaaaabbbb!!"

Very the smart si Zahid lak... cam polis berpangkat ngan topi dan tongkat.

Hah... apa-apapun ada back-up career nampaknya.

The next few pictures I have sapayang tak soka tutup mata dan scroll ke bawah sikit ek past these next few. Aku takde ler keji sapa sapa (sambil jeling orang ni dan orang ni yang dok jeling wat moka nak montah)

Aku nak amik pics empat champion lagik tapi mesti ada sorang missing punya.

Last-last dapat kepung tiga orang ni, si Vince lak hilang.

Redah jer la... ok ler.. three out of four ain't that bad ler kan. So anyways... this is for fans of Akademi Fantasia. The three champions tengah layan gila (tengok je Mawi dan Zahid in the first pic main jeling-jeling garang dan blur)

Semua muka keletihan sangat... terpancar kat muka memasing tak cukup tidur. Only dalam kes Zahid lain sikit. Dia ni boundless energy like very the sugar rush sangat.

Codename : Energizer Bunny lain kali kalao refer kat dia nampaknya...

Dalam banyak pics aku... pics ni lain sikit.

Dalam terkejar nak rakam gambar-gambar kenangan kekecohan preparations backstage and in the dressing rooms, malam Anugerah ERA itself... ada ler seseorang ni yang sebab tengah gila bloggin sekarang... dan malam tuh menampakkan dia ada kuli dan amah, sibuk carik posed shots to pass off as candid memories (matilah aku).

Hah... ni one example.

Dia tengah layan Ning sekali ngan Erra Fazira masa kat dressing room pas Drama da finish. Classic shot. A photographer taking a shot while being taken a picture of.

Sorry tak amik pic Betty Banafe sebab time tuh dia ada dalam bilik... tapi aku tak amik pic dia when meka amik pic bertiga... tak elok kata orang-orang tua nak amik pic bertiga (sebenarnya baju dia keji sangat aku tak larat amik)

Speaking of Drama... korang punya feedback camna pasal Drama. Cuba tengok video dalam the previous two postings video youtube tuh... korang review sikit dalam area comments aku.
Nak gak pendapat orang ramai pasal performance malam tu.

I am proud of Ning, Nikki dan Yanie seab meka buktikan, just as we all hoped they would, that they are true representations of performers, vocally and visually.

It's definitely not easy to wow vocally, and pada masa yang sama, exert yourself to physically put on a show yang menarik.

Kalau ada sapa-sapa rasa tarian Drama tuh senang... mai sini kita ajarkan. Kalau leh wat sambil nyanyi... hah baru komen tau. Pic trio ni aku amik time pas baru abih Drama.
Letih tuh.

Letih lagi sebab time ni tengah feeling kena lecture ngan nenek kebayan bukan dari Astro. Terlampau efficient ni terus instant post mortem! (keji sangat tak bagik artistes dia rehat pun!)

Yang paling sibuk antarameka bertiga was of course Nikki sebab cam beribu lak interview dia kena wat. Tapi kemenangan bersama Zahid seolah memberikan tenaga kat dia nak was proud of her ler nak soldier on while the rest of us groged ourselves at the post party yang by invite only after the press conference.

Aku ada take quite a few fun pics at the party... too few actually sebab lighting dalam tuh tak berapa mengizinkan phone punya camera nak amik quality pics.

Kalau ngan flash keji lak kan? Natural lighting the best ler per pun... tapi natural lighting kalau keji camna kan.

Two of my fave pics for the night is with Faizal and Nana. Tapi pic Faizal tanak ler letak muka aku... so aku crop kan.

Cukup ler aku simpan je. Kalau aku letak sini bukan nak jaja pun... cuma sebab blog aku equals my little diary, I do want to put it here... tapi sebab perangai binatang-binatang SEDIH yang patut di put to sleep... malas ler nak posting Faizal's pic with mine.

Kesian lak pathetic creatures yang think too much of themselves. Anyway that night was a night to celebrate for many reasons, and you guys would know too if you read the posting about what happened the day before the awards.

