Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sleepless in.. erm.. Selayang?

Letihnya tiga hari tak cukup tidur. For the past three nights balik office past midnight. Takperler... pikir overtime yang berlambak da enough.

Anyway, got great news today. Walaupun syarat kat opis no leave until September, memang aku da plan last weekend of August nak ke Hatyai with some friends, taking advantage of the weekend and the following National Day public holidays.

The sweet part is, got an SMS from my boss. Ada keja sikit on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August. Kena cover Mentor versi Indonesia. Which means I will be in Jakarta for three days!!! Yeah!!!

Tak sabar! Dahler I really do need some time off, what better place than Jakarta! Miss it so much. Last time was there da two years ago. Wonder how much has changed. Terus call Leo to let him know I'll be there, at least dapat orang leh bak sana-sini ngan kengkawan during free time and leh lepak malam daripada holed up in some hotel room. Try call dia tak dapat, so sent him an SMS... malam nanti try call lagi.

Balik a day before final Akademi Fantasia, so takyah ler layan Diari tiga hari terus masuk final.

Takde ler terseksa jiwa layan lawak bangang,

Smalam after got back caught the repeat of the performance show of Rockstar : Supernova.

Hurrah!!!! Phil kena sepak kuar. Seriously among all the the rockers, only Lukas and Dilana je yang stand out. The others are just... tiresome.

Dilana did this weird take of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time and Lukas did The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. Awesome. Both of them are just so different.

Dilana is the calm and collected rock diva while Lukas comes across as almost a boyband image of a hard-assed badboy rock god.

I love the clinic Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted did for the rockers in the mansion in the earlier episode. And the assignment where they all had to come up with melodies and lyrics for a song of Supernova's.

Kenapa lah Akademi Fantasia tak wat camtuh. At least instil the spirit of creativity sikit... not kuar je become manufactured pop stars yang nyanyi lagu orang lain without any identity.

Time ni nampak Lukas wat perangai, but despite his eccentricities, he came up with a rocking tune and lyrics to match. Dilana lak is so awesome, because she's such a total opposite of Lukas, yet picked him on her team. And she kept a level had througout his diva episodes.

I hope both of them square off in the final, though I see Dilana as the only rocker possible of heading Supernova. Not just in terms of vocals and image, but alse from the aspect of aristry and direction.

No surprise Zayra was in the bottom three AGAIN. Tu nunggu masa je. She is slightly improving, but considering the fact that she can't even sing, it's a case of it may a little bit too late. She just looks gorgeous, but what else can she do?

I don't understand this week's attacks on Dana on her not being rock enough. Sure she's no supreme rock goddess tapi aku rasa ramai gik rockers who are not hard or edgy enough.

Especially that butt hole Ryan who thinks so much of himself.


Watched the second episode of Ejen 016, though it was recorded. Yes, some people still have VCRs in their homes (technology sometimes is better in retro mode). Had quite a bit of work, so had to make sure tak miss. Hah.. minggu ni nampak ler sikit twist in the plot. As cik Fiebie put it so aptly, it was quite an intelligent twist which was unpredictable unlike most parts.

Kinda cool to watch that in he second episode and gives hope that the series will pick up from here on.

Apapun, I go to bed visualising the Lotus Elise in yellow and black. Snazzy! If being a cool agent gets me that, damn.

Acting was slightly better, having eliminated the boardroom members in the first episode. Too little to guess what's going to happen in terms of plot as it's still quite in the stages of developement.

Tapi setakat ni ok ler, cause again it doesn't look like the cheesy stuff we see pada drama bersiri lain.

As for parts where it gets tedious in terms of plugging Nokia phones, well, at least they didn't overdo the DiGi bit. Apapun, I think the second episode kurangkan da bab-bab tuh. Kira kalah lah pada Diari Akademi Fantasia daripada segi tu (yang memang win hands down in terms of ignorance of the word subtle).

Well, let's see, keja da ampir nak abih. Nak balik... lepak rumah member carut lagi Diari kot.
Not sure yet... esok pagi ada photography session ngan Jericho lagik. Mmm... korang ada suggestion apa-apa tak? What kind of pics of Echo you guys would like to see? (kena U rated ok... jangan 18SX lak)

Leave it in the comments area and aku get him to pose kang.

From the office, head to Shah Alam jumpa memember yang lain yang tengok Diari.

Aku tak sempat watch the first episode, tengok second punya je.

Dengar ulasan orang gila boikot Akademi Fantasia nyampah angkara Faizal, first Diari pasal lapan orang ceria, bukan cam second Diari yang start je ngantuk da.

Aku dok tengok second Diari ni... erm. Entahlah mana aku nak start carut.

It was slow paced, until sesi Umi where they did role playing. Sempat ler gelak. Gelakkan Faizal ler that is.

Honestly, aku tatau ler. Aku start the season promoting F&F dari start, daripada pengenalan 20 orang bebudak lagi sebab aku suka talent dia. Problem is, I really got turned off midway because of his 'strategy'. If you have to ask me what it is, then memang korang tak nampak ler.

Guess it's true what they say.

There's a sucker born every minute.

Anyway, promosi Petals tuh, erm... ok ler sikit. Subtle la tunjuk meka wat penggunaan product tuh dari bebudak. Tapi baru nak puji, bab Velvet dan Farhan puji pujian Petals da tunjuk. Expected.

Dahler...focus tanpa bebudak jadi iklan takleh ke?

Erm... masuk commercial break, tunjuk skin care products Sendayu Tinggi, terlintas lak kat fikiran kenapa Astro tak bagi products camtuh kat Faizal. Baru la endorsement bebetul kan?

At least kalao muka Faizal jadi fair and lovely gitu, then kita pun leh pakai kan?Tengah melayang fikiran akibat kebosanan.... tetiba terlintas lak, mana gi nya Mr. Carbs selama ni ek?

Tak nampak lak.

Aku rasa kena buang kot (gelak evil teramat evil tahap Fiebie). Mana taknya, kali pertama Akademi Fantasia ada pakar nutrisi katanya, tapi terus semua tambah teruk.

Sibuk ada yang naik buncit la... ada yang sakit la...

Haziq tuh... cam skema je sakit. Sakit haper? Selain anxiety disorder, timing dia sakit ni cam kena je time yang crucial kan?

I wonder... kalau tu laa taktik gak nak pancing undi. Jangan marah... spekulasi tu datang dari Fiebie gak.

OWWW!!! Aku sibuk type dia hamun aku sebab letak nama dia... katanya statement off record. Mampos! Ko ingat apa??? Ko diva nak on and off record. (Lawak tol layan orang kurang siuman)

Aiyo...sakit perut layan lawak bangap akibat kebosanan. Ok ler... nak online chat ngan memember kat Jakarta dulu... nak tengok sapa free kang nak jadik tour guide. Ramai kawan kat Jakarta yang nak jumpa balik ni... counting the days down...

To end today's entry, korang da tengok ke frontpage The Malay Mail hari ni? Kalau nak... CLICK SINI for the full story.

Ok... really have to head for my bed da.

Bila la nak tidur ni...