Thursday, July 06, 2006


Yes, it looks like musim reality TV has started. Mampos ler aku kekurangan tidur nak follow!
Pagi tadi terjaga awal, walaupon tidur about 3pm. It was about 7am only, tapi entah kenapa, dalam mamai, gerak ke dapur tuk cari benda nak melahap. Mmm... abih ler diet camni. Leh sleepwalking nak makan katanya... but after that I freshened up and popped the TV on.

Pasang je Star kat 70, tengok terus baru nak start Rockstar : Supernova.

Last season masa Rockstar : INXS aku tak follow sangat, but I found myself supporting Jordis (sayang dia kuar awal), Mig, as well as my favourite rocker, Marty Casey. So on and off followed ler.

But kebetulan ari ni tangkap kedua episode back to back, the first and second, so puas ati ler nak follow this season.

Aku seriously think the only major flaw this season for Rockstar is the fact that they didn't seem to choose the contestants based on what Supernova's genre was, and knowing rock is such a diverse genre, berterabur ler bebudak ni punya influence, ngan ada yang kena ada yang tak.

These are the fifteen who checked into the Rockstar mansion this time.

So far I found the worst is the geek who tries to pass himself as a rock God in Ryan. Sodih mamat nih... totally screwed up Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls which is like one of the best songs of all time for me.

While the most horrendous sounding singer is definitely Zayra. I know she's trying to bring the latina out in her element of rock, but she comes across as a Shakira wannabe B grade porn actress who writhes around the floor with little vocal talent. And she definitely ain't rock. Abih hancur Bring Me To Life Evanescence. I think Farah does a better version of it (I'm serious!)

Tapi among the duds, I think Dilana kicks ass! She's my favourite female contestant followed by Jill.

Of the male contestants, I think Lukas is the best in terms of fitting the rockstar package.. he's also got one of the most impressive resumes of the lot. Closely following him is Josh, tapi aku rasa sora dia not in sync with the direction of Supernova which is metal edged padahal dia soul funk and blues direction. Then there's Toby which is quite decent too.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to blog so much about Rockstar : Supernova, tapi aku nak gak sebab aku memang minat abih.

Rockstar shines as a reality programme because it exposes more on the musical direction of the star wannabes, with them involved with the creative side, more often than not rearranging the material their way to bring out their individuality rather than any other series yang semua disuap.

Plus not to mention, the fashion of the contestants is edgy and relevant. But camtuh ler kalao takyah nak deal ngan Yoda as head of wardrobe kan?

Meanwhile... I have to just throw this into my posting. My two favourite contestants for Rockstar : Supernova!

Oh what the heck... ni blog aku per... so here's more pics from my two favourite rockers!
By the way, Lucas sang, Billy Idol's Rebel Yell which came across as a weird Manic Street Preachers meets Freddie Mercury, tapi kinda original, even though I suspect sound dia tak translate from what it was in the venue.

Dilana was simply electrifying in her weird evil manic possessed troll doll inspired take of Nirvana's Lithium. Manic abih siot!!!! Definitely tuning in for the the results show tomorrow. So far not much suspense because too many of them in the mansion still. once chop down to about 10 then best ler.

One of the reasons why watching Rockstars is not as painful sebab takde ler bak sponsors berduyun masuk ke rumah meka tuh kan.

I mean everyone can basically complain until the cows come home, but somehow the producers of the Diari cam tak reti yang orang TAK INGIN tengok sponsors gila glam depan kamera.

It does in any way contribute to the whole scenario of teaching nor does it enhance the experience for the viewers ler nak layan orang pathetically pushing the products to the kids.
If anything, let the sponsors know this... I AM TURNED OFF ANY PRODUCTS WHICH ARE SO BLATANTLY ADVERTISED!

Right now we already have a list of bebenda da nak avoid... Adabi, Gardenia, Toyota, Petals, Friskies, Marrybrown... confirm aku tak kuasa nak layan.

Now I have Sendayu Tinggi to add to the list for wasting entah berapa minutes of my life watching their pathetic publicity stint. Kalau da sibuk nak promote produk meka, takyah ler Kevin Zahri in the first place kan... I mean as it is, the whole list of sponsors for the junk food pun dah contradict his being there kan?

Yang dapat diselamatkan Hotlink (sebab da penaja utama nak wat camna kan...) as well as Osim (sebab provide me with comic relief tiap kali tengok iklan i-Gallop tuh).

Hope producers don't take it as nanti leh lak promote kedua produk sponsors ni gila babushka punya dah ler.

Tapi if you're as irritated as I am, mai kita send a message out to the advertisers yang kita nak beramai-ramai BOIKOT produk apa yang boringly forces us to endure some shameless endorsement. yang tak perlu. (cakap je... tak boikot pon, saja bagik meka sakit ati. I don't bother with even one of their products so far - no wonder they need the advertising)

I know programmes need ler endorsement to survive (or in this case make money) tapi tak perlu ler sampai camni.

Tengok cam American Idol, they work out the whole thing, by having the contestants figure in a commercial taped specially of them singing a tune.

That's not too subtle, but it doesn't turn you off either kan?

Selain dari tuh, apa lagi ulasan dan carutan aku tuk Diari ari ni?

Kejutan membawa RuffEdge pun tak dapek nak tolong Lotter who still sucks big time.

The other person who sucks eggs is of course Amirul, followed closely by Haziq. Aku seriously pity ler sapa yang AFUNDI meka ni. Not only they're not going to get their money back, I have this feeling that sapa abihkan duit kat meka bertiga ni seriously will regret their actions some time later.

And that pretty much sums up the interesting things to note for the past two episodes of the Diari today.

Bad huh? Tapi nak wat per... salahkan ler yang wat program tuh kalao da segala membosankan.
By the way... what the hell is that No Girls Allowed thing for again? Tak paham tol sgnificance of that and RuffEdge and all. Talk about desperate for a cliffhanger...