My pic with Nana lak... aku suka sebab manja. I've always liked Nana... daripada dalam Akademi Fantasia... walaupun orang nak carut suara dia pun... at least she has character.

Pose vogue overdose lak si Nana... keji tau.
Tapi cantik dia malam tuh. Kalau nak ikutkan the dressing of the presenters, I think Nana was easliy one of the paling cantik.
Yang lain takder ler burok... just that baju Nana meletup satu hal... at least she carried it really well.

Ada ler presenter yang berangan teramat pun... baju meletop hasil kreativiti designer, tapi bila kena kat badan dia rupa cam batang penyapu di letakkan kain.

Not carut-ting anyone in particular... tapi kalau nak salahkan fitting lak... aku rasa that's just not it.

In cases like this... you either have it or you don't.

Yerlah...separuh orang kalao da vast... pakai barangan Petaling Street pun meletop. Ada kalau da burok... pakai brand name apa pun... tetap nampak rupa Petaling Street kan.

Merasalah pakai Chameleon or Sinma nampak RM65,000 punya gems. Oops!

Ni ada gambar yang ada sikit... tak banyak... sikit je... kena mengena ngan persembahan Drama.

Walaupun ada yang tak dapat menghadirkan diri sebab sibuk cur kat Port Dickson malam anugerah... kena thanks gak seab contribution dia time sesi latihan trian tuk Drama.
Yerlah...sambil diva-diva pusing sana pusing sini... lentik sana.. lentik sini... ko ingat sap nak turn on, off, mute repeat track CD tuh... kena laa ada orang kan yang buatkan? Benda tu amik skill tau! Bukan calang-calang ok! dia.. mai aku perkenalkan our music maestro yang tokang jaga CD player....*jeng* *jeng* *jeng*... FIEBIE!

Tergelak aku terjumpa pic ni.

Aduh... walaupun entry ni takde ler panjang sangat... tapi letih ler setiap kali letak banyak gambar. Seperti mana korang letih nak loading page (siapa mintakmasih pakai dial-up...padan muka!!!)... aku pun letih sebab nak resize ler.. crop ler.. tul kan brightness etc pics ni semua.

Lom agik upload dan link..placement pelbagai kat blog aku.. kan aku particular sikit susunan semua ni.

Yang sakit hati kekadang PC lain ngan browser lain jadik keji yang sakit hati.

Anyway... the last two pics aku nak letak... is from masa aku gi sanding kat Kuala Lipis. Yer yer... kat the wedding of the year Part III - selepas tunang dan akad nikah kat Masjid Wilayah dan Part II kat KLCC.

Ni hiasan meja kat tables sana... aku paling suka that wooden handle holder yangbulky with the rattan frame. Rasa cam nak wat door gift je... tapi rupanya bukan aku sorang yang planning. Last-last semua termalu... semua biarkan.

Siti....kalau ko baca ni aku nak benda tuh leh?

Matilah beli sendiri je...mesti jawapan dari Siti. The other is the bunga telur yang dalam a little mesh wire basket with little jewels stuck on it.

Still have it kat rumah.. siap bak balik dua agik sebab historic.

Harus ler aku auction kat ebay je. Sapa nak (err...natang telur tuh) sila wat bid kat bawah dalam Comments section tuh ek.

Ke patut aku auction je invitation aku tuk all the events yang orang dok cari-cari.

Any buyers?

By the way.. pic pertama tuh... kalau ko perhatikan tul-tul... tema malam tuh is purple and white.. sampai air pun purple! Keji!

Tanya bebuak serving tuh air apa... meka pon tatau. Cam rendam kain purple lari kaler je... keji keji keji...

OK ler...semua nak ciao da. Nak gerak sekali...esok aku ke Johor sebab temankan Nikki tuk show kat sana belah malam. Sapa yang nak jumpa (aku ler) call aku ek. My number's on my blog kat tepi-tepi tuh... da!!!

PS - Sedih sikit Dilana tak menang Rockstar : Supernova... but at least she came in second ler. Lukas memang pun aku suka from the first week apart from Dilana.. so dia menang pun aku ok je...even though I would have REALLY preferred it have been reversed and Dilana won with Lukas in second. But ok ok jer laa...