Saturday, July 08, 2006

Marrybrown sucks!

So today started pretty fine sebab aku rileks ari ni kurang kerja. That's why I love Fridays.
Apapun, started the day on a fine tip sebab caught Rockstar : Supernova punya results show.
As expected the horrible two in Ryan and Zayra ada dok kat antara bottom three throughout the show. Tapi tengok, setan punya, diselamatkan lak... yang last meka terselamat!

I suppose when it comes to the general public, it's not an exclusive virus for people to vote NOT based on talent. So bab Akademi Fantasia camtuh,turns out it continues raging everywhere as any idiot who can afford a phone bill or to top up their mobiles have the freedom to decide the lives of other people.

Final bottom three at the closing of the show were Chris, Phil and Matt... not too surprising choice of trio.

I'm just glad my favourites Dilana and Lukas were in. Tak sia-sia undi meka. Takyah bazir pon SMS to do it. Just online...

Lukas kind of rubs me the wrong way now because of his cockiness, but I suppose he's sure for his talent... just hope it doesn't get any worse.

Not so interesting to watch was the Diari Akademi Fantasia. On Diari today, I was nearly turned off. I seriously think the shows are going to get worse. Mana taknya, I seriously don't see any progress from any of the kids.

Six weeks, and stakat tuh je ke usaha mereka?

And the have among the best professionals teaching them lagik tuh...
I have to point out Velvet is disappointing me more and more, sebab walaupun dia maintain, still she's not living up to her full capabilities.

Faizal? Predictable!

Aku time Syafizawati tengah guide Faizal tuh, aku rasa Ajai patut ada and they had to work in tandem because while she's guiding them on technique, si Ajai should be present sebab dia leh guide performance, and the applications of the techniques itself.

Farhan lak jadik model Friskies... kenapa lak tuh. Bebudak ni kena psycho dah ke nak promote benda pun ke?

Yeap, they brought Rizalman in... but aku tatau ler how it helps keja Yoda. Sebab I think the production patutnya bring on board professionals yang patut lebih arif pasal showbiz. Fashion in entertainment ni... bukan semestinya designers tau sangat. Tak semestinya meka ni fashon designer meletop, they're in touch with the changing trends of fashion in music.

What is needed is professional image consultants.

Tapi jangan ler cam musim kedua bak Mahani Awang yang tak kuasa tuh da.
Tapi nak wat pe, Akademi Fantasia sedikit sebanyak reflects the reality of our industry.
Which is lack of professionalism. Yerla... mak andam pon leh gelar make up artist professional katanya.

Moving on... the kids buat rehearsal To Sir With Love very thre high school production. Hancus tol!

Lah di da... tengok si Haziq practise ngan Ajai, sakit ati tol. Budak ni main-main je keja. Degil takleh dengar tol apa yang cikgu ajar.

Sesi love our local ,music heritage busuk sangat. While it's a good effort, but execution makes it come across as such a waste of time.

Amirul preferred to spend his time giggling. There is no real effort of the kids to appreciate the knowledge handed to them, but I suppose it's hard to blame them.

Haziq je nampak assume this air of superiority ngan berangan sebab tuh forte dia. Sib baik editing talk banyak tonjok muka toya dia.

Second Diari, repeat of the first in terms of mistakes in execution. Si Sham ajar bebudak nak layer Menujuk Puncak punya vocals.

Problem is, while he took nto account the choreography and how the kids would deliver with that in mind, I think the important think should have been working with Linda and Corrie sebab baru nampak the whole execution in full.

Time Angguk-Angguk Geleng-Geleng aku sakit ati tol tengok Faizal and Lotter. Lirik pun tak sure, step tarian pon tak betul. Padan muka si Linda ngamuk ngan meka.
Tunjuk lak scene Amirul rosakkan lagu Dewa. Horror!!! Memekak je ngan tarian orang meracau.

Eh eh... guests masuk. Lefthanded. Man Kidal... Tom dan Yan. Sesuai... Man Tom Yan.. (gelak sat). Erm... apahal ler rambut meka ni skema. Tak up to date ler rockers kita ni.
Aku tak paham showtime with Lefthamded amd Ramli Sarip. I thought it was pretty self-indulgent, walaupun aku fan Papa Rock.

Eh... korang perasan tak muka Haziq versi Nash yang geek?

Except sora Haziq tak standard.

Mula Faizal confuse semacam kenapa ek???

Kerut dahi cam tertanya je.

Suka time jamming tengok Farhan dan Velvet on bass dan drums. Semangat!!! Tu yang penting.
Last scene tetap binatang kan...
Marrybrown punya promo agik!!!

Gi mampos ler.... tak paham bahasa tul meka ni. Iklan manjang.... the stupid mascot dahler sesuatuh!

Peluk bebudak siap tangan meraba semacam. Haiyo... amik kesempatan ke??!!!

Dahler.. enough with the stupids sponsors and their dumb mascots and product placements.

Over sangat dah!

Do these really think they can influence people with their products?\

Kalau nak kata whether it's working for brand awaress, aku stuju ler, but for all the wrong reasons.

I know me, myself and I for one, takkan sekali-kali melangkah dalam Marrybrown sebab kebodohan teramat mencemari setiap episod Diari Akademi Fantasia ngan iklan bangap meka, followed by their dumb mascots entering the Akademi tak abih-abih.

And that's not taking into account it's one of the crappiest fast food outlets around (next to A&W)

Tu lum lagik.

Tak creative at all.

Not only they bring the dumb mascots in like the students are some retarded five year-olds that would be excited at the prospect of some guy dressed in a cheap animal suit, sweating away and undoubtedly stinking away... they bring stupid party hats and all.

Aku rasa kanak-kanak istimewa je bebudak ni.

Konon wat ala party. Cmon ler.... meka ni umur berapa?

And people are supposed to take them seriously?

Akademi Fantasia is seriously lacking direction dah skang